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April 18, 2019: Will see the light of day.
April 17, 2019: The development of a new type of solar evaporator promises to power a new generation of cheaper and more efficient small-scale desalination technology.
April 17, 2019: It could take humanity hundreds, if not thousands, of years to develop the capability to explore interstellar space. Until then, interstellar space can just come to us.
April 17, 2019: Floating solar projects are increasing in number, and size, with new applications continuing to spring up from mines to fish farms. You'd be brave to bet against it in 2019.
April 16, 2019: Avi Loeb, the Harvard professor behind the Oumuamua alien theory, has spotted an interstellar meteor hidden in plain sight in a NASA database.
April 12, 2019: At
April 11, 2019: Do high levels of UV radiation mean that the closest exoplanets to the solar system cannot sustain life? No, say researchers, who found that conditions on Proxima-b, TRAPPIST-1e, Ross-128b, and LHS-1140b are better than on the early Earth.
April 11, 2019: Counting down the weirdest spots in our cosmic backyard.
April 11, 2019: At
April 11, 2019: Solar Cycle 25 is set to begin between mid-2019 and late 2020.
April 10, 2019: The world was discovered more than a decade ago in the outer reaches of the solar system.
April 10, 2019: Gonggong, Holle or Vili?
April 10, 2019: Check out the companies making headlines midday Wednesday:
April 9, 2019: Scientists think that metallic asteroids began their lives as blobs of molten iron, floating in space.
April 8, 2019: Here are 10 of the best places to watch a 4-minute totality on April 8, 2024, five years from today, when a total solar eclipse will surge across Mexico, the US and Canada in 139 minutes across the homes of 30 million people.
April 8, 2019: Five years from today, a total solar eclipse will travel from Texas to Maine.
April 5, 2019: Two solar eclipses caused by the Martian moons Phobos and Deimos have been captured by NASA's Curiosity Mars rover, as well as a rare sunset
April 5, 2019: Friday: A new report from Sunrun makes the case for residential solar power; President Trump is set to visit California; and Gallo makes a big deal.
April 5, 2019: After two years of job losses in the solar industry, a California mandate is welcome and advocates are projecting demand to pick up.
April 5, 2019: Curiosity rover captured Martian moons Phobos and Deimos crossing the sun.
April 4, 2019: Astronomers found the remains of a dead planet orbiting a dead sun in a dead solar system. Happy spring!
April 4, 2019: One day our star will run out of fuel and start expanding, engulfing Mercury, Venus and Earth in the process.
April 4, 2019: The Curiosity rover watched the moons of Mars take bites out of the sun.
April 3, 2019: One small solar company in Washington State decided to approach the problematic business model of the solar industry by building a decentralizedservice platform in the otherwise centralized and old fashioned construction market - think the Uber of Solar.
March 31, 2019: Engineers at the University of Texas at San Antonio have developed an inexpensive thermal system to detect vehicles and improve the visibility of stop signs.