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July 11, 2020: Thousands may have died in the heat wave 40 years ago.
July 10, 2020: Parts of the southwestern United States are under an excessive heat warning going into this weekend. Temperatures are forecast to reach as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit in some areas, and officials are urging people to take precautions as heat this high can turn deadly.
July 10, 2020: As Covid-19 spread through the country, many cancer patients feared their treatment would stop. Now, modifications made by hospitals, and patients' choices to stay away from medical facilities because of the pandemic, could have a lasting impact on cancer rates and deaths in the future.
July 10, 2020: The event was set to be held in Portsmouth, N.H., on Saturday. The campaign delayed it amid ongoing concerns about President Trump attracting only small crowds at his events.
July 10, 2020: Trump's New Hampshire rally has been postponed due to weather concerns as Tropical Storm Fay heads northward.
July 10, 2020: Newly reported cases of the novel coronavirus in the United States reached their highest levels in July and continue to ascend, suggesting that it will take a lot more than heat to slow its spread.
July 10, 2020: It was unclear what the attendance would be at the rally, given concerns about the spread of the coronavirus.
July 9, 2020: An area of disturbed weather located off the coast of the Carolinas on Thursday morning is setting the stage for a soaking rain event along the mid-Atlantic and along the Northeast coast through the end of the week.
July 9, 2020: Our wants or needs can shape how we consume information about coronavirus, weather, and other things. Are you guilty?
July 9, 2020: By Ayurella Horn-Muller (Climate Central) and Brendan Rivers (WJCT) An airman assigned to the 557th Expeditionary RED HORSE drinks water while working on a construction site. SENIOR AIRMAN DAMON KASBERG / U.S. AIR FORCE Listen to the Story Here Hear this story airing on 89.9 FM WJCT. Diallo-Sekou Seabrooks was worki...
July 9, 2020: D.C. has hit 90 or higher on 14 straight days, placing the streak in the top 10 longest on record.
July 9, 2020: The White House pushed for a “correction” of a National Weather Service (NWS) tweet that contradicted President Trump during the so-called Sharpigate scandal, according to an internal watchdog report. The report also says that the White House...
July 9, 2020: HAPPY THURSDAY! Welcome to Overnight Energy, The Hill's roundup of the latest energy and environment news. Please send tips and comments to Rebecca Beitsch at Follow her on Twitter: @rebeccabeitsch. Reach Rachel Frazin at...
July 8, 2020: There is a possibility for tornadoes in the Plains Wednesday.
July 8, 2020: A heat wave that's gripped the Midwest for days and will only grow more intense by next week is taking its toll on roads across the region.
July 8, 2020: [Update: The mission has been scrubbed today due to weather conditions. SpaceX is determining when its next attempt will take place] SpaceX has a launch schedule for today, for a combined payload that includes 57 of its Starlink satellites, as well as two satellites it’s flying on behalf of BlackSky. The launc...
July 8, 2020: SpaceX postponed the launch of more Starlink communications satellites in Florida on Wednesday when a line of storms neared the launchpad.
July 8, 2020: The first launch of a big batch of visor-equipped satellites will have to wait for another day.
July 8, 2020: The first launch of a big batch of visor-equipped satellites will have to wait for another day.
July 8, 2020: It's not just earthquakes that can trigger tsunamis.
July 7, 2020: Houston’s high temperature Tuesday should be a few degrees cooler than Monday, according to meteorologists.
July 7, 2020: #1-ranked analyst Patrick Moorhead dives deeper as one company who is showing some real innovation during the pandemic is Cloudera. Recently, Patrick had a call with Cindy Maike, the company’s VP of Industry Solutions, to learn more about how Cloudera is bridging the chasm opened up by Covid-19.
July 7, 2020: Amid Canada's coronavirus pandemic, temporary workers and asylum-seekers have become more critical than ever. And they want recognition of that.
July 7, 2020: Officials warn that hot temperatures, low relative humidities, locally gusty winds and drying fuels will bring elevated fire weather conditions.
July 6, 2020: Above-average heat will continue for most of the U.S. in the week ahead.