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June 14, 2019: The shadow's pointy tip is a matter of perspective.
June 10, 2019: Indonesian officials warned on Monday against the prospect of further eruptions from an active volcano on the island of Sumatra after it emitted a huge column of ash, causing panic among residents.
June 9, 2019:  A volcano in eastern Russia, previously classified as extinct could be waking up, leading scientists to suggest a deadly eruption could occur at any time.
June 8, 2019: A volcano in the far eastern corner of Russia that was previously considered extinct may be waking up -- and an eruption could be catastrophic.
June 6, 2019: When
June 4, 2019: Is he one of the world's biggest Internet pirates or a businessman? Bob Simon profiles Kim Dotcom; then, author Malcolm Gladwell on the power of the underdog; and, nature's ticking time bombs.
June 3, 2019: 4,700 years ago the eruption of Çakallar volcano, modern Turkey, was observed by curious humans and may be immortalized on the wall of a nearby rock-shelter.
June 2, 2019: Where to find Fortnite's Fortbyte #80, accessible by using the Bunker Basher Pickaxes to smash the rock at the highest point of the volcano rim.
June 1, 2019: Mount Etna, the largest of Italy's three active volcanoes, is spewing ash and lava once again, but officials say the activity is taking place at its summit and does not pose a risk to people and towns.
May 31, 2019: After a treacherous volcanic eruption during the Bronze Age, curious humans and their canine companions hiked closer to the volcano, where they left footprints in the fine-grained volcanic ash.
May 25, 2019: Volcano spews ash over popular tourist island but authorities yet to raise alert level Bali’s airport has cancelled flights following an eruption of the Mount Agung volcano, which spread ash over the south of the Indonesian island. The national disaster agency said Friday night’s eruption lasted four minutes and...
May 25, 2019: Mount Agung erupted on Friday, causing some flight cancellations and delays.
May 24, 2019: Bali's airport has canceled flights following an eruption of the Mount Agung volcano that spread ash over the south of the Indonesian island.
May 24, 2019: Major earthquakes were reported Friday near Kilauea volcano, which has been spewing lava since an eruption earlier this week. Over 1,500 residents have been evacuated. U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii joins CBSN via phone to discuss how the community is handling the eruption.
May 23, 2019: A strange seismic event off the coast of Africa has led scientists to a mighty finding: the discovery of the largest underwater volcanic eruption ever recorded.
May 23, 2019: The route: From Taos, N.M., east on U.S. 64 through Eagle Nest and Cimarron to Raton, then New Mexico 72 to Capulin Volcano National Monument. Return through Raton on New Mexico 325 and U.S. 87. Miles: About 275 miles round trip from Taos. Best time: Spring, summer and fall. Two mountain passes...
May 23, 2019: Rocks recovered from a remote mountainside in East Africa have offered scientists fresh insights into an unusual type of volcano -- a type of volcanism more hazardous than previously thought.
May 16, 2019: The dormant volcano appears to have formed by mantle rising from the transition zone—the first time this has been documented.
May 10, 2019: Falsified data suggested that an earthquake was terminated by one of the most active volcanoes in Japan.
May 7, 2019: A soldier survived a fall into Kīlauea's summit crater the other day. He was exceedingly lucky, but perhaps not as fortunate as someone who once fell into a lava flow elsewhere in the world and also, remarkably, survived - here's how.
May 7, 2019: Indonesia's Mount Sinabung volcano erupted again Tuesday, spewing ash thousands of feet into the air and putting the North Sumatra region on high alert.
May 5, 2019: The inhabitants of Santiago Xalitzintla rise well before dawn to prepare their offerings to The Sleeping Woman, as they affectionately call the dormant Iztaccíhuatl volcano that hovers above their town in central Mexico.
May 5, 2019: Yet another new era for Fortnite has begun. A weeks-long, community-wide scavenger hunt concluded on Saturday at roughly 3:00 p.m. ET with a giant bang. The smoking volcano situated in the northeast corner of the map erupted, and flying debris laid waste to a number of popular locations, including the city of Tilted...
May 4, 2019: What time is Fortnite's big volcano eruption and Loot Lake event today? Find out here, along with the best places to watch the fireworks.
May 4, 2019: Fortnite's big unvaulted event seems like it will feature some aliens and a volcano eruption: here's what we know about what's going to happen.