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April 13, 2021: At the 2016 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, pilots André Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard speak about the future of clean technology and their record-setting flight around the world in the Solar Impluse -- a plane powered only by the sun.
April 13, 2021: Astronomers say they may have found a ninth planet in our solar system, much bigger than Earth. The Franklin Institute's chief astronomer Derrick Pitts joined CBSN with more.
April 9, 2021: Three years from today, on Monday, April 8, 2024, more than half a billion people across North America have the chance to see another Great American Solar Eclipse.
April 8, 2021: As solar stock Sunrun and Invesco's popular TAN solar ETF fall, two traders name their picks in the industry.
April 7, 2021: Welcome to Thanks, I Love It, our series highlighting something onscreen we're obsessed with this week.  Mike McMahan and Justin Roiland are sharing a private joke. Many of them, actually.  They don’t care if you get it. To the Solar Opposites creators (who also worked together on Rick and Morty), it...
April 7, 2021: With some simple math, you can estimate how long it will take to pay off the initial cost of your solar panels.
April 6, 2021: Three billion miles from earth, NASA's New Horizons probe just flew by Pluto. The journey to the farthest edge of our solar system took nearly a decade. CBS News science and futurist contributor Michio Kaku, who wrote in the Wall Street Journal about how this might save Earth, joins CBS
April 4, 2021: Solar Impulse 2 begins China-Hawaii portion of attempt to fly around the world without using any fossil fuel
April 1, 2021: Many people, President Obama included, are weighing in on Hillary Clinton's email controversy from her time as secretary of state, except Clinton herself; and, It's called the ELF, a solar-powered bike-car hybrid that's turning up in cities across the country. Costing ,500, the transportation requires no insurance o...
April 1, 2021: Two pilots are attempting a round-the-world flight in a Swiss-made plane with more than 17,000 solar cells built into the wing which transfers solar energy to motors to power the plane's propellers. Tina Kraus reports.
April 1, 2021: Time-lapse video shows a tiny satellite opening a huge sail that could carry it deep into space. Carried up on a conventional rocket, the satellite will eventually be powered only by sunlight hitting a Mylar sail. The spacecraft was not developed by NASA, but by a non-profit group of private citizens. John Blackston...
April 1, 2021: Jury members were allowed to view the boat where Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was eventually captured. The 21-year-old is on trial for his alleged role in the bombings of the 2013 Boston Marathon; and, time-lapse video shows a tiny satellite opening a huge sail that could carry it deep into space. Carried up on a conventional ...
April 1, 2021: Some people in Europe had a spectacular view this morning, if the clouds didn't get in the way. A total solar eclipse took place where the moon passed between sun and earth. But as Charlie D'Agata reports, some disappointed sun gazers in London saw only grey.
April 1, 2021: Sky gazers in northern Europe caught a fantastic view of a total solar eclipse on the morning of March 20, 2015.
April 1, 2021: In Britain, all eyes were up, fixed at the sky to observe a solar eclipse. Adults to schoolchildren gazed in wonder as the moon obscured part of the sun from Earth's view. Charlie D'Agata rounds up the best images of the spectacle.
April 1, 2021: The set-up will include 85 of Tesla's Megapacks.
April 1, 2021: Two weeks into a historic five-month, around-the-world-journey using nothing but the power of the sun, Solar Impulse 2 pilot Betrand Piccard tells CBS News how he and his copilot are proving the capabilities of renewable energy -- and proving the doubters wrong.
March 31, 2021: On the fifth anniversary of NASA's launch of the Solar Dynamics Observatory, the agency released a video of the observatory's most spectacular images of the sun.
March 30, 2021: India's new prime minister, Narendra Modi, has vowed to spend more on solar projects. But Seth Doane found that for now, coal is still the cheapest and most viable energy source.
March 30, 2021: TL;DR: Make parking a breeze with the myGEKOgear SOLARST Solar-Powered True Wireless Backup Camera, on sale for 13% off. As of March 30, get it for only 29.99. Whether you drive your mom’s hand-me-down station wagon from the '90s or you just so happened to purchase a brand-new car in 2016, right before backup ...
March 29, 2021: AccuWeather may receive a commission if you choose to purchase any of the products linked in this article. Prices are accurate at time of publish. Solar energy is an ever-expanding industry and only becoming more popular and revolutionized. Because the sun is a constant and sustainable energy source, it is a fantas...
March 29, 2021: The world has doubled its wind and solar energy generation in five years, but countries are refusing to let go of fossil fuels, presenting a serious threat to climate targets, a new report has revealed.
March 28, 2021: Who knew an animated series about misanthropic space aliens could feel so relevant? Mike McMahan and Justin Roiland explained ahead of Season 2 why it isn’t their fault.
March 27, 2021
March 26, 2021: A rare solar eclipse at sunset put on a dramatic show for much of the country yesterday afternoon. It was captured on video. Sharyn Alfonsi reports.