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June 17, 2019: The federal agency is calling on property owners to volunteer space where a mounting toll of whales can decompose.
June 15, 2019: NOAA prompted the declaration of an unusual
June 15, 2019: NOAA prompted the declaration of an unusual
June 12, 2019: Scientists estimate that the dead zone could grow to around 7,829 square miles—or about the same size as the state of Massachusetts.
June 1, 2019: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Friday it is launching an investigation into the high number of gray whale deaths reported on the West Coast this year to determine whether environmental, human or disease-related causes are to blame. The investigation was triggered by NOAA’s...
May 23, 2019: Government agencies are at an impasse on how to proceed.
May 23, 2019: Conditions in the sea and atmosphere are most likely to produce a near-normal Atlantic hurricane season this year, according to NOAA.
May 23, 2019: The Atlantic hurricane season is expected to be close to normal this year but it only takes one storm to devastate a community, government forecasters said Thursday.
May 23, 2019: The agency warned that just one storm could have devastating impacts for coastal and nearby inland communities.
May 22, 2019: An NOAA official told congressional lawmakers that 5G technology could impact weather forecasting. CBS News weather producer David Parkinson joined CBSN AM to discuss how.
May 1, 2019: Barry Lee Myers is the wrong person to lead the nation’s premier weather and ocean science agency.
April 19, 2019: With winds of 160 mph, the October hurricane was the strongest on record to make landfall on the Florida Panhandle, where communities are still trying to recover. NOAA upgraded it from a Category 4.
April 14, 2019: Former AccuWeather CEO Barry Myers was already under fire for conflicts of interest linked to NOAA position.
March 24, 2019: While floodwaters may have receded in parts of the Midwest that have been inundated since the bomb
March 21, 2019: Warmer temperatures, more rain than normal and snowmelt are expected to contribute to widespread flooding across most of the country.
March 21, 2019: The disastrous flood season is predicted to expand and grow more severe.
March 1, 2019: The conditions are perfect for above-average precipitation in some places.
February 26, 2019: The launch of the new model has been paused, and Neil Jacobs, an atmospheric scientist, is now running the agency.
February 15, 2019: In 1962, US government scientists at a lab in Galveston, Texas wrote messages in bottles and deployed 7,863 of them into the sea. This week, about 56 years later, a couple combing the beach more than 200 miles away picked one up.
February 13, 2019: A top democratic House lawmaker is calling on a Trump nominee to be removed from consideration after reports that he was involved in a discrimination and sexual harassment settlement at his former company.Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz...
February 6, 2019: The U.S. suffered 14 weather and climate disasters with costs surpassing billion during a warmer and wetter-than-average year, NOAA says.
February 6, 2019: Last year was the fourth-hottest on record by average temperature, according to new reports from NASA and the NOAA.Only 2015, 2016 and 2017 were hotter than 2018 in terms of average temperature, the organizations said, according...
February 6, 2019: A new report from the agencies has the latest details on climate change.
February 6, 2019: Scientists from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have declared 2018 the fourth warmest year on record. It ranks behind 2016, 2017 and 2015, respectively. And it's only going to get warmer from here, they predict.
February 6, 2019: Fully fund NOAA, and spare employees the stress and anxiety of another shutdown.