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August 16, 2019: Scientists have found surprisingly large amounts of microplastics in snow and sea ice samples collected in the Arctic and Alps.
August 16, 2019: Alaska has seen its warmest summer on record, and every aspect of the state's environment is impacted, from the southeastern temperate forests to the ecosystems of the Bering Sea.
August 16, 2019: Bathsheba Demuth writes about how the Soviet Union destroyed the economic system and survival practices of the nomadic Chukchi reindeer herders.
August 16, 2019: Activists vow to keep on after council votes to authorise only one day’s school absenceYoung activists have vowed to keep protesting in Edinburgh despite the city council saying it will only authorise pupils to miss school once a year to attend climate strikes.Pupils have been attending protests on Fridays outside...
August 16, 2019: Boris Johnson’s partner makes first solo public appearance since moving into No 10Boris Johnson’s partner Carrie Symonds said politicians had a “gigantic responsibility to make the right decisions” over the climate crisis, in her first solo public appearance since moving into Downing Street.Symonds also cond...
August 16, 2019: Anthony Myint, San Francisco-based chef, has been awarded the 2019 Basque Culinary World Prize. Acknowledge
August 16, 2019: Environmental concerns have been the driving force of villains in recent superhero and sci-fi movies. But critics say the industry needs to show how society can reform its ways.
August 15, 2019: Most people are familiar with the Heat Index but experts say Wet Bulb Globe Temperature is better. What is it and why isn't it used more often?
August 15, 2019: The first smartphone app in the country designed to alert the public before an earthquake has lowered the warning threshold across Los Angeles County, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says.
August 15, 2019: An alarming new study published Wednesday says scientists discovered microscopic particles of plastic in snow from the Alps to the remote regions of the Arctic. The lead scientist of that study, Dr. Melanie Bergman, joins CBSN to discuss her team's findings.
August 15, 2019: Tiny pieces of plastic have been found in ice cores drilled in the Arctic by a U.S.-led team of scientists, underscoring the threat the growing form of pollution poses to marine life in even the remotest waters on the planet.
August 15, 2019: To protect itself from destructive flooding, the city has built a park designed to store and recycle rainwater In Alicante it never rains but it pours. The city in southeast Spain goes without rain for months on end, but when it comes it’s torrential, bringing destructive and sometimes fatal flooding.Or at least, ...
August 15, 2019: Farmers say people can take still take a bite out of climate change while eating red meat, pushing back against global headlines calling for major changes to the world's farming and eating habits. 
August 15, 2019: ‘I was born with an intersex variation. For years I hid it. Then I went to Italy and let my beard grow for the very first time. It was intensely liberating’I took this shot in 1995 in my home studio in Highbury Hill, London. At that point, I was in a liminal state with my gender: I was moving from being perceive...
August 15, 2019: The story of a mining project in Australia helps to explain why the world keeps burning coal despite the profound risk it poses to the future.
August 15, 2019: We cannot allow oil-soaked politicians and anti-science plutocrats to target our flagship research universities simply because they don't like their findings.
August 15, 2019: Life is an unfortunate day at the beach in a terrifying preview for the emergency drama.
August 15, 2019: Data from seismic sensors in buildings across Southern California show how the 7.1 Ridgecrest earthquake produced surprisingly long periods of shaking in some areas.
August 15, 2019: The latest findings could help to explain some puzzling measurements collected by the Juno spacecraft, which is currently orbiting the planet.
August 15, 2019: Yellow alert for Wales and north and south-western England, including Whaley BridgeFresh flood warnings have been issued across western Britain, including in Whaley Bridge – just over a week after residents of the Derbyshire town were allowed to return home after a dam emergency.Up to a month’s worth of rain was...
August 15, 2019: When the market is in the grips of a roller-coaster ride and worrisome headlines keep swirling, what can you bet on? In a volatile market, the answer for one trader is: bet on volatility.
August 15, 2019: Why Americans say they back a carbon tax, but won't vote for one.
August 15, 2019: Angela Bassett, Peter Krause and Oliver Stark confront a tidal wave at Santa Monica Pier in Season 3 of the Fox series 9-1-1.
August 15, 2019: Argentine soccer star Emiliano Sala and his pilot were exposed to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide before their small plane crashed in the English Channel earlier this year, investigators said Wednesday.
August 15, 2019: Scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are predicting 2019 will be at least one of the five hottest years on record. “We are now pulling even with 2017 as the second hottest year to date, and we’re virtually...