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September 27, 2020: Half of UK parents say their children have missed a check-up since restrictions were introduced, a survey findsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageDentists face a “tsunami” of untreated tooth decay because children have been kept away from dental surgeries during lockdown.Half of parent...
September 19, 2020: The Luxe Rodeo Drive is the first L.A.-area luxury hotel to go out of business because of the pandemic. An unusually high loan delinquency rate may mean more hotel closures are likely to follow.
September 18, 2020: Some the 15 victims tried to hide and others were unable to outrun the flames in one of the deadliest and most expansive blazes in California history.
September 11, 2020: The ratio of what Canadians owe versus their ability to pay it back went down between April and June, but experts warn that unexpectedly brighter debt picture could be hiding a wave of bankruptcies waiting to emerge.
September 4, 2020: UK should adopt German-style wage support for short-time working, unions say Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageRishi Sunak has been urged by union leaders to launch a wage subsidy scheme to prevent a “tsunami” of unemployment when furlough comes to an end this autumn.Demanding the cha...
September 3, 2020: If a large earthquake strikes off the coast of Washington, a new set of simulations shows why it's so important to quickly head to higher ground. 
September 3, 2020: Eight years ago, a 9.0 earthquake struck off Japan, sending 50-foot waves barreling into the coast. The tsunami prompted one of the worst nuclear plant meltdowns in history. CNET reporter and executive editor Roger Cheng went inside the Fukushima plant, which is still contaminated with radiation. He joins CBSN AM to...
August 12, 2020: As many as 40 million people are at risk of losing their homes across the country as evictions moratoriums expire in dozens of states, a new study estimates.
August 11, 2020: State and local governments facing deep shortfalls wrestle with the devastating economic impact of the coronavirusEvery day, New Yorkers throw out 10,000 tons of trash – a third of which is food and yard scraps that could skip the incinerators and landfills and be turned into compost.Over the last several years, a...
July 30, 2020: Even within a hospital, the ICU can feel like another world. But critical care goes far beyond simply keeping people alive – it’s also about what happens next In early March, Mike Brunner, an intensive care doctor at Northwick Park hospital in north London, saw his first few Covid-19 patients. They were arriving...
July 26, 2020: More than 160,000 people have died but from Mexico to Brazil, social networks are awash with quack cures and conspiraciesFor months Gustavo Andrade has been battling to convince his parishioners to take Covid-19 seriously. Related: Desperate Bolivians seek out toxic bleach falsely touted as Covid-19 cure Continue re...
July 24, 2020: Housing advocates and landlords alike say if Congress doesn't extend or replace the extra payments, millions of out-of-work Americans won't be able to afford to pay their rent.
July 22, 2020: Sirens could reportedly be heard in coastal cities
July 22, 2020: A powerful 7.8 earthquake has struck the Alaska Peninsula and a tsunami warning has been issued.
July 22, 2020: A magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck off the Alaskan coast, officials said, initiating a tsunami warning that was later canceled.
July 22, 2020: A powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck the Alaska Peninsula late Tuesday, triggering a tsunami warning that sent residents fleeing to higher ground before it was called off without any damaging waves.
July 22, 2020: The quake hit more than 60 miles off the south-east coast late on Tuesday.
July 21, 2020: What happens if Congress doesn't pass another stimulus bill to extend or replace current protections? Here's what we know.
July 16, 2020: By analyzing the sedimentary ancient DNA, sedaDNA, deposited on Doggerland, the landmass that once connected Britain and mainland Europe, researchers were able to reconstruct a tsunami that occurred 8,150 years ago.
July 15, 2020: Biotech equity funding across venture capital and the public markets reached record-breaking levels in 2Q 2020
July 13, 2020: The great lockdown needed to contain the Covid-19 outbreak has been economically devastating.
July 6, 2020: How do you survive a massive, unstoppable wave? In episode four of Hacking the Apocalypse, Claire Reilly puts a high-tech tsunami escape pod to the test.
July 5, 2020: Years of social progress have been reversed by the virus, amid accusations that politicians have been fatally ineptCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageAs coronavirus galloped through Latin America in late April, the mayor of Manaus was in despair. “The outlook is dismal,” Arthur Virgíl...
June 30, 2020: Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is continuing to weigh his options in pushing ahead with plans to extend Israeli sovereignty over territories occupied by Israel in the 1967 war.
June 29, 2020: DOD's second wave of infection has already surpassed the peak of the first wave. Although DOD’s level of infection is still relatively low, the number of new cases needs to level off soon before the infection gets out of control.