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June 25, 2019: A tornado
June 24, 2019: More than a dozen states in the Central and Eastern U.S. are starting Monday under a severe weather threat. A tornado slammed parts of Indiana over the weekend. Adriana Diaz reports from South Bend.
June 24, 2019: Severe weather spread from Texas to Indiana on Sunday, and for one woman, the sight of an approaching twister was cause for serious alarm.
June 20, 2019: If
June 20, 2019: Services were canceled Wednesday, but that didn't stop worshipers from showing up -- and several children sheltered inside when the storm tore through.
June 20, 2019: A possible tornado tore through northeast Texas on Wednesday night, tearing apart a church as members of its youth group huddled inside.
June 19, 2019: Round after round of rain in some areas and thunderstorms in others have riddled the Ohio Valley to the mid-Atlantic - and now a severe threat is brewing.
June 19, 2019: Just a week after moving in, a new resident was left shaken and scared after an EF2 tornado hit dangerously close.
June 19, 2019: Storm enthusiast, whose van flipped three times, says late May tornado tour was his last.
June 17, 2019: The images are beautiful, captivating and terrifying. But more than anything, they're scientific. That's where this project comes in.
June 15, 2019
June 14, 2019: An outbreak of severe weather turned fatal for two teens partaking in a popular summertime activity and made for some harrowing moments across the Northeast on Thursday.
June 10, 2019
June 9, 2019
June 6, 2019: Since it's extremely difficult for meteorologists to directly measure the winds in a tornado, they had to create a system to estimate winds based on the damage tornadoes leave behind.
June 4, 2019
June 3, 2019: Residents in Ottawa's east end neighbourhood of Orléans are assessing the damage from a major storm Sunday evening that saw a tornado rip through the region.
June 3, 2019: Storm Chaser Joey Krastel went viral after he dropped to his knee to ask his boyfriend, Chris Scott, to marry him as the tornado flew toward them.
June 3, 2019: A man has died from injuries he sustained when a powerful tornado tore through Jefferson City, Missouri.
June 3, 2019: These Little League baseball players must have ice in their veins.
June 3, 2019: What we saw last month is not unprecedented, and there are several plausible suspects.
June 3, 2019: Questions are again being raised about the efficacy of the Alert Ready System after some people in Ottawa didn't receive Sunday's emergency tornado warning on their mobile devices.
June 3, 2019: The relatively minimal loss of life during the recent weeks-long tornado swarm is an enormous success story, a testament to how far we’ve come with our advanced predictive methods and ability to disseminate warnings.
June 2, 2019: Environment Canada has lifted its tornado warning for Gatineau, Que. but it remains in effect for parts of both western Quebec and eastern Ontario.
June 1, 2019