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April 11, 2021: A dangerous storm system sweeping through the middle of America has claimed at least four lives. Texas is experiencing heavy rains and flooding while Plains states are getting hit with ice and snow. Manuel Bojorquez has the latest.
April 11, 2021: A frenzied weekend of shopping is underway, kicked off by Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Also, Volkswagen's emissions scandal puts a dent in its bottom line. Mark Albert reports on the day's top MoneyWatch headlines.
April 11, 2021: Carbon emissions in the first two months of 2021 were higher than in the first two pandemic-free months of 2020.
April 11, 2021: The presenter travels the globe in a new series confronting the effects of global heating. Plus: the Bafta awards 2021. Here’s what to watch this evening Continue reading...
April 11, 2021: More than 140 world leaders are descending on Paris for a long-planned climate conference this week. It will be the biggest security challenge for Paris since the Friday the 13th terrorist attacks, and it got off to a somewhat rocky start as protesters clashed with police Sunday. CBS News correspondent Margaret Bren...
April 11, 2021: World leaders may be negotiating in Paris about climate change, but some of the most important new research on the subject is being done far away from civilization in Svalbard, a collection of Norwegian islands just 800 miles from the North Pole. Mark Phillips reports on 22-year-old American Sarah Strand and her Swe...
April 11, 2021: As world leaders meet in Paris for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Beijing is currently experiencing the worst pollution it has seen so far this year. Officials have issued an orange alert, which suspends construction, limits factory work and warns residents to stay indoors. Seth Doane reports from Bei...
April 11, 2021: Nearly 150 world leaders are meeting in Paris for the largest-ever climate change summit. A new CBS News/New York Times poll shows 66 percent of Americans say the U.S. should join an international treaty to reduce global warming. Margaret Brennan reports from Paris, where security concerns threaten to overshadow the...
April 11, 2021: Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas have seen everything from major flooding to major ice storms this weekend, causing power outages and even death. David Begnaud has more.
April 11, 2021: Rising arctic temperatures have scientists nervous that trapped greenhouse gasses may be escaping the frozen ground and increasing global warming. Mark Phillips reports.
April 11, 2021: President Obama is pressing world leaders gathered in Paris to support a landmark climate change deal. The unprecedented summit is also giving leaders a chance to tackle pressing issues beyond global warming. Margaret Brennan reports on the effort to cool tensions between Russia and Turkey, an important U.S. ally.
April 11, 2021: President Obama discussed the global threat of climate change at the U.N. climate summit in Paris. CBS News correspondent Margaret Brennan has analysis for CBSN.
April 11, 2021: Monitors report another explosive
April 11, 2021: Volkswagen sales have plummeted 25% amid an emissions cheating scandal this year. Mike Spector is a reporter for The Wall Street Journal and has reported extensively on the automaker amid the scandal. He joins CBSN with more on what Volkswagen needs to do to pick up sales.
April 11, 2021: Negotiators from around the world are now in the middle of two weeks of talks in Paris, trying to reach an agreement to limit global warming. President Obama spoke to “CBS This Morning” co-host Norah O’Donnell at the White House about his effort to fight climate change and hopes to leave behind a legacy.
April 11, 2021: The president speaks to CBS
April 11, 2021: President Obama faces criticism from his opponents for suggesting the world’s greatest threat is not terrorism, but climate change. Norah O'Donnell asked Mr. Obama to explain his comment during a one-on-one interview at the White House. It’s his first interview since returning from the Paris climate change talks.
April 11, 2021: After recently enjoying warm spring weather, the Northeast is moving into a dreary and stormy pattern to end the weekend. Temperatures across much of the northeastern portion of the United States were above average last week, and residents basked in the warmer conditions. The week-long warmup began around Easter Sun...
April 11, 2021: In his first interview since returning from the U.N. Climate Change summit in Paris, Mr. Obama speaks to CBS
April 11, 2021: Citing the environmental work of past Republican leaders, the president tells CBS
April 11, 2021: The president defends his EPA rules preventing the building of new coal plants and explains to CBS
April 11, 2021: A jury in West Virginia convicted the former CEO of a coal mining corporation of conspiring to violate safety standards. The charges came in the wake of the 2010 explosion at the Massey Energy's Upper Big Branch mine. Anna Werner reports with more.
April 11, 2021: In a highly unusual case, a jury in West Virginia has convicted the former CEO of a coal mining company of conspiring to violate safety standards. The charges followed a deadly coal mine explosion in 2010, the worst such mining disaster in 40 years. Anna Werner reports.
April 11, 2021: Since Friday, there have been at least 350 reports of severe weather across the southern U.S.
April 11, 2021: Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, says the United States should fight climate change by creating a system of sustainable energy. The Democratic presidential candidate says he is “frightened” by the planet we will leave behind to our kids if we do not act now.