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April 14, 2021: Doctors speak of a new variant of the virus that appears to be spreading faster than ever beforeCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageDr K Senthil had feared it was coming.He had feared it as he saw the reckless crush of hundreds of people taking part in large wedding parties over the past mo...
April 14, 2021: The century-old temple clock has come back to life when an aftershock of the 2011 quake hit the regionFor almost 10 years, the clock hanging in Bunshun Sakano’s temple was a reminder of the day nature’s force came close to destroying his community.The clock, which is thought to be about 100 years old, stopped ti...
April 12, 2021: Critics say the bills introduced across the country would infringe free speech rights and disproportionately target people of colorAfter a year where Black Lives Matter demonstrations saw Americans begin to re-address and re-think racial inequality in the nation, a pushback from predominantly Republican lawmakers is...
April 8, 2021: An 8.3 magnitude earthquake occured 142 miles northwest of Santiago, Chile. While the epicenter was offshore, tremors were felt inland. The Chilean government has urged residents in low-lying coastal areas to evacuate to higher ground. Tsunami watches have been issued across the Pacific, including one for Hawaii.
April 3, 2021: Allergy sufferers in the Northeast have had a rough start to the Spring allergy season. Pollen counts have been so high that many have dubbed it a pollen
March 26, 2021: Residents of Kesennuma, Japan – hit by the 2011 tsunami – have regained their title for the nation's longest sushi tuna roll. About 1,300 participants helped to make the 322-meter sushi roll, which used 85 kilograms of tuna, 550 kilograms of rice and 1,700 sheets of seaweed.
March 25, 2021: An earthquake doesn’t have to happen nearby. A tsunami can come from thousands of miles away.
March 23, 2021: Many thought 4-year-old Raudhatul Jannah was among the 200,000 tsunami victims. In June, her uncle recognized the now 14-year-old who had been rescued and raised by a fisherman and his mother. Maurice Dubois reports.
March 20, 2021: Daily activities across portions of Japan were disrupted late Saturday afternoon when a significant earthquake shook the country and triggered tsunami concerns. According to the United States Geological Survey, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake occurred at 9:09 UTC. The USGS pinpointed the epicenter of the quake to be loca...
March 20, 2021: A tsunami warning has been issued following an earthquake off the east coast of Japan, the US National Tsunami Warning Center reported on Saturday.
March 19, 2021: An 8.2 magnitude earthquake hit Tuesday night near the coast of northern Chile. The earthquake also caused a tsunami in the Pacific Ocean. CBS News' Vicente Arenas reports.
March 19, 2021: Scientists in California say a lesser-known fault off the Northern Pacific coast has the potential to cause massive destruction. John Blackstone looks at the race to protect people from seismic disasters.
March 19, 2021: At a government research center in Seattle, designers are working on a sensor to provide more advance warning when an earthquake triggers a tsunami. The goal is to give people in vulnerable areas along the coast more time to evacuate in event of a tsunami. John Blackstone reports.
March 18, 2021: Three years after an earthquake and tsunami rocked Japan, residents in a small town that lost nearly everything got back something precious. Students in California raised money to bring a boat that floated across the Pacific Ocean to its owners in Japan. John Blackstone reports.
March 17, 2021: Cicadas will emerge from a 17-year slumber in more than a dozen states across the U.S. in the coming months, with billions of the flying insects surfacing to conduct a boisterous mating ritual.
March 13, 2021: Fireworks and candlelight in Japan this week marked the 10th anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that left more than 20,000 people dead and forever changed the country. In one community, the wreckage is gone, but something unusual has shown up in its place. Lucy Craft has the details
March 12, 2021: With a moment of silence, prayers and anti-nuclear protests, Japan on Thursday mourned about 20,000 victims of the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan 10 years ago, destroying towns and triggering nuclear meltdowns in Fukushima.
March 11, 2021: CBS News' Lucy Craft visited Rikuzen-Takata, which was completely rebuilt on a man-made hill to protect it from future killer waves, but she found that many residents are still to overwhelmed by collective
March 11, 2021: 60 Minutes visited the Japanese island of Otsuchi, which lost 10% of its population from the 2011 tsunami
March 10, 2021: Ten years ago one of the most powerful earthquakes on record triggered a devastating tsunami in Japan, killing more than 18,000 people and triggering catastrophic meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Then and now photographs show the extent of the destruction and the enormity of the reconstruction workO...
March 9, 2021: Noriyuki Suzuki returns to the spot where his daughter was swept to her death with her schoolmatesTen years after a tsunami killed more than 18,000 people on the north-east coast of Japan, Noriyuki Suzuki returned to the spot where his daughter was swept to her death.Mai was 12 when she died in one of the most harro...
March 9, 2021: Hiroshi Endo's determination to resurrect a high school's treasured instrument was more about fixing broken hearts than mud-mangled keys.
March 9, 2021: “The Phone Booth at the Edge of the World” deals with the aftermath of Japan’s devastating 2011 tsunami, and provides a message of hope and endurance.
March 5, 2021: New Zealand's emergency agency has told residents in some areas to head for higher ground after an 8.1-magnitude earthquake struck the nearby Kermadec Islands region early Friday, sparking fears of a tsunami.
March 5, 2021: Family of Natsuko Okuyama ‘extremely happy’ after remains identified as those of 61-year-old woman who went missing 10 years agoSkeletal remains found on a beach have been identified as those of woman who went missing 10 years ago in the 2011 Japan tsunami.Dental and DNA analysis this week revealed the remains t...