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July 10, 2020: In this week's issue of our environment newsletter, we look at how solar panels have evolved and examine how bears have adapted to their close proximity to people.
July 10, 2020: NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is set for a close flyby of Venus that will see the spacecraft come within 516 miles of the planet’s surface.
July 9, 2020: TL;DR: No outlet? No problem. Keep your phone powered up with this 4-panel foldable solar phone charger and 10,000mAh power bank for 4.99, a 20% savings as of July 9. As summer continues, there's no doubt you'll be spending more and more time in the great outdoors. I mean, where else are we supposed to go at this po...
July 8, 2020: Garmin has announced a fistful of new activity tracking watches with solar-charging screens.
July 8, 2020: A soccer game next to the Ravenswood Generating Station last Fall. CLARISA DIAZ, GOTHAMIST/WNYC Looming over a playground in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Queens stands the enormous Ravenswood Generating Station, the 23rd largest power plant in the country. Its functions are to operate as a fossil fueled peake...
July 8, 2020: RAVPower's power bank can be charged with wall power or solar, is rugged enough for a hiking trip and include an LED flashlight.
July 7, 2020: U.S. residential solar installer Sunrun said on Monday it will buy peer Vivint Solar for about .46 billion in an all-stock deal.
July 7, 2020: Tesla’s 2014 acquisition of SolarCity turned the electric vehicle manufacturer into the undisputed largest player in residential solar, but that lead has steadily eroded as its major competitor, Sunrun, surged ahead with more aggressive plans. Now with the .2 billion dollar acquisition of the residential solar...
July 7, 2020: Sunrun is acquiring Vivint in an all-stock deal, valued at .2 billion, leaving Tesla further behind as a provider of residential solar panels and batteries.
July 7, 2020: Sunrun’s nearly .5 billion all-stock acquisition of Vivint Solar, announced today and expected to close later this year, creates an undisputed king in the residential solar space.
July 3, 2020: NASA has created a stunning 61-minutes movie of a decade in the life of our Sun.
June 29, 2020: From the right place at the right time, it's a sight unlike any you'll find on Earth.
June 29, 2020: Combining two existing technologies, bifacial panels and dual axis tracking, will have significant economic and energy advantages.
June 28, 2020: Scientists think a planet larger than Earth lurks in the far reaches of the solar system. Now a new telescope could confirm their belief and change solar system scienceYou’d think that if you found the first evidence that a planet larger than the Earth was lurking unseen in the furthest reaches of our solar system...
June 24, 2020: Central banks say it is high time for central banks themselves to take action on climate change. So why have they poured so much money into fossil fuel companies as part of their responses to the economic crisis triggered by Covid-19?
June 23, 2020: Oh, I'm being followed by a moon shadow, moon shadow, moon shadow.
June 23, 2020: The Moon’s shadow was sighted from space during Sunday’s short annular solar eclipse.
June 23, 2020: It's like the Swiss Army knife of mobile chargers, and it's a crazy-good deal. Plus: Save 0 on the Ninja all-in-one countertop oven.
June 23, 2020: Tired of those boring Earth sunsets? NASA has the antidote: a new video simulation featuring sunsets from across the solar system.
June 22, 2020: A stunning annular eclipse swept across parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia Sunday and the cameras were clicking.
June 22, 2020: It was known as a ring
June 22, 2020: Oh, I'm being followed by a moon shadow, moon shadow, moon shadow.
June 22, 2020: Skywatchers in parts of the globe enjoyed a stunning partial solar eclipse over the weekend.
June 21, 2020: Solar eclipse photos and videos from Ethiopia, Oman, Pakistan, India, China and Taiwan as a ring
June 21, 2020: A stunning annular eclipse swept across parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia Sunday and the cameras were clicking.