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September 17, 2020: Scientists say this is the best-recorded earthquake swarm to hit Yellowstone and the team is now analyzing the data from it.
September 10, 2020: Russia's Bezymianny volcano has been growing again after collapsing over 60 years ago.
August 14, 2020: Derrick Pitts, chief astronomer and planetarium director at the Franklin Institute Science Museum, joins “CBS This Morning: Saturday” to discuss the Caldera Volcano, a supervolcano, that sits underneath Yellowstone National Park.
August 14, 2020: Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcano erupted at least three times Saturday with a spectacular explosion of ash and rock, sparking some concern among tourists who observed the mountain from a lookout point.
August 10, 2020: A rumbling volcano in Indonesia erupted Monday, sending a towering column of ash more than 3 miles into the sky and raining down on nearby villages.
August 10, 2020: Mount Sinabung was dormant for 400 years before reawakening in 2010. Since then, it has erupted repeatedly. Dramatic photos and videos capture the latest eruption.
August 3, 2020: File this one under nature
July 29, 2020: Mars isn't erupting, but this odd cloud still puts on quite a show.
July 20, 2020: They say their system could have given 16 hours advance warning of the deadly White Island eruption of 2019.
July 19, 2020: A violent explosion jolted residents of the Italian volcanic island of Stromboli awake at 3 a.m. Sunday.
July 19, 2020: Researchers claim system could save lives in situations like the Whakaari/White Island eruption in 2019, which killed 21 peopleNew Zealand scientists say they have invented a warning system to predict volcanic eruptions that may prevent future tragedies such as the blast that killed 21 people on White Island/Whakaar...
July 17, 2020: A yellow-rumped mouse is spotted at the top of a 22,000-foot volcano in the Andes. This
June 30, 2020: If there was any doubt that the dinosaurs went extinct due to the massive asteroid that hit Earth 65 million years ago, a new study hopes to put the controversy to bed.
June 26, 2020: An American couple who survived a deadly volcanic eruption during a honeymoon cruise in New Zealand last year are suing Royal Caribbean Cruises, court documents show.
June 25, 2020: Matt and Lauren Urey survived a deadly volcanic eruption while on their honeymoon in New Zealand in December 2019. They are now filing a lawsuit against Royal Caribbean and I.D. Tours New Zealand Ltd., claiming they did not warn them of heightened volcanic activity on the island ahead of the excursion to Whakaari/Wh...
June 25, 2020: Matt and Lauren Urey suffered severe burns and were both put in medically induced comas.
June 23, 2020: Ancient ice cores suggest a giant volcanic eruption in what's now Alaska set off a series of climatic shocks that sowed economic disruption and political upheaval across the Mediterranean during the 1st century B.C.
June 22, 2020: Scientists have linked historical political instability to a number of volcanic events, the latest involving an eruption in the Aleutian Islands.
June 21, 2020: The Guardian’s picture editors select photo highlights from around the world Continue reading...
June 21, 2020: Indonesia’s most volatile volcano on Sunday spewed ash and hot gas in a massive column as high as 3.7 miles into the sky.
June 17, 2020: An elaborate 2,000-year-old map has been discovered carved into volcanic rock in Mexico.
June 8, 2020: Mysterious seismic waves that rippled around the world in 2018 eventually led scientists to discover their source - a rapidly growing underwater volcano about 30 miles offshore of the island.
June 4, 2020: The eruption was so big it covered an area the size of New Jersey in volcanic glass.
May 31, 2020: The largest volcano on Earth may lie hidden in the sea northwest of Honolulu, Hawaii.
May 25, 2020: Scientists used sonar and gravimeters to measure the gargantuan Pūhāhonu volcano in Hawaii — and it's the world's biggest.