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January 18, 2020: It has long been believed that 98.6 degrees fahrenheit is the normal human body temperature, but recent evidence coming out of the Stanford University School of Medicine (SUSM) challenges that assumption.
January 12, 2020: Pittsburgh broke a 130-year record for highest temperature on record for the date on Saturday.
January 10, 2020: The images themselves will take your breath away, but the science we can extract from them is truly revolutionary and spectacular.
January 9, 2020: The commonly used average human body temperature was calculated in 1851.
January 4, 2020: Mercury hits 43.6C in Canberra and 48.9C in Penrith, making it one of the hottest places in the worldCanberra and the outer western Sydney suburb of Penrith have broken temperature records that have stood for 80 years.The mercury climbed to 48.9C in Penrith and 43.6C in Canberra on Saturday afternoon, the hottest te...
December 29, 2019: Overnight figure of 16.8C recorded, with parts of England and Wales also unusually mildNorthern Scotland registered a “remarkable” overnight temperature of 16.8C (62.2F) in the early hours of Sunday – a record high for this time of year.North-eastern England and northern Wales were also unusually warm, with 13...
December 19, 2019: The nation endured its hottest-ever day on Tuesday, but that record was broken again on Wednesday.
December 19, 2019: Temperatures plummeted following dangerous snow squalls across portions of the Northeast on Wednesday, leaving much of the region shivering and some places registering lows in the teens and single digits. Residents of the Northeast awoke Thursday morning to a January-like chill and blustery conditions that contribut...
December 18, 2019: We’ve got some of the chilliest air yet this season to deal with.
December 18, 2019: Too many variables and a need to market merchandise makes tomfoolery out of discussions of wine temperatures.
December 10, 2019: Subzero cold is hitting the Upper Midwest while the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast await a 25-degree drop in temperatures Wednesday with rain changing to snow.
December 3, 2019: The past decade is almost certain to be the hottest on record, weather experts warned on Tuesday, painting a bleak picture of vanishing sea ice, devastating heatwaves and encroaching seas in a report launched at a climate summit in Spain.
November 26, 2019: Global temperatures could rise sharply this century with wide-ranging
November 16, 2019: A new study finds men tend to get their way in household temperature discussions while women must compromiseSign up for The week in patriarchy, a newsletter​ on feminism and sexism sent every Saturday. Continue reading...
November 15, 2019: It’s a temperature whiplash, from record cold this week, to mild weather today, then back into the freezer tomorrow as millions experience a temperature roller-coaster,
November 2, 2019: My partner and I argue over whether we should turn it up or just put on another jumperEvery week a Guardian Money reader submits a question, and it’s up to you to help him or her out – a selection of the best answers will appear in next Saturday’s paper.Our annual heating battle has begun. My partner sets the ...
November 1, 2019: The Mile-High City saw the extremes of all seasons, but got more than its fair share of winter during October.
October 31, 2019: One of the world’s most static technologies may be the humble mug, but startup Ember decided it was time for a change when they introduced their temperature-controlled smart mug to the market in 2016. Now, the company has launched its Ember Mug 2 – a follow-up that keeps the concept and design intact, but th...
October 16, 2019: A plan was announced on Wednesday by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to move the marathon and race-walking events at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo due to concerns of extreme heat.
October 15, 2019: Residents in a number of cities are paying the price for lingering high temperatures.
October 15, 2019: Mark Carney says capital markets are financing projects likely to fuel a catastrophic rise in global heatingThe governor of the Bank of England has warned that the global financial system is backing carbon-producing projects that will raise the temperature of the planet by over 4C – more than double the pledge to ...
October 15, 2019: Residents in a number of cities are paying the price for lingering high temperatures.
October 11, 2019: ThermArt uses A.I. and medical grade technology to analyze the human body within a second. Read more...More about Tech, Health, Mashable Video, Innovations, and Thermart
October 11, 2019: The 70-degree difference in temperatures was one of the largest drops in history
October 9, 2019: Nearly 400 all-time high temperature records were broken over the summer.