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March 23, 2020: Saudi and UAE companies have emerged as the early winners as the central Asian republic prepares to develop 5GW of solar power and 3GW of wind power by 2030
March 13, 2020: Development is underway on an important innovation, the first utility-scale implementation of renewable hydrogen for energy storage, industrial and transportation applications.
March 13, 2020: Dependence on oil has left nations more exposed to global crises like coronavirus, and countries should look to renewable energy to help safeguard their economies, a leading financial economist has said.
March 5, 2020: Johnson will expand Uncharted Power's energy programs to U.S. communities while helping the company establish new partnerships.
March 5, 2020: LastTissue combines the effectiveness of a tissue pack and handkerchief. Read more...More about Health, Mashable Video, Cold And Flu, Zero Waste, and Future Blink
February 27, 2020: Wind power installations have picked up over the last ten years.
February 25, 2020: The Virtus Reaves Utilities ETF is the only actively managed ETF covering the utilities sector. As the broader market gave up its gains for the year, the ETF was up 6.12% at Monday's close.
February 21, 2020: Even if you’re not personally sold on the idea of sustainability and “green energy,” you must acknowledge that this is the direction the world is headed in. Rather than fight it, we’ve made the decision to follow the money.
February 18, 2020: Government pledges to spend £20m turning canals, mines and rail lines into heat sourcesThe canals of the West Midlands may seem an unlikely source of warmth, but these waterways could soon be used to heat hospitals and tower blocks under a plan to harness Britain’s hidden heating sources.The government has promis...
February 18, 2020: 2020 has been busy for North American sustainability-linked loans with many firsts. The momentum is noteworthy because sustainability-linked debt—which links the borrower’s achievement of predetermined sustainability performance targets to the financing rate—has the potential to scale sustainability
February 18, 2020: Wholesale political shifts have historically posed great risks for utilities. But despite early concerns, long-term favorite Dominion Energy is apparently faring quite well under the new regime scoring big wins for its rapid development of renewable energy.
February 13, 2020: Unlike conservative resistance to alternative sources in the U.S., German activists are aren’t against wind energy in principle, but in practice.
February 6, 2020: The cost to produce and distribute hydrogen from clean energy sources will fall by as much as 50% over the next decade. To do so, investment must pour in while the production of electrolyzers must scale up.
February 5, 2020: The floodgates are open once again for capital investing in renewable energy projects and technology. Generate Capital, the renewable energy infrastructure investor, has raised more than billion for new projects from a group of investors focused on infrastructure — including AustralianSuper, QIC, Railways Pen...
February 5, 2020: A wind turbine’s blades can be longer than a 747 wing, so at the end of their lifespan they can’t just be hauled away. First, you need to saw through the lissome fiberglass using a diamond-encrusted industrial saw to create three pieces small enough to be strapped to a tractor-trailer. The municipal landfill in ...
January 30, 2020: Two weeks ago, the island of Lanai in Hawaii announced that it had entered into discussions with Hawaiian Electric Co., a company owned by Mr. Ellison, to sell to his company the island’s power plant and energy grid.
January 28, 2020: Amount of clean energy bought by companies triples in two years, with Google biggest buyerThe world’s biggest tech companies sparked a record surge in the amount of renewable energy sold directly to global corporations last year, according to new figures.The amount of clean energy from renewable energy developers ...
January 23, 2020: Until recently Mexico stood out within Latin America as a top potential producer of wind and solar energy. Now the sector must confront a president who is indifferent and maybe even hostile towards renewable energy investment.
January 21, 2020: If falling prices have made renewable energy unstoppable in the U.S., what does that mean for utilities? If the question is determined by smart policy, the answer may be financial opportunity.
January 21, 2020: This move will transition all of the group's spirits and wine brands, including Chivas Regal, Havana Club, Jameson, Martell Cognac, Jacob's Creek, Mumm, Perrier-Jouët and others, to operate on solely renewable energy in production sites and offices.
January 14, 2020: Despite the recent removal of renewable subsidies, solar and wind will not be ready to go it alone until generation projects begin to include storage capacity.
January 9, 2020: The conclusion? Companies like Alibaba and Tencent are taking steps in clean energy, but they need to do a lot more.
January 5, 2020: Japan aims to power region, scene of 2011 meltdown, with 100% renewable energy by 2040Fukushima is planning to transform itself into a renewable energy hub, almost eight years after it became the scene of the world’s worst nuclear accident for a quarter of a century.The prefecture in north-east Japan will forever ...
December 13, 2019: Near Morocco's sunny Atlantic coast, the tiny community of Id Mjahdi is being touted as Africa's first completely solar-powered village.
December 12, 2019: Lithium-ion batteries have long been seen as the answer to overcoming the intermittency issues associated with renewables, but there are other options. This article looks at some alternative storage solutions, which could help smooth out discrepancies in the supply and demand of clean energy.