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December 13, 2019: A pair of unforgettable tornadoes bookended the 2019 U.S. tornado season, which is effectively over; the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has no reports of tornadoes so far in December. The U.S. tornado season typically runs from March through November or sometimes into early December, alt...
December 11, 2019
December 10, 2019: The tornado caused minor damage just outside the nation's capital.
November 28, 2019
November 28, 2019
November 27, 2019: A swath of rain and thunderstorms are threatening to slow down motorists from the Ohio Valley to the Gulf Coast in the days prior to Thanksgiving. The corridor will be on the mild side of a storm that is poised to unleash an all-out blizzard from Colorado to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. While this...
November 14, 2019: “Prepare to leave” warnings were issued to local residents, as conditions continue to worsen.
November 13, 2019: What's ahead for the U.S. tornado season?
November 8, 2019
November 7, 2019: The tornado that ripped through Dallas last month and left a trail of heavy damage across the area, including collapsed buildings and downed power lines, will cost the city 0 million in recovery efforts.
November 7, 2019: Leicester Square theatre, LondonWith typical deftness, the standup has made his scintillating two-part show a hymn to political correctness and a giddy attack on lefty sensibilitiesWhat is Stewart Lee’s position in the comedy marketplace? And whither his “metropolitan liberal elite” sensitivities in the post-P...
November 7, 2019: A violent tornado took aim at an olive oil factory in Greece on Monday, sending debris into the air as the dozens of workers inside managed to escape serious injury.
October 24, 2019: Three schools were destroyed in the tornado that ended up causing at least billion in damage across parts of Dallas
October 23, 2019: The station acknowledged we
October 23, 2019: The twister carved a path of destruction through much of northern Dallas.
October 23, 2019: A Dallas church had its roof torn off and much of the building was destroyed after a tornado ripped through the area Sunday, but the cross stood -- a symbol of hope for the community amidst loss.
October 23, 2019: Residents in Dallas, Texas were caught off guard by a large EF3 tornado that touched down after the Dallas NBC affiliate delayed interrupting an NFL game to warn viewers of the looming threat.
October 23, 2019: At least 7 tornadoes tore through Dallas and surrounding areas Sunday night. Here's what the damage looks like from above.
October 22, 2019: Police declared a curfew on Monday in parts of Dallas where a powerful tornado tore apart homes and flipped cars, leaving tens of thousands without power for a second night.
October 22, 2019: The Bump Birthing Center, which had lost power during the storm, welcomed the newborn in their laundry room
October 22, 2019: Officer was accused of looting after he was filmed moving alcohol away from 7-Eleven store.
October 22, 2019: 3 reasons an EF3 tornado always warrants coverage no matter what's on TV
October 22, 2019: As a tornado bore down on a densely populated area of Dallas on Sunday night, the local NBC station waited several minutes before breaking into the telecast of the Dallas Cowboys' home game against the Philadelphia Eagles, the station admitted Monday during an apology to viewers.
October 22, 2019
October 22, 2019