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October 21, 2019: Civil aviation was responsible for approximately 918 million metric tons of carbon dioxide last year. Which countries were the worst offenders?
October 21, 2019: The growth in solar power by 2024 will be equal to adding the entire power capacity of the U.S.
October 21, 2019: Thousands are without power as a 70mph twister rips off roofs and overturns cars in the Texan city.
October 21, 2019: A powerful tornado touched down in north Texas overnight, leaving behind a path of destruction. The twister ravaged neighborhoods with winds exceeding 110 mph. Omar Villafranca reports from Dallas.
October 21, 2019: A deadly storm system brings a tornado near Dallas, causing major damage and knocking out power to tens of thousands. More severe weather is on the way. Also, American convoys are withdrawing from Syria and moving to Iraq instead of coming home. All that and all that matters in today's Eye Opener. Your world in 90 s...
October 21, 2019: The Weather Channel will air interviews with nine 2020 Republicans and Democrats discussing how they plan to tackle climate change.The hour-long special will review how candidates would address the ways climate change is impacting jobs, the economy...
October 21, 2019: The world's renewable energy capacity will increase by 50 percent within the next five years, as prices drop and government policy shifts, the International Energy Agency said Monday.
October 21, 2019: New England Patriots star Tom Brady expressed his frustration with the controversy over his appearance in the new Netflix series “Living With Yourself.”
October 21, 2019: A powerful tornado that ripped through the Dallas area late Sunday damaged numerous businesses and homes, including one owned by Dallas Stars' center Tyler Seguin.
October 21, 2019: Global renewable energy capacity is set to rise by 50 per cent in five years, driven by solar photovoltaic (PV) installations on homes, buildings and industry, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).
October 21, 2019: Tornado hit in Texas Sunday and storms also caused damage in Arkansas and Oklahoma as system moved north-east MondayCrews searched on Monday through the rubble of buildings torn apart by a tornado that ripped through the Dallas area the night before, causing damage to homes and businesses and knocking out electricit...
October 21, 2019: If flawed scenarios make their way into climate models, we would be using misleading projections of climate, its impacts and the costs and benefits of alternative approaches to climate policy.
October 21, 2019: Veganism and trees could help stop agriculture contributing to global heating, study saysIf one in five people in richer countries turned vegan, and threw away a third less food than they currently do, while poor countries were assisted to preserve their forests and restore degraded land, the world’s agricultural ...
October 21, 2019: Emergency responders on Monday were assessing damage from a tornado that plowed through parts of northern Dallas late on Sunday, knocking out power to more than 175,000 homes and businesses and delaying flights at regional airports.
October 21, 2019: The Texan city reels after a 70mph twister touches down, ripping off roofs and cutting power.
October 21, 2019: Residents of Norilsk long felt isolated from their country’s turbulence. Then a mining company strung a fiber-optic cable across 600 miles of tundra.
October 21, 2019: A tornado that hit the South late on Sunday night caused severe damage to some parts of Dallas, Texas.
October 21, 2019: A severe drought over the past two months kills the animals in Hwange National Park.
October 21, 2019: Now that he’s a 56-year-old grandfather and 16 years removed from his NBA playing career, Michael Jordan is approaching life differently.
October 21, 2019: A line of potent thunderstorms responsible for the powerful tornado that tore through parts of Dallas late Sunday has moved east, blasting the region with strong winds and leaving at least one person dead after a tree fell on an Arkansas home early Monday.
October 21, 2019: Tens of thousands of residents in Dallas had no electricity early Monday after a storm that brought a major tornado to Texas' most populous city and damaged a number of homes, officials said.
October 21, 2019: Lacy M. Johnson on how a memorial ceremony for Okjökull, a glacier in Iceland, suggests new ways to think about climate change.
October 21, 2019: A tornado that touched down in northern Dallas left more than 100,000 without power, as the severe storm system lashes parts of the Great Plains.
October 21, 2019: Areas around Tennessee had strong winds resulting from the same system that caused a tornado to touch down in Dallas.
October 21, 2019: 19 million-year-old wood chips were found in sediment layers in the Bay of Bengal.