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August 19, 2019: Iceland held a memorial Sunday for the country's first glacier lost to climate change. The ice melted away after being frozen for 700 years. A bronze plaque unveiled at the site warns that over the next 200 years, all of Iceland's glaciers will meet the same fate.
August 19, 2019: A memorial plaque was installed at the site of the former glacier, warning that in
August 19, 2019: She was the first female governor of her state, and won mixed reviews for her response to the devastating storm.
August 19, 2019: Coal-fired stations in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley and NSW’s Lake Macquarie region among biggest hotspots for deadly sulphur dioxide, report findsPower stations in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley and New South Wales’s Lake Macquarie region have been named on a list of the world’s biggest hotspots for toxic air pol...
August 19, 2019: Former Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco died Sunday, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced. She was 76.
August 19, 2019: Icelandic officials and environmental activists on Sunday unveiled a memorial plaque, read poems and held a moment of silence to say an official goodbye to the country's first glacier recognized by the country as disappearing due to climate change.
August 19, 2019: Iceland's Okjokull glacier spanned 15 square miles in 1901. Now it spans less than half a square mile.
August 19, 2019: Nation commemorates the once huge Okjokull glacier with plaque that warns action is needed to prevent climate changeIceland has marked its first-ever loss of a glacier to climate change as scientists warn that hundreds of other ice sheets on the subarctic island risk the same fate.As the world recently marked the wa...
August 19, 2019: You might want to make friends with the closest ice cream vendor.
August 19, 2019: Jupiter's Great Red Spot has been around for longer, but Saturn's periodic storms are far larger.
August 19, 2019: In this five-part series on trends in learning, we’ve covered 12 trends at various stages of maturity, but none of them compare to the climate crisis—nothing is more important or more imminent. This post considers four impacts of the climate crisis on education.
August 19, 2019: A protest by a group of coal miners in Harlan County, Ky., has grown into a small 24-hour tent city.
August 19, 2019: Firefighters on island say blaze burning is out of control and spreading on several frontsAbout 8,000 people have been evacuated from their homes on Gran Canaria in Spain’s Canary Islands, where firefighters are battling a wildfire that has burned more than 3,400 hectares (8,400 acres) of land.More than 700 firefi...
August 19, 2019: Some environmental groups say Elections Canada warned them that discussing the dangers of climate change during the upcoming federal campaign could be deemed partisan activity.
August 19, 2019: Several states saw damage and at least nine people were hurt as storms ripped across the country. Also, authorities foil multiple mass shooting plots. All that and all that matters in today's Eye Opener. Your world in 90 seconds.
August 19, 2019: More than 700 firefighters are trying to put out a wildfire on the Spanish vacation island of Gran Canaria, where officials say about 5,000 people have been evacuated so far.
August 19, 2019: Off-grid solar power is making a huge difference in emerging economies and especially those in Nigeria and the Ivory Coast. Investors are therefore enticed, meaning the renewables industry has a positive forecast on the continent.
August 19, 2019: Several Democratic presidential candidates made their way to Des Moines for the Iowa State Fair over the weekend. Ed O'Keefe caught up with a few of the voters there for the CBS
August 19, 2019: Indonesian designers have proposed a controversial solution, using submersibles that could act as giant ice makers in the ocean.
August 19, 2019: Eight Democratic presidential candidates will participate in a climate-focused town hall hosted by CNN next month, the network said on Monday.So far, eight candidates are scheduled to attend the event: former Vice President Joe Biden...
August 19, 2019: National Farmers’ Union says only farms in south-east England able to start harvestAugust’s wet weather has brought this year’s wheat harvest to a “shuddering halt”, the deputy president of the National Farmers’ Union has said.Guy Smith said farmers outside the south-east of England had been left unable ...
August 18, 2019: Leaders at this week’s Pacific Islands Forum couldn’t disguise their anger over Canberra’s climate crisis ‘red lines’It was always going to be a showdown on the climate crisis.As leaders from the Pacific gathered in Tuvalu for their annual Pacific Islands Forum, there was one subject destined to dwarf all ...
August 18, 2019: The astronomer royal and risk specialist on cyber-attacks, pandemics, Brexit and life on MarsMartin Rees is a cosmologist and astrophysicist who has been the astronomer royal since 1995. He is also a co-founder of the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Cambridge. His most recent book, On the Future: Prospects...
August 18, 2019: Scientists say they are bidding farewell to Okjökull, the first Icelandic glacier lost to climate change, in a funeral of sorts.
August 18, 2019: Authorities on Spain's Canary Islands say around 2,000 people have been evacuated due to a wildfire that has ravaged more than 500 hectares (1,235 acres) since it broke out a day ago