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October 21, 2019: The Weather Channel will air interviews with nine 2020 Republicans and Democrats discussing how they plan to tackle climate change.The hour-long special will review how candidates would address the ways climate change is impacting jobs, the economy...
October 21, 2019: A line of potent thunderstorms responsible for the powerful tornado that tore through parts of Dallas late Sunday has moved east, blasting the region with strong winds and leaving at least one person dead after a tree fell on an Arkansas home early Monday.
October 21, 2019: Heat, cold, wind, rain, snow and even a hurricane have all impacted ESPN's GameDay announcers throughout their careers.
October 21, 2019: President Trump will not appear in a Weather Channel climate change special airing next month that features Democrats and Republicans looking to challenge the president in 2020. The Weather Channel announced the one-hour “2020: Race to...
October 21, 2019: PREPARING AGAINST ANOTHER BUNDY: A government watchdog is warning the Trump administration that it must beef up protections of its federal employees overseeing public lands due to numerous instances of threats and assault.According to a report...
October 20, 2019
October 19, 2019: Today is the pick of the weekend. But we still need rain, so tomorrow could be worse!
October 18, 2019: With news coverage of extreme weather events like hurricanes and flash flooding, it’s often surprising to hear that a more subtle, short-lived, weather phenomena is actually the most dangerous weather hazard for transportation: fog.
October 17, 2019: The weather
October 16, 2019: Over an inch of rain fell across most of the region.
October 16, 2019: A tropical system could drench parts of the Gulf Coast including, ironically, Alabama. Here's the latest information.
October 15, 2019: Comfortable conditions as a few clouds arrive.
October 15, 2019: There is no such thing as earthquake
October 15, 2019: Two of the best home run-hitting teams in baseball history could see a power outage this week thanks to untimely weather.
October 14, 2019: In the world of Last Week Tonight, nothing is safe. You may have thought the topic of weather forecasting was a fairly innocent one, but John Oliver is here to break down exactly why the opposite is true. In the monologue above, Oliver dives into the murky relationship between the public and private sectors of weath...
October 14, 2019: Skies are clear and temperatures are comfortable. A jacket for the late innings might be a good idea.
October 14, 2019: Last Week Tonight looks at the ‘absolutely incredible’ National Weather Service and the CEO Trump nominated to lead itOn Last Week Tonight, John Oliver embraced a topic crucial to public safety and long elevator rides: the weather. Specifically, the role of the National Weather Service (NWS), a public department...
October 14, 2019: A bold glass of red wine is a perfect way to end a night as the seasons change and temperatures begins to cool. There's undeniably hundreds of fine options out there, but here's a few that are a great bet.
October 14, 2019: One person was in the right place at the right time when a large ,tornado-like funnel whirled in Colorado on the first wintry day of the season.
October 14, 2019: After widespread 40s tonight, Tuesday's high temperatures may be slightly lower than we got today.
October 13, 2019: While the southern United States is in need of rain, forecasters say too much may fall too quickly, leading to localized flooding early next week.
October 13, 2019: Lots of sunshine and warmth await on Monday.
October 12, 2019: While the southern United States is in need of rain, forecasters say too much may fall too quickly and lead to localized flooding early next week.
October 12, 2019: Firefighters hope to get the upper-hand on the Saddleridge fire in the San Fernando Valley on Saturday, aided by favorable weather conditions.
October 11, 2019: Unusually wet fall weather in southern Manitoba has left soybean and potato crops stranded in fields, municipalities fighting floods at a time when rivers usually run low and climatologists pondering what all this water means.