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April 12, 2021: An area of low pressure hanging out across the Great Lakes will bring cold air and wintry weather to the northern tier of the country this week.
April 12, 2021: Monday: Ahead of a likely severe wildfire season, researchers suggest pollution from wildfires is more toxic than pollution from other sources.
April 12, 2021: A third day of heavy rains brought on by El Nino made kayaks the most practical mode of transportation on some of California's freeways; Angela Peri is an exacting expert on the Boston accent.
April 12, 2021: The West Coast is bracing for more rain after a series of drenching storms. El Niño will bring scattered showers and lower temperatures to Southern California. Record-breaking storms have flooded busy roads, created mudslides and damaged homes. Ben Tracy reports.
April 12, 2021: For Jason Robinson, the test of mettle came in 2017 when Hurricane Irma knocked out more than 1 million electric customers’ power. The major hurricane slammed into Florida with maximum winds at 115 mph before pushing farther into the southern United States. As electricity flickered out for millions, Robinson&#...
April 12, 2021: Pyroclastic flows ‘destroy everything in their path’ as fears grow for people refusing to be evacuatedLa Soufrière volcano has fired an enormous amount of ash and hot gas in the biggest explosive eruption since volcanic activity began on the eastern Caribbean island of St Vincent late last week, with officials ...
April 12, 2021: PM Boris Johnson urged people to “behave responsibly” as pubs, shops reopen
April 12, 2021: La Soufriere volcano fired an enormous amount of ash and hot gas early Monday in the biggest explosive eruption yet since volcanic activity began on the eastern Caribbean island of St. Vincent late last week, with officials worried about the lives of those who have refused to evacuate.
April 12, 2021: The La Soufrière volcano has continued to erupt
April 12, 2021: Once vengefully drained by Saddam Hussein, the wetlands in southeastern Iraq have since been partially restored. Now the region and its isolated settlements face a new set of challenges.
April 12, 2021: Another huge explosion rocked the island of St. Vincent early Monday as the La Soufrière volcano keeps erupting. The volcano spewed a tremendous amount of ash and hot gas in the biggest explosive eruption yet since volcanic activity began on the eastern Caribbean island late last week. Experts called it a huge
April 12, 2021: A former official of the Environmental Protection Agency, he was a Republican activist on global warming when it was an issue with bipartisan support
April 12, 2021: A change in the weather pattern across the southeastern United States this week will bring some familiar springtime weather woes to the region, but AccuWeather forecasters say that other threats, however, are likely to pause. Rounds of rain and severe weather have targeted the South, stretching from Missouri and Tex...
April 12, 2021: Samuel Desjardins was on his way home from playing basketball with a friend on Saturday in Thompson, Man., when he took a step into a puddle and plunged into frigid, waist-deep water.
April 12, 2021: The last living survivor of the San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906 has died at 109 years old. Don Dahler and Jamie Yuccas report.
April 12, 2021: The climate crisis is raising a question for millions of Americans: Is anywhere safe from the climate crisis? Some say this city is the new climate
April 12, 2021: Rising levels of microplastic pollution raise questions about the impact on human health, experts sayMicroplastic pollution is now “spiralling around the globe”, according to a study of airborne plastic particles.The researchers said human pollution has led to a global plastic cycle, akin to natural processes su...
April 12, 2021: The ash plume has transformed day into night on Barbados
April 12, 2021: MSNBC anchor Ayman Mohyeldin said Saturday that climate change has played a noticeable factor in the overwhelming surge of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.
April 12, 2021: What Happened on This Week In History? Take a look back with CBSN as the first smoking bans are introduced, Ronald Reagan introduces Star
April 12, 2021: Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is suing the Biden administration over its immigration policies, citing questions over whether recent decisions comply with environmental regulations
April 11, 2021: In an interview with Britain's Sky News, Prince Charles said climate change and drought have helped destabilize Syria, contributing to the refugee crisis.
April 11, 2021: 65 moves Japanese to 11 under, with four tied for secondJustin Rose among quartet after battling his way to a 72Moving day? Matsuyama’s day. In proving how even a brief delay in a tournament – in this case 75 minutes – can totally shift its complexion Hideki Matsuyama emerged to leave the remainder of the Mast...
April 11, 2021: The La Soufrière volcano on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent erupted a third time on Friday, according to officials.
April 11, 2021: Quake hit offshore near city of Malang with country already reeling from cyclone disasterAt least seven people were killed after a 6.0 magnitude quake struck off the coast of Indonesia’s main Java island on Saturday, as the country reels from a cyclone disaster.The afternoon quake hit offshore about 45 kilometres ...