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January 17, 2020: Scientists have precisely pinpointed the explosive release of energy that powered a series of solar flares -- a first.
January 16, 2020: The rocky planets closest to the sun are made up of very different materials than the gas giants in the outer solar system. That's because billions of years ago, our baby solar system was divided in two by a cosmic gatekeeper that prevented materials in the inner and outer regions from mixing. 
January 16, 2020: The recognizable brand, with the colorful graphics depicting the most charismatic, fun-loving and friendly badgers, is committing to onsite renewable energy.
January 15, 2020: Every so often, the sun has an epic tantrum — and if Earth's in the way, bad things can happen.
January 13, 2020: Austria’s new government has promised a 1 million photovoltaic roofing program as part of its plan to achieve climate neutrality by 2040.
January 13, 2020: Migrating animals that live in Earth's oceans may have a closer relationship with the sun than we thought. New research shows that healthy gray whales are nearly five times more likely to strand when there is a high prevalence of sunspots, and therefore high levels of radio waves emitted from solar storms.
January 13, 2020: Energy and climate policy experts share their U.S. 2020 energy predictions: A solar surge, coal's crash, the gas exorcism, new clean energy incentives, and public mobilization.
January 13, 2020: New research suggests solar geoengineering, which involves reflecting sunlight to encourage cooling, can reduce economic inequality between countries.
January 11, 2020: California utility PG&E continues planned power outages to prevent its equipment from sparking wildfires. One Native tribe's solar-powered microgrid is proving to be a lifeline for rural communities.
January 11, 2020: Microsoft’s range of Surface devices primarily use the Surface Connect port for charging, with USB-C an alternative where available. But new documents show Microsoft working on an alternative option. Solar power.
January 10, 2020: The world's largest brewer, AB InBev, together with the German company specialized in the renewables sector BayWa r.e., announced a record corporate solar power deal on Thursday.
January 8, 2020: Normally 0, it's something every home (and survivalist) should have. And there's another option that's just 4.
January 6, 2020: Ring is slowly expanding to Philips Hue’s territory by releasing its first traditional connected lightbulb that works both indoor and outdoor. The Amazon-owned company is also revamping outdoor lights with new models that have a solar panel so that you don’t have to recharge the battery. While Ring is mostly kno...
January 2, 2020: A bonkers plot to move our Solar System using a giant device powered by the Sun has been cooked up by a top scientist.
January 1, 2020: A majority of Americans say they're interested in solar, but options vary widely depending on where you live.
December 30, 2019: A robust quality assurance regime should be developed that encompasses design, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance, and, eventually, disposal.
December 27, 2019: Break out the Johnny Cash and your best paper sunglasses for the final solar eclipse of the year, and the decade. An annular solar eclipse traveled over Indonesia and surrounding regions on Dec. 26, visible in areas stretching from Saudi Arabia to Guam.  The phenomenon is also known as a ring
December 27, 2019: The day after Christmas brought an annular eclipse to part of the eastern hemisphere, and you better believe the cameras came out to catch it.
December 27, 2019: A solar eclipse darkened skies across Asia on Dec. 26, creating a spectacular 'Ring of Fire'.
December 27, 2019: Some in Asia offered prayers and conducted cleansing or healing rituals during a rare solar eclipse.
December 27, 2019: NASA hopes to learn more about how dust clouds in our solar system may resemble those in orbit around other stars.
December 27, 2019: The final solar eclipse of the decade was visible across parts of Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa, and it created an unusual sight: a ring
December 27, 2019: An annular solar eclipse created a ring
December 26, 2019: In an annular eclipse the moon covers the centre of the Sun, giving the appearance of a bright ring.
December 26, 2019: Annular solar eclipse, in which the moon does not completely cover the sun as it transits across the star’s face, was seen from Asia to the Middle East Continue reading...