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January 17, 2020: McKinsey found that the top quartile of countries, based on GDP per capita, will have a much smaller increase in risk by 2050 than the bottom quartile.
January 17, 2020: The 18-year time frame shows how costly and politically complicated it is to leave the world's dirtiest fossil fuel in the ground.
January 17, 2020: In this week's issue of our environment newsletter, we look at ways to reduce the emissions from heating and how the oil and gas industry could help access some of Alberta's lithium deposits.
January 17, 2020: The January get-together kicks off on Monday, with those in attendance scheduled to focus on the intensifying climate crisis.
January 17, 2020: Microsoft has committed to ambitious climate targets, particularly in the realm of greening the supply chain. It has pledged to remove its historical emissions from the atmosphere. Yet, it continues to assist fossil fuel firms, which raises doubts about its climate commitment.
January 17, 2020: For the first time, the World Economic Forum's annual risk report flagged climate-change related disasters as the top five most likely risks the world is facing.
January 17, 2020: The Upside weekly newsletter is interested in change’s origins – and whether we are seeing it now in our relationship with the environment Where does change come from? What creates a pivotal moment or a tipping point?What, for example, stopped us drink-driving in the 1970s? What turned us off cigarettes over the...
January 17, 2020: The president just launched one of his most grievous attacks on the environment yet. Democrats must recognize the stakesWhat are the consequences of a second term of Donald Trump? To even consider the question sends the left-leaning mind into a paroxysm. Everything from nuclear war to the utter collapse of American ...
January 17, 2020: In today's top stories, some Fitbit wearables are gaining the ability to monitor blood oxygen. Meanwhile, Microsoft pledges to undo its carbon footprint within decades.
January 17, 2020: Environment Canada's Dave Phillips has crunched three decades of data to pinpoint winter's most miserable day, depending on where you live.
January 17, 2020: It is time to start investing, America. The cleantech revolution is here for the taking.
January 17, 2020: The sky finally cracked open atop much of the fire grounds in NSW, Australia this week – the welcome deluge slashing the number of burning fires to below 100 for the first time in more than a month. But the challenge is far from over as the finger-pointing game ignites.
January 17, 2020: Several studies have suggested a volcano eruption played a greater role in the extinction of the dinosaurs than the asteroid that crashed into modern-day Mexico. A new study is hoping to end the debate, suggesting it
January 17, 2020: Swedish activist Greta Thunberg and a crowd of some 10,000 protesters marched in the Swiss city of Lausanne on Friday before many of them head to Davos next week to challenge political and business leaders to combat the climate crisis.
January 17, 2020: Being carbon neutral isn't enough to address global climate change, the company argues.
January 17, 2020: A chilly winter storm that moved through Southern California overnight produced some of the first measurable rain of the year for Los Angeles.
January 17, 2020: Media mogul's son is the latest to accuse him of downplaying the role of global warming in the lethal blazes.
January 17, 2020: A new study claims that YouTube is rife with misinformation about climate change and that some major advertisers inadvertently have their ads running alongside these videos.  The new report comes from activist organization Avaaz, a relatively new global group that harnesses the power of collective action via ca...
January 17, 2020: Microsoft has announced it will be fully carbon
January 17, 2020: The isle at the heart of Lake Taal, the current focal point for Taal volcano's ongoing eruption, has given itself an extreme home makeover, with the lake within that rocky citadel having been almost entirely obliterated by ebullient eruptive activity.
January 17, 2020: The lawsuit from 21 children and young adults argued that the government has failed to act to address climate change.
January 17, 2020: The tech giant admits its carbon
January 17, 2020: The eruption of the Taal volcano in the Philippines has almost devoured a crater lake on the volcanic island.
January 17, 2020: A federal appeals court on Friday threw out a heavily promoted but long-shot lawsuit by a group of children and teenagers trying to force the federal government to take action to address the climate crisis.
January 17, 2020: The kids just got some bad news. Twenty-one children, adolescents, and young adults — all between the ages of 11 and 23 (as of June 2019) — sued the federal government in an unprecedented climate lawsuit in 2015. The youth argued that the U.S., by supporting an energy system that emits potent heat-trappi...