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April 3, 2020: Melting snow and warmer winters are causing flocks to leave their winter grounds earlier than they did in the past.
April 3, 2020: Today, drylands cover more than 40 percent of Earth's land surface. But according to a new study, that number is likely to increase in the coming decades as large swaths of the planet get hotter and drier.
April 3, 2020: Heavy snow, complete with thunder at times, blasted parts of the Northern Plains late this week.
April 3, 2020: Bacteria that consume methane were found to burrow into the worms' skin, allowing them to get nutrients from the greenhouse gas.
April 3, 2020: There’s no industry more vulnerable to severe weather right now than our hospitals and first responders.
April 3, 2020: I am a big believer that people from all corners of the organization –if given the opportunity - provide deep insight and creative solutions. I love visiting our programs and speaking with staff - they’re on the front line, they have so much to offer.
April 3, 2020: Weather may be a key factor for areas with a higher number of COVID-19 cases in the coming days due to rainy and stormy weather in the forecast. AccuWeather reporters have given readers a look at studies that explore the effects that warmer weather and increased sunlight may have on the spread of COVID-19. For...
April 3, 2020: The Grace
April 3, 2020: By the time fire season arrives, officials hope the spread of COVID-19 will taper off, but preparations are already being made.
April 3, 2020: Over 40 years ago, Americans from the Great Lakes to the Deep South found themselves under assault from a multi-day barrage of tornadoes that would not only go down as one of the worst tornado outbreaks in U.S. history, but also a crucial turning point in the field of meteorology. The dates April 3-4, 1974,...
April 3, 2020: This is not a drill: Jane Fonda has officially joined TikTok. On Thursday night, the 82-year-old actress and activist posted her first video to the app TikTok and announced that she would be reviving her legendary home workouts to help people stay active during this period of coronavirus home
April 3, 2020: Over the past week, several tornadoes wreaked havoc across the central and southern portions of the country. A doctor working day in and day out to save COVID-19 patients had a heartbreaking encounter with one of them, but the very community he works to protect is stepping up to help him out. Meanwhile, it was...
April 3, 2020: EverBlock Systems is supplying 2,000 isolation pods for coronavirus patients inside a New Orleans convention center.
April 3, 2020: Weather forecast models rely on commercial airplanes for massive amounts of real-time data. With widespread flight cancellations, meteorologists are concerned.
April 2, 2020: Great candidate engagement has always mattered – it can be the difference between getting a candidate and losing one.
April 2, 2020: Global heating will likely have greater impacts on extreme heat and weather than history suggests or science has predicted, according to a Stanford University scientist who specializes in the relationship between climate and extreme weather events.
April 2, 2020: An atmospheric scientist at UC San Diego studying how viruses and bacteria are ejected from the ocean pleaded with surfers Monday to stay out of the water to minimize chances of contracting coronavirus, a news report said.
April 2, 2020: Asian governments now face stark trade-offs, as the needs of an immediate, potentially catastrophic health crisis (and its devastating economic fallout) compete with the policy requirements of what the climate industrial complex deems as an equally threatening existential threat of “climate crisis”.
April 2, 2020: After years of delays, the coal tycoon may finally pay up.
April 2, 2020: In 774/775, tree rings show a spike in carbon-14 unlike anything else. At last, scientists think they know why.
April 2, 2020: People are increasingly looking to restore the soil’s ability to retain water, planting trees and hedges, and creating relief channels to tackle the recurring threat of high waters‘The losses could be profound’: how floods are wreaking havoc on wildlifeThere is ponding on nearly every field in the valley where...
April 2, 2020: Available onlineThe two figures in an alpine weather house come out to play in this delightfully sweet production for three- to seven-year-oldsIn the late 19th century, a comic opera was derived from the mini daily dramas of an alpine weather house whose little male and female figures each pop outdoors depending on ...
April 2, 2020: While the outlook for both companies looks stable, as both the companies have seen more or less similar growth over the past few years, we believe Home Depot could be a better bet in the current environment...
April 2, 2020: A meteoroid that grazed the night sky over Australia in 2017 took a very unusual path away from Earth.
April 2, 2020: The Arctic is predicted to warm faster than anywhere else in the world this century, perhaps by as much as 7°C. These rising temperatures threaten one of the largest long-term stores of carbon on land: permafrost.