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January 18, 2020: 2019 was a record year for global warming. But the record-breaking heat is even worse for the world’s ocean.
January 18, 2020: As kelp forests off America's West Coast are being decimated by voracious urchins, threatening other species' survival, a unique partnership between scientists and a seafood company hopes to turn a menace into a delicacy
January 17, 2020: If the Tesla Model 3 trajectory is any indicator, Fisker Ocean reservation holders will need to give the dream of a 7,499 electric SUV (complete with all the bells and whistles) a few more years. Before the Model 3 successfully made it to more than 220,000 owners last year, Tesla struggled to hit even 2,000 cars pro...
January 16, 2020: The mother of two young children who drowned off the Oregon coast when a rogue wave swept them into the Pacific Ocean has posted a statement on social media thanking supporters for their prayers and messages
January 16, 2020: Thousands of bodies washed up on North America’s Pacific coastStudy finds common murres probably died of starvationA million seabirds died in less than a year as a result of a giant “blob” of hot ocean water off the coast of New Zealand, according to new research.A study released by the University of Washingto...
January 15, 2020: Until now, there's been little evidence our evolutionary relatives could swim.
January 14, 2020: SoulBuffalo Announces the Ocean Plastics Leadership Network, a Community to Advance Scientific Breakthroughs, Product and Process Innovation, and New Business Models to the Ocean Plastics Crisis Network enables the world’s most committed corporations and NGOs to share innovation and best practic...
January 14, 2020: That's 300 horsepower with optional four-wheel drive, however.
January 14, 2020: According to the authors of a new study, Earth's oceans provide the best measures climate change. The latest research suggests Earth's oceans have never been hotter, at least not in modern history.
January 13, 2020: The experiment also led to the team discovering a new species of worm.
January 13, 2020: Mother
January 13, 2020: Oceans are clearest measure of climate crisis as they absorb 90% of heat trapped by greenhouse gasesThe heat in the world’s oceans reached a new record level in 2019, showing “irrefutable and accelerating” heating of the planet.The world’s oceans are the clearest measure of the climate emergency because they...
January 13, 2020: A new analysis found 2019 was the hottest for the world's oceans. The five hottest years have also be in the past five years. 
January 10, 2020: For a country entirely surrounded by water, the question remains: what do the Australian bushfires mean for the ocean?
January 9, 2020: For the first time, an underwater robot has autonomously collected an ocean sample, according to scientists with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
January 8, 2020: There are plenty yet unanswered questions, but if Fisker can deliver on its low price tag and projected performance, the Ocean electric SUV may be a compelling Tesla alternative for frugal EV enthusiasts.
January 7, 2020: The U.S. Air Force is deploying six B-52 bombers to Diego Garcia, an island base in the Indian Ocean, amid the rising threat from Iran to retaliate after a U.S.-led airstrike killed  Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani. 
January 7, 2020: We finally got a close look at the Fisker Ocean, the electric SUV that could give Tesla some competition. The company let reporters see a prototype Monday at CES in Las Vegas.   It features something called California mode, recycled materials, a solar roof, and up to 300 miles of range on a single battery charg...
January 7, 2020: The plumes are in the process of circumnavigating the planet, according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
January 7, 2020: Making its debut at CES 2020, the Fisker Ocean SUV will cost 7,499 before the available tax credit, or you can lease it for 79 per month.
January 7, 2020: From a solar roof to the California
January 6, 2020: Thanks to a survey of seismic activity in the Indian Ocean, scientists have described the drainage of one of the deepest and largest known active magma reservoirs in the upper mantle.
January 6, 2020: Still a couple of years away.
January 5, 2020: Investigators said the incident took place close to Cull Island near West Beach in the Shire of Esperance in Australia. Rescue officials said they are still
January 5, 2020: For reasons ranging from climate change to protected zones, fisherfolk who go out in a small boat and use a rod are having a difficult time coming up with a good catch nowadays.