Global Weather News

September 29, 2020: Faster warming of ocean surface waters means more energy for hurricanes but fewer nutrients and less carbon storage.
September 29, 2020: A man in Alabama recovered a special photo of his late wife that was blown away in the wicked winds of Hurricane Sally, all thanks to the help of strangers on social media
September 29, 2020: Only one in five Americans with right-wing political outlook said they had a lot of trust in scientistsPeople in the US are more sharply divided along political lines when it comes to science and environmental issues than in other parts of the world, new research shows.Across the world, people who see themselves on ...
September 29, 2020: The needles of longleaf pine trees evolved to effectively shed water, according to a new study, ensuring rain moistens the soil instead of clogging leaf pores.
September 29, 2020: The Zogg Fire in Northern California is blamed for killing at least three people, bringing this year's statewide wildfire season death toll to 29. Jonathan Vigliotti has the latest.
September 29, 2020: LUX Election 2020, a big data analysis program running on a supercomputer shows a growing divide in voter sentiment, with Democrat Joe Biden gathering positive sentiment, even among Republicans.
September 28, 2020: The Force must have been with a kitten rescued in a Northern California wildfire as the feline bears a striking resemblance to Baby Yoda.
September 28, 2020: In the annual State of the European Union speech, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen proposed a new architectural style for a carbon-neutral future in Europe.
September 28, 2020: The problem with talking about carbon footprint, or greenhouse gas emissions, is that they're not terms the average consumer instinctively understands, according to Allbirds' sustainability lead Hana Kajimura.
September 28, 2020: Universities are bowing to pressure from their students to include modules on climate breakdown and sustainabilityIn five years’ time, every student at Sheffield University – whether they study maths, music or drama – will also need to get to grips with sustainability. Be it the climate crisis, global poverty ...
September 28, 2020: Green campaigners call for clarity on tree-planting and on interim subsidy systemFarmers need more support from the government to plant the trees necessary to meet the UK’s climate targets, ministers have been told, as they consider wide-ranging changes to farming payments after Brexit.Tree-planting is expensive, ...
September 28, 2020: A newly ignited fire in California's wine country has grown in less than a day to thousands of acres, forcing evacuations throughout the region, including for a nearby hospital.
September 28, 2020: It's a tall order for the world's top coal consumer.
September 28, 2020: A reporter embedded with the year-long Arctic MOSAiC mission said women were told wearing tight or revealing clothing was a “safety issue” with men spending months at sea.
September 28, 2020: Shipowners and operators may be able to decrease their fuel-related costs and pollutant emissions up to 30%, thanks to a new system created by Bound4blue.
September 28, 2020: U.S.-China friction has flared again, with Beijing firing back at accusations by Washington that it is a leading cause of global environmental damage and has reneged on its promise not to militarize the South China Sea
September 28, 2020: Cold and rainy weather in the years 1915, 1916, and 1918 claimed many victims on the battlefields of World War I and may have contributed to the spread of a deadly flu.
September 28, 2020: After Hurricane Laura unleashed catastrophic storm surge on the coast of Louisiana, residents who stayed put say they will never again stay during a hurricane.  Something
September 28, 2020: In a shock move that didn’t get the attention it deserved, China, the world’s largest emitter and the dominant user of coal to generate electricity, committed at the UN General Assembly to ensure that its emissions will peak by 2030 and that it would become carbon-neutral by 2060.
September 28, 2020: After late September pause, more tropical storms and hurricanes are likely.
September 28, 2020: The company is up against fierce competition in Europe. A relatively late jump into the market doesn't help.
September 28, 2020: Two magnitude 3.4 earthquakes rattled near Fremont, Calif., on Sunday.
September 28, 2020: Beachgoers got a surprise on Friday when a tornado briefly touched down on the oceanfront in Myrtle Beach.
September 28, 2020: Wildfires that are raging in parts of California will have favorable conditions to grow on Monday, as a dome of heat will allow record heat this week. 
September 28, 2020: A more stable ocean sounds idyllic, but it creates a dangerous feedback loop for our warming planetHumans have made the oceans more stable, and the result will be more extreme weather and the acceleration of climate change.You may have heard the phrase “hot air rises”. And it is true: when you heat up air, the w...