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December 13, 2019: The average of more than 750 predictions was for around 19 inches of snow.
December 11, 2019: Following the season’s most punishing cold yet, a couple of storms originating from western Canada will spread snow and cause slippery travel across parts of the northern Plains and parts Midwest into this weekend — and reinforcing cold will keep the region firmly in the icy grips of a winterlike pattern...
December 4, 2019: As the powerful winter storm leaves the Northeast, a new storm building off the West coast is expected to bring heavy rain and mountain snow in California and New Mexico.
December 3, 2019: As heavy snow begins to slow down Tuesday morning, parts of the Northeast will be waking up to dangerous morning commute conditions as freezing rain, ice and slush take over.
December 3, 2019: Another round of snow is forecast to hit parts of New England on Friday.
December 2, 2019: More than 50 million Americans are in the path of the latest stormy weather after heavy snow and freezing rain slammed parts of the country for days over the holiday weekend. Winter storm alerts stretch across 15 states. Don Dahler reports.
December 2, 2019: Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency for New York and deployed National Guard members to help with snow removal.
November 27, 2019: Strong winds and rapidly falling snow on Tuesday became problematic for early holiday travelers in Washington after at least 60 cars were involved in a massive pileup that sent several people to the hospital. 
November 26, 2019: Avid skiers and snowboarders in the Northeast will be giving thanks this Thanksgiving for the frigid start to November. Many ski resorts in the East set the Thanksgiving holiday weekend as a targeted opening date for the new season, but this year a number of resorts were able to open as much as two weeks...
November 18, 2019: Temperatures are expected to soar into the 90s but dip Tuesday as a storm arrives. The rain won't be enough to erase the fire danger, forecasters say.
November 13, 2019: The
November 13, 2019: Winter is coming, but Camille Kostek isn’t having it.
November 5, 2019: The official start of winter may be more than a month away, but an early preview is on the way for later this week in parts of the Midwest and Northeast.
November 1, 2019: A classic strong fall storm is moving through the Northeast U.S. this morning -- the same storm that brought snow to the Midwest on Halloween.
October 31, 2019: A winterlike storm continued to unload snow over the Midwest on Thursday, making Halloween feel more like Christmas in many areas and leading to a 96-year-old snowfall record being shattered in Chicago. The same storm system that brought snow and cold to the Rockies earlier this week tracked across the central Unite...
October 31, 2019: A big chill is blowing across several states. A storm dropped more than an inch of snow on Chicago, breaking a record and there's more to come. WCBS chief weathercaster Lonnie Quinn is tracking the forecast.
October 16, 2019: An extreme snowfall event last year in northeast Greenland resulted in a major reproductive failure, scientists claim.
October 16, 2019: Last winter, the Arctic region was buried by extreme snowfall, and new research suggests the deep drifts thwarted the reproductive success of plants and animals in northeast Greenland.
October 15, 2019: Although poor reproduction rates have been known to affect individual species in the past, this is the first time such low reproductive rates have been seen at every stage of the ecosystem.
October 11, 2019: Blizzard conditions shuttered roads and schools in parts of North Dakota on Friday, as temperatures plummeted across the region.
October 10, 2019: An intense and potentially historic fall snowstorm is expected to dump feet of snow starting Wednesday across portions of the north-central United States.
September 29, 2019: Slippery roads and continued heavy snowfall have contributed to a number of collisions on Calgary roadways, police say, but the reported figure is fairly typical after a major snowfall.
September 29, 2019: That
September 29, 2019: Montana's governor declared a winter
September 28, 2019: It may be September but a major winter storm is expected to hit the northern Rockies with heavy snow, high winds and even blizzard conditions. The storm is expected to be a historic one, potentially bringing daytime temperatures more than 30 degrees below seasonal averages. Meteorologist Jeff Berardelli reports.