Global Weather News

December 14, 2019: At first glance, these newly released images by NASA may look like lava churning in the heart of a volcano, but they reveal otherworldly storm systems whirling in a way that surprised scientists. The swirls in the photos are cyclones around Jupiter's south pole, captured by NASA's Juno spacecraft on Nov. 3, 2019. Ju...
December 13, 2019: Stormy weather will bring rain, snow and ice to both coasts today and into the weekend.
December 13, 2019: That’s why having accurate weather insights can support large cost savings — especially during this busy fourth quarter when, during peak operational times, 5,000 aircraft may share the sky.
December 13, 2019: The data is in from the first weather stations placed at the top of the world.
December 13, 2019: Temperatures have fallen, snow has accumulated, ice has stuck and drivers have crashed. As a result, hundreds of drivers from the Northwest to the mid-Atlantic have found themselves, and their vehicles, in places other than their lanes. The wintry weather is a part of a persistent stormy pattern that could bring mor...
December 12, 2019: New research found that after just two weeks of reduced physical activity -- around 1,500 steps per day or less-- older adults lose significant amounts of muscle and experience substantial gains in body fat.
December 12, 2019: Two storms will travel across the eastern Mediterranean Sea, spreading flooding rainfall and snow from Greece and Turkey to Iraq. Wet weather first stretched from southern Greece to Syria on Thursday evening and is expected to spread inland across the Middle East into Friday. Parts of Syria, Iraq and even western Ir...
December 12, 2019: For both events, the best chance of any slick conditions will be in the colder suburbs west and northwest of the Beltway.
December 12, 2019: All-wheel drive expands in the Charger lineup, but it's still limited to V6 power.
December 11, 2019: The forecast was calling for up to two inches of snow before 11 a.m.
December 11, 2019: Heavy winter weather is also affecting Minnesota, Wisconsin and the U.S. East Coast.
December 11, 2019: Met Office predicts showers across much of UK but experts do not expect turnout to be affectedGeneral election latest - live newsVoters across the UK will head to the polls on Thursday amid wet and chilly conditions for the first December general election in almost a century.Although much of the country will have ju...
December 11, 2019: The full power of IBM GRAF to generate local forecasts for the entire world depends on technology that The Weather Company already had in place and is continually refining: artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing.
December 11, 2019: The disagreements between government agencies on the risks that 5G technology poses to weather satellites has prompted the House Science Committee to request a GAO investigation.
December 10, 2019: Climate change could make the problem worse, multiplying the misery for displaced people.
December 10, 2019: Extreme weather patterns associated with heat waves and droughts are raising the risks of global food shortages, two studies have found.
December 10, 2019: Shipping vessels are at risk from heavy snow spray according to the National Weather Service.
December 10, 2019: Snow accumulation will likely only be a few inches, but it could make for a sluggish commute to work.
December 10, 2019: Alarm clocks were one of the most obvious implementations since the introduction of the smart screen. Devices like Lenovo’s Smart Clock and the Amazon Echo Show 5 have demonstrated some interesting in the bedside display form factor, and Google has worked with the former the refine the experience. Lenovo Smart Clo...
December 10, 2019: Temperatures will continue to drop Tuesday after a cold front pushed through Houston overnight.
December 10, 2019: A long-awaited decision on 5G deployment means new technology could interfere with weather satellites.
December 9, 2019: Disruption to transport and power cuts possible in run-up to election day on ThursdayThe UK has been buffeted by gales of up to 70mph on two coasts, with weather alerts in place from north Wales to the Isle of Wight, and an area from Middlesbrough to Norwich on the North Sea.There is also a further yellow warning in...
December 8, 2019: Anger is often unreasonably directed at meteorologists, forecasters, and climate scientists. Some possible reasons why.
December 7, 2019: Disabled people in winter weather climates are at least as trapped by weak municipal policies and unexamined values as they are by Mother Nature herself.
December 6, 2019: Large parts of California, including around Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, warned of heavy rain, snowfall, strong winds and potential flooding forecast for this weekend.