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April 16, 2019: A meteorologist in Atlanta said she received death threats from viewers for interrupting the Masters tournament that featured the historic and improbable win by Tiger Woods.
April 16, 2019: An Atlanta meteorologist went on air to address alleged death threats she received after her news station broke into coverage of the 2019 Masters Tournament.
April 16, 2019: This broadcaster provided alerts about a tornado warning in her station's viewing area during the final round of the Masters -- and her response to the backlash speaks for meteorologists everywhere.
April 15, 2019: Birmingham meteorologist James Spann tactfully urged his viewers to acquire this basic skill.
April 2, 2019: Becky Ditchfield is not the first TV meteorologist to stand up to hurtful trolls, but her response has gone viral -- and drawn an outpouring of support
March 13, 2019: Her arrival was a groundbreaking moment at AccuWeather, and she left a lasting imprint on coworkers and clients. Here's her amazing story.
March 7, 2019: Her arrival was a groundbreaking moment in one of the nation's largest TV markets, and in retrospect, her impact on local TV has been pivotal.
February 28, 2019: Meteorologist Jessica Starr reportedly didn’t suffer from depression or take antidepressants before undergoing an eye surgery and ultimately committing suicide late last year, according to her husband.
February 28, 2019: The untimely death of Jessica Starr last December broke the hearts of viewers in Detroit and sent shockwaves through the TV meteorology world.
February 27, 2019: Many meteorologists fell in love with weather at K-6 school levels. Teachers deserve thanks for the initial steps.
February 25, 2019: She
February 8, 2019: Four tornadoes touched down in Tennessee on Thursday, prompting television stations in Nashville to go wall-to-wall with storm coverage. Following the severe weather warnings, a TV meteorologist received harsh backlash as a result of the interruptions.
January 16, 2019: A candid conversation with meteorologist Jeremy Kappell exposes hard realities about race.
January 11, 2019: “All we’re doing is moving people around on the board because they’ll leave there and go to another place and potentially do the same exact thing,” Dr. Bernice King said.
January 10, 2019: NBC weatherman and personality Al Roker tweeted in defense of Jeremy Kappell who was fired from his job at WHEC after he allegedly used a racial slur on air Friday.
January 10, 2019: New York TV station fired Jeremy Kappell after he apparently uttered racial slur on air
January 8, 2019: A television station in Rochester, New York, fired a meteorologist Sunday after he used a racial slur on air.
January 8, 2019: Jeremy Kappell apparently called a park named for the slain civil rights leader Martin
January 8, 2019: A television station in Rochester, New York, fired a meteorologist Sunday after he used a racial slur on air.
January 8, 2019: Jeremy Kappell apologized for what some TV viewers heard.
January 8, 2019: A TV meteorologist in Rochester, New York was fired after being accused of using an on-air racial slur in reference to Martin Luther King Jr. However, WHEC chief meteorologist Jeremy Kappell says he simply jumbled his words during Friday's broadcast.
January 8, 2019: Jeremy Kappell said his on-air flub was a simple
January 7, 2019: A Rochester, N.Y., meteorologist was fired after allegedly using a racial slur on air Friday — an allegation he vehemently denied.
December 31, 2018: AccuWeather Extreme Meteorologist Reed Timmer recounts some of the year's most exciting chases and what it was like to experience the storms firsthand.
December 24, 2018: We’ve waited too long to act. Now our vulnerabilities are no longer calculated in generations or decades, but years.