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April 13, 2021: Rescue efforts had been ongoing for over a year to save a group of giraffes from a shrinking island.
April 13, 2021: The plan to release hundreds of thousands of tons of wastewater from the crippled nuclear plant into the Pacific has angered some of Japan's residents, and neighbors.
April 13, 2021: The nuclear power plant at Indian Point will close at the end of the month, but the shutdown could cause a spike in greenhouse gases.
April 13, 2021: The treated wastewater will slowly be dumped into the Pacific over the next decade.
April 13, 2021: Making the digital artworks requires colossal amounts of computing power, and that means greenhouse gases.
April 13, 2021: More than 300 corporate leaders will ask the Biden administration to nearly double the emission reduction targets set by the Obama administration.
April 13, 2021: State has lost almost as much acreage to fires in four months as it did throughout last yearWisconsin is on track to see its worst fire season in more than five years, officials say, after hundreds of unseasonal blazes prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency.In just the first four months of the year, W...
April 13, 2021: Think of it as an “and” conversation, not an “or” conversation. How can the world benefit from your solution and those of others?
April 13, 2021: Despite Tokyo's assurances that the move will not pose a threat to people or the environment, the decision has been roundly criticized by local fishermen, environmental groups and Japan's neighbors.
April 13, 2021: Even if electric vehicles sales soar, the replacement rate means ICEs will dominate the vehicle stock for decades.
April 13, 2021: Rivers of rushing melt water and the thunderous crack of icebergs dropping into the sea are among the signs of climate change that Sharyn Alfonsi witnessed on a helicopter ride into the north of Greenland
April 13, 2021: 60 Minutes producer Daniel Ruetenik shoots footage from a helicopter high above Greenland's Petermann Glacier, one of the largest glaciers in the Arctic Circle, while on assignment.
April 13, 2021: Since ride-hailing companies like Uber and Bolt disrupted the transportation industry, one of the thorns on their sides has been traffic congestion and pollution. Research has shown that trips from ride-hailing cars have more emissions than those from personal cars. To reduce their carbon footprint and solve the lat...
April 13, 2021: French police are searching for a man who shot and killed a 33-year-old outside a hospital. Meanwhile, officials in Japan have approved releasing Fukushima nuclear plant wastewater into the ocean. And Taiwan reported a record number of Chinese military jets in their airspace. CBS News foreign correspondent Ian Lee j...
April 13, 2021: A new storm new storm system produced baseball-sized hail that covered roads in central Texas and broke car windshields in the region.
April 13, 2021: The treated wastewater from the ruined facility will slowly be dumped into the Pacific over the next decade.
April 13, 2021: A slow-moving storm system will bring widespread weather hazards from the Great Basin through the Plains and up into the Great Lakes.   
April 13, 2021: The call by executives to curb emissions comes ahead of the global climate summit the Biden administration is hosting April 22.
April 13, 2021: There’s a body’s worth of ways to choose a bottle, but where to begin? From grape and provenance to how to gauge a wine’s sustainability creds, start hereThere are as many ways to enjoy wine as there are thirsty people, and in moderation, none of them are wrong. If you want an intricate discussion of grape var...
April 13, 2021: About 300 companies and dozens of European leaders on Tuesday called on the U.S. to cut its greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 below 2005 levels. Signatories of the business letter include tech giants Apple, Google and Microsoft, as well...
April 13, 2021: BBC Weather presenter, Owain Wyn Evans, explains the chilly temperatures and teaches us a new word.
April 13, 2021: While the deadly coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the world, energy researchers in Europe have been assessing a drop in carbon emissions and an acceleration of the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable electricity.
April 13, 2021: The Japanese government plans to release treated wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear disaster into the Pacific Ocean in two years. While they are assuring the public that their plan is safe and the radioactive water will be decontaminated and diluted, the announcement is being met with opposition at home and abroa...
April 13, 2021: Heavy ash contaminates water supplies while volcanologists say activity could continue for weeksLeaders of volcano-wracked St Vincent have warned that water is running short as heavy ash contaminates supplies, amid estimates that the eastern Caribbean island will need hundreds of millions of dollars to recover from ...
April 13, 2021: Kaylee Messerly was arrested on Friday on two counts of child abuse after officers found her and her children in freezing temperatures.