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January 21, 2021: Madrid had its highest 24-hour snowfall in 50 years, while Japan is hit by ‘sea-effect snow’ phenomenonLast week Storm Filomena blanketed Spain in exceptional amounts of snow. Madrid had its highest 24-hour snowfall in 50 years, with over 50cm (20in). While drier conditions dominated in subsequent days, it remai...
January 11, 2021: A winter storm unloaded more snow in Texas than some areas have received in decades at the end of the weekend, with wintry scenes reaching Louisiana and Mississippi by Sunday night. The snow, which AccuWeather meteorologists had correctly forecast since earlier last week, stretched all the way from the northernmost ...
January 11, 2021: Some parts of Texas experienced a rare heavy snowfall over the weekend as a winter storm swept through the region.
January 11, 2021: At least three people have died after Storm Filomena wreaked havoc across Spain and blanketed the capital in more than a foot and a half of snow, paralyzing it for days.
January 10, 2021: At least four deaths across the country are being blamed on Storm Filomena as the storm wrecked havoc after bringing historic snowfall to the peninsula into the weekend. Two of the deaths occurred in Fuengirola, located along the southern coast of Spain, when a car was swept away by floodwaters, according to the Gua...
January 9, 2021: More than half the country is on red alert with more snow expected to fall on Saturday.
January 9, 2021: Spain's Interior Minister has said the country was facing the
January 9, 2021: A foot of snow, the most since at least 1971, brings Spain’s capital city to a standstill.
January 9, 2021: After arriving during the middle of the week, Storm Filomena has made its presence felt in the Iberian Peninsula. The potent winter storm has filled the streets with floodwater in southern Spain while a decades old snowfall record was broken in the capitol city. As of Saturday morning, local time, widespread rainfal...
January 8, 2021: After arriving during the middle of the week, Storm Filomena has made its presence felt in the Iberian Peninsula. The potent winter storm has lashed coastal areas of Spain and Portugal with heavy windswept rain, while also causing travel headaches by unleashing heavy snow. As of Friday morning, local time, rainfall ...
January 5, 2021: An avalanche warning has been issued for parts of northern Utah following heavy snowfall.
December 27, 2020: Sunday
December 24, 2020: Motorists stranded and tens of thousands of homes without power after spectacular blizzard Japan suffered a spectacular blizzard late last week, during which 1,000 vehicles were trapped on a single highway for two days. More than 2 metres of snow fell over the city of Fujiwara over the course of three days, setting ...
December 18, 2020: Self-defence forces called out to provide food, blankets and fuel to motorists after sudden snowfallMore than 1,000 people in Japan were forced to spend the night in their cars on Thursday after record snowfall blanketed parts of the country.The first few motorists traveling on an expressway connecting Tokyo with Ni...
December 18, 2020: Cold temperatures helped boost the 'fluff factor' of the snow that greatly exceeded forecasts.
December 17, 2020: It's easy to wonder anecdotally if winters are warmer, milder, or otherwise being affected by climate change, but where in the United States has annual snowfall changed the most?
December 17, 2020: At a critical moment in the pandemic, a major storm brought heavy snow, freezing rain and fierce winds to the East Coast. Read storm updates here.
December 16, 2020
December 16, 2020: A major storm was sweeping through the Mid-Atlantic on its way to the Northeast, with heavy snow, freezing rain and strong winds.
December 15, 2020: All eyes are on the Northeast as a significant winter storm is going to develop and bring epic snowfall totals, possible blizzard conditions and ice from the Mid-Atlantic to New England.
December 6, 2020: Snowfall in the Great Smoky Mountains made for a “winter wonderland” drive through in Townsend, Tennessee.
November 11, 2020: In order to get an accurate snow measurement, measure the depth of the snow.
October 23, 2020: Hurricane Epsilon will continue to stir conditions along the east coast, but is tracking away from making landfall anywhere on the U.S.
September 27, 2020: Parts of Switzerland, Austria, and Germany were surprised by unseasonably early snowfall overnight, after a sharp drop in temperatures and heavy precipitation.
September 8, 2020: CBS News meteorologist and climate specialist Jeff Berardelli joins CBSN to discuss how climate change is factoring into wild weather in the Western U.S., including in Colorado, where snow is in the forecast just days after a record-breaking heat wave.