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August 19, 2019: Jupiter's Great Red Spot has been around for longer, but Saturn's periodic storms are far larger.
August 19, 2019: Off-grid solar power is making a huge difference in emerging economies and especially those in Nigeria and the Ivory Coast. Investors are therefore enticed, meaning the renewables industry has a positive forecast on the continent.
August 17, 2019: A number of factors contributed to the Wattway's downfall, but mostly it was poor planning and rushed design.
August 17, 2019: Tesla has struggled so far to make residential solar power a reality, and company executives are no doubt hoping that a new Rent
August 15, 2019: The latest findings could help to explain some puzzling measurements collected by the Juno spacecraft, which is currently orbiting the planet.
August 14, 2019: Climate activist begins voyage from Plymouth to Trump’s US with father and two-man crewOn white-crested swells under leaden skies, the teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has set sail from Plymouth on arguably her most daunting challenge yet.A two-week crossing of the Atlantic during hurricane season in a sola...
August 14, 2019: Chemists at the University of Warwick have developed a better way to make patterned metals. The material innovation could make solar panels cheaper and more sustainable.
August 12, 2019: The shock was produced by streams of charged particles that are emitted from the sun, known as the solar wind.
August 10, 2019: The myth that global warming is explained by solar or cosmic activity has resurfaced. An actual climate scientist debunks it.
August 10, 2019: Bungie has a roadmap for the next two months of Destiny 2. Solar Week is not on it. What happened to it?
August 9, 2019: Under climate change, marine microbes may rely more on rhodopsins rather than chlorophyll to produce energy in nutrient poor regions of the ocean.
August 8, 2019: According to the study, if just 1 percent of the world's farmland were converted to solar panels, the power generated would be enough to meet global electricity demands.
August 8, 2019: The container-size home has a bathroom and expands via remote control.
August 8, 2019: Idaho-based Solar Roadways Inc. has developed solar panels that you can drive, park, and walk on. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Solar Energy, Solar Panels, Solar Roadways, and Future Blink
August 7, 2019: North Korean state agencies may have begun to use wind and solar energy to generate electricity for their offices.
August 3, 2019: Clean energy projects in the Central Valley could help California hit its climate change goals.
August 2, 2019: Scientists predict current solar cycle will come to an end in the first six months of 2020.
August 1, 2019: The spacecraft’s controllers on Earth succeeded in steering the spacecraft, demonstrating that mylar sails could be used for propulsion.
August 1, 2019: The Planetary Society says its Lightsail-2 spacecraft, launched on a SpaceX rocket last month, has successfully flown on sunlight in space and, for the first time, was able to perform controlled solar sailing.
August 1, 2019: CNBC found building permits that show Tesla plans renewed solar roof testing effort, this time at its car factory in Fremont, California.
July 31, 2019: In late June, I flew from New York to Buenos Aires on my first trip to South America. I was looking forward to visiting a new continent, seeing parts of Argentina and Chile, and having a chance to use my long-neglected Spanish in conversation. But the primary reason for my visit was to view the July 2 total solar ec...
July 30, 2019: It's always sunny in Wisconsin.
July 30, 2019: Messages appear to be a ruse to get people to sign up to unnecessary servicesWe have had solar panels on our roof for some years and all is working well. Last week we received a letter from the British Trading Solar Association warning us that the five-year warranty on our inverter was due to expire. It invited us t...
July 30, 2019: What causes the sun's 11-year cycle of sunspot activity? According to two new studies, it could be literal tsunamis of plasma.
July 30, 2019: The Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport has announced the completion of a solar farm that can power 100% of its daily energy needs. It's the first airport in America to do so.