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January 15, 2020: Students at a high school in South Carolina were forced to take cover inside as a tornado swept through the parking lot on Monday, damaging dozens of vehicles. 
January 14, 2020: It was only on the ground for a short amount of time, but a tornado still managed to great considerable
January 14, 2020
January 11, 2020: Strong winds in Texas reportedly flipped an 18-wheeler on its side in Dallas County during a severe thunderstorm that blew through the region Friday.
January 11, 2020: Powerful storms in parts of the South were being blamed for seven deaths, according to reports Saturday.
January 3, 2020: The most tornado-warned community of the 2010s wasn't in Oklahoma
January 2, 2020: Destructive tornadoes peppered population centers, altering lives forever. Others remained over open fields, as if posing for a camera.
January 2, 2020: Mother Nature made sure to shatter many records in 2019, including one states record for twisters.
December 30, 2019: A grandmother in Alabama miraculously survived deadly tornadoes in March after the only room left standing in the house was her prayer closet, where she sang and praised God through the storm.
December 27, 2019: A cold and blustery winter storm unleashed downpours and extensive snowfall on Southern California, triggering a tornado and snarling post-Christmas travel on major routes Thursday.
December 26, 2019: Flooded freeways, snow-closed roads and toppled trees were left in the wake of the second of two holiday week storms that barreled through Los Angeles County.
December 23, 2019: A special marine warning is also in effect for the area due to water tornadoes.
December 18, 2019: There was more severe weather across the Southeast, following a rare and deadly tornado outbreak. More tornadoes were reported in the past 24 hours than the U.S. typically sees in all of December. Janet Shamlian reports.
December 18, 2019: Tornadoes in December aren’t as rare as you might think. In fact, they’re quite common.
December 17, 2019: A tornado has killed one person in central Louisiana, authorities said Monday.
December 17, 2019: In Alexandria, Louisiana, a school and daycare center was evacuated 10 minutes before a tornado came through, destroying the building.
December 17, 2019: At least three people are dead after more than two dozen tornadoes ripped through the Deep South. Also, a Mississippi man on death row is released on bail for the first time in more than 20 years. All that and all that matters in today's Eye Opener. Your world in 90 seconds.
December 17, 2019: At least two dozen tornadoes may have touched down across Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama
December 16, 2019: A severe weather outbreak unfolded in Louisiana to start the week with several tornadoes touching down by midday. Just minutes after a tornado watch was issued for the region, severe thunderstorms erupted from eastern Texas to central Mississippi with the strongest storms spinning up tornadoes. One of the strongest ...
December 16, 2019: Strong tornadoes are possible in parts of Louisiana and Mississippi.
December 16, 2019: About 1 million people live in an area of northeastern Louisiana and southwestern Mississippi that had a moderate chance of dangerous weather, forecasters said.
December 15, 2019: EF-1 tornado Saturday morning in Flagler County, Fla.
December 14, 2019: Thunderstorms erupted in parts of the southeastern United States which spawned an EF-1 tornado Saturday morning in Flager County, Florida.
December 13, 2019: A pair of unforgettable tornadoes bookended the 2019 U.S. tornado season, which is effectively over; the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has no reports of tornadoes so far in December. The U.S. tornado season typically runs from March through November or sometimes into early December, alt...
December 11, 2019