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August 14, 2019: China's largest video-streaming platform wrongly said a typhoon had killed around 99 million people.
August 14, 2019: The costumed villains aren’t the only crooked characters at Disney World.
August 14, 2019: China’s largest video streaming giant Tencent Video on Wednesday apologized for saying Typhoon Lekima killed everyone in Shandong, a province which has about 99 million people.
August 12, 2019: The death toll from typhoon Lekima in eastern China rose to 44 people on Monday morning, according to official data, as the storm continued up the coast, racking up billions of dollars in economic losses and widely disrupting travel.
August 12, 2019: Typhoon Lekima in China has killed dozens of people, with over a million evacuated from Zhejiang province.
August 12, 2019: Nearly four dozen people have died from Typhoon Lekima in China, officials said Monday, after the storm made a second landfall in Qingdao City.
August 11, 2019: Chinese state media says at least 28 people have been killed after Typhoon Lekima struck the coast south of Shanghai
August 11, 2019: Twenty-eight are killed and more than five million affected as Typhoon Lekima hits China.
August 11, 2019: The death toll from typhoon Lekima climbed to at least 30 in eastern China after landfall, authorities said Sunday.
August 11, 2019: At least 33 people have been killed and several remain missing. The storm prompted the evacuation of more than a million residents from China's coast and caused hundreds of homes to collapse.
August 10, 2019: Typhoon Lekima also destroyed at least 200 homes on Saturday as it moved north toward Shanghai, state media reported.
August 10, 2019: Thirteen are killed and more are missing as powerful Typhoon Lekima hits the south-east coast.
August 10, 2019: At least 18 people were killed on Saturday after Typhoon Lekima struck China's coast south of Shanghai, knocking down houses and trees.
August 10, 2019: More than a dozen people have died and more than 1 million forced from their homes as Typhoon Lekima continued to batter down on China’s eastern coastline.
August 10, 2019: Lekima made landfall as a typhoon with its strength equivalent to a powerful Category 3 hurricane in the Atlantic and East Pacific oceans during the early morning hours of Saturday.
August 9, 2019: Evacuation warnings are in place for Shanghai as Typhoon Lekima roars past Taiwan.
August 9, 2019: China's weather bureau issued a red alert early on Friday as super typhoon Lekima approached Zhejiang province on the eastern coast, after forcing flight cancellations in Taiwan and shutting markets and businesses on the island.
August 9, 2019: Hundreds of flights have been canceled in Taiwan and China because of Typhoon Lekima, and officials on the mainland are worried about torrential flooding.
August 9, 2019: China issued its top warning for coastal areas of Zhejiang province Friday ahead of a strong typhoon carrying heavy rain and winds.
August 9, 2019: The storm, currently categorized as a super typhoon with sustained winds of 130 mph, is expected to make landfall near the city of Ningbo early Saturday.
August 9, 2019: Lekima, once a super typhoon, is approaching eastern China, while Typhoon Krosa lingers over the open Pacific.
August 9, 2019: Lekima, once a super typhoon, is approaching eastern China, while Typhoon Krosa lingers over the open Pacific.
August 9, 2019: Typhoon Lekima made landfall near Shitangzhen, in the province of Zhejiang around 1am local time on Saturday.
August 8, 2019: The Western Pacific Ocean continues to be active this week, sending more tropical impacts to countries in eastern Asia for into the middle of August.
July 31, 2019: Stocks in Asia traded lower Wednesday afternoon as investors await the U.S. Federal Reserve's announcement of its decision on interest rates. Hong Kong's markets closed early in the afternoon ahead of an approaching typhoon.