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April 3, 2020: Researchers were looking to see if part of the Standard Model of physics would hold up under extreme conditions.
March 30, 2020: A hiker exploring a lava tube on Mauna Loa, Island of Hawai'i, stumbled across two unexploded bombs, dropped on the active volcano 85 years ago in a failed attempt to divert a lava flow.
March 23, 2020: It’s a meek animal you’d expect to see scurrying into a wood pile or fleeing from your cat, but it might also be the most hardy mammal on the planet, at least in terms of surviving at high elevation.
March 18, 2020: In late February, a hiker on Hawaii's Big Island stumbled across two unexploded bombs on the flank of the Mauna Loa volcano. Those bombs, it turns out, were the remnants of a 1935 attempt to divert a lava flow.
March 12, 2020: Researchers say the intrusion may explain the increased number of explosions at the Steamboat Geyser.
March 9, 2020: The bombs were dropped by the U.S. Army in 1935 following an eruption of Mauna Loa.
March 8, 2020: Cartago is beneath Costa Rica's volcanoes and within short distance of its great preserved forests.
March 5, 2020: Wednesday night, ABC will air 'Volcano Live! With Nik Wallenda,' in which the high-wire artist crosses over an active volcano in Nicaragua.
March 5, 2020: Nik Wallenda became the first person to walk a high wire directly over an active volcano on Wednesday night.
March 5, 2020: Masaya Volcano, 2,083 feet high and 12 miles from Managua, is one of only eight volcanoes in the world with an active lava lake.
March 5, 2020: Daredevil Nik Wallenda made jaws drop across the globe Wednesday night when he crossed a steel cable above a Nicaraguan volcano on live television. Wallenda had to wear a gas mask during his heart-pounding mission due to the volcano’s toxic fumes. It took him approximately 31 minutes to cross the 1,800 foot tightr...
March 5, 2020: Wallenda crossed the crater of a volcano in Nicaragua.
March 4, 2020: The hole is the entrance to an underground cavern.
March 3, 2020: Eruption of Mount Merapi coated nearby communities with grey dust and forced an airport closureIndonesia’s most active volcano Mount Merapi erupted on Tuesday, shooting a massive ash cloud some 6,000m (20,000ft) in the air which coated nearby communities with grey dust and forced an airport closure.Ash mixed with ...
March 3, 2020: One of the greatest athletes I know will spend tomorrow night doing something extraordinary: at 8:00 PM EST, aerialist Nik Wallenda will step out onto a 1,800-foot high wire strung across the active Masaya volcano in Nicaragua. It’s just the latest of Wallenda’s death-defying walks above the world.
March 2, 2020: A report from the Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team said Klyuchevskoy could produce more ash explosions at
March 1, 2020: Over two million people visit the Scottish capital Edinburgh every year, but what is it that gives Auld
February 28, 2020: Philippines residents briefly allowed to return to homes near the Taal volcano find haunting scenes.
February 27, 2020: Tightrope walker Nik Wallenda fears the worst-possible outcome as he prepares for his latest high wire act - trekking across a live volcano in Nicaragua on Wednesday. I
February 19, 2020: The collapse of the Tungurahua volcano could cause a massive landslide.
February 17, 2020: Newly released video captured Mexico's El Popo volcano in action. The violent explosion shot rock, lava and ash nearly a mile into the sky. The eruption also triggered an earthquake.
February 13, 2020: Mount Merapi erupted again early Thursday morning, causing volcanic material and ash rain to spew over several villages in its surrounding area.
February 13, 2020: An Aboriginal tale may describe a volcanic eruption that happened 37,000 years ago.
January 30, 2020: A Georgia man died Tuesday from severe burns suffered in a New Zealand volcanic eruption last month, just five weeks after his wife died of similar injuries, a family member said.
January 29, 2020: Another person has died as a result of injuries suffered from last month's volcanic eruption in New Zealand, police said Wednesday, bringing the death toll to 21.