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April 15, 2019: Warm and cool air will battle it out in the northeastern United States ahead of the return of downpours and potential severe weather at late week.
April 3, 2019: Brexiters may well be frustrated but their rhetoric of betrayal, sabotage and treason is fuelling a dangerously febrile atmosphereIt is a measure of how fevered British politics has become that many MPs speak of holding elections to the European parliament as a calamity to be avoided at all costs. It would certainly...
April 1, 2019: It was the fifth wetter-than-normal month in a row.
March 30, 2019: A small southeast Alaska community reached 70 degrees last week, which weather data suggests is the earliest point that temperature has been reached in the state.
March 28, 2019: Blame fickle February for the agency's worst winter temperature prediction in 15 years.
March 27, 2019: In a for-men, by-men world, the little things still really do hurt women.
March 23, 2019: The chill that descended upon the northeastern U.S. this past weekend will be reinforced early this week, but relief is on the horizon.
March 13, 2019: The Arctic is now “locked in” to experiencing unnatural levels of temperature rise by as early as 2050, according to a new United Nations environmental report out Wednesday.Dramatic temperature increases in the globe’s northernmost region, which is...
March 13, 2019: Joyce Msuya, of UN Environment, aims to avoid dangerous tipping pointsSharp and potentially devastating temperature rises of 3C to 5C in the Arctic are now inevitable even if the world succeeds in cutting greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris agreement, new research has found.Winter temperatures at the nor...
March 2, 2019: Meteorologists look at extent to which weirding of weather is due to carbon emissionsThis week’s record winter heat in the UK was so far above normal trends that scientists have been forced to reconsider their statistical models, with one expert calling the temperature jump “incredible”.UK temperature records ...
February 27, 2019: Record-breaking cold has hit several states and arctic air is still in store.
February 25, 2019: The exceptional weather pattern had residents of London in shorts.
February 25, 2019: Some areas might see above average temperatures while others see coolers than average.
February 23, 2019: A powerful storm will first send a surge of warm air with rain and the risk of flooding to the northeastern United States before high winds blast cold air back into the region.
February 21, 2019: Aboyne, Scotland, which is located farther north than Kodiak Island, Alaska, reached 65 degrees Thursday afternoon.
February 13, 2019: Smart mattress company Eight Sleep is announcing its newest product today, The Pod. Co-founder and CEO Matteo Franceschetti described it, succinctly, as “Nest for your bed.” Eight has been focused on bed temperature for a while, first by offering a smart mattress cover and then a smart mattress that allo...
February 13, 2019: It’s probably happened to you before. You’re deep into what was supposed to be a relaxing night of rest when suddenly you jolt awake because you’re either shivering or in a pool of sweat. Even worse is sharing a bed with someone who prefers a wildly different sleeping temperature. You know somebody...
February 12, 2019: Highlighting the state’s year of wild weather? A U.S. rainfall record, nearly 50 inches in 24 hours
February 8, 2019: Scientists use carbon nanotubes to create a material that's hip to hot and cold.
February 5, 2019: The Polar Vortex brought cold air to the U.S. and a surge in wind chill factor denial.
February 5, 2019: On the ninth anniversary of one of its all-time great snowstorms, Washington has set a record high temperature.
January 31, 2019: As the continental United States endures bitterly cold conditions you may find it surprising that 2019 has tallied a total of 33 hottest temperatures ever recorded and 0 coldest temperatures ever recorded.
January 26, 2019: If you think the cold across the Midwest and Northeast is bad now, just wait.
January 26, 2019: If you think the cold across the Midwest and Northeast is bad now, just wait.
January 24, 2019: With high temperatures also forecast for Victoria and NSW, there are warnings about potential power outages and blackouts, as well as total fire bans amid worsening weather. Follow developments live 3.51am GMT While the weather in South Australia will be hottest on Thursday, the heat is forecast to sweep through Vic...