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June 14, 2019: While severe weather caused grave results around the world this past week, it was a non-severe weather moment that went most viral among weather happenings.
June 13, 2019: Within a week of making some unscripted remarks during a live weathercast -- and despite an avalanche of support from viewers -- Joe Crain was fired by a local TV station in Illinois.
June 13, 2019: But Joe Crain, the rebellious weatherman in Springfield, Ill., has many people fighting for him.
June 12, 2019: There's been nothing but radio silence from the popular TV meteorologist following his on-air comments -- but his devoted viewers have a lot to say.
June 12, 2019: There's been nothing but radio silence from Joe Crain following his on-air comments, but his devoted viewers have been anything but quiet.
June 7, 2019: Meteorologists at local stations under Sinclair’s auspices are encouraged — or at times, forced — into declaring code red days, the decision often made by management. During Wednesday’s broadcast, Joe Crain had had enough.
June 1, 2019: With new technology, scientists may now be able to see inside the power of tornadoes
May 29, 2019: Social media users rallied around Jamie Simpson of FOX 45 in Ohio after he chastised Bachelorette fans.
May 28, 2019: Reality TV fans fumed that their show was interrupted for a severe weather update on Monday night, sparking an on-air rant from a local meteorologist.
May 28, 2019: An Ohio meteorologist blasted fans of The
May 24, 2019: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, took to social media on Thursday during a tornado warning in Washington, D.C. and swiftly tried to connect it to climate change -- prompting one meteorologist to call her out for not knowing the
May 3, 2019: With more than 10,000 meteorologists here in the U.S. working in a variety of media, government and private sector roles, there are a select number of them that have been recognized as Certified Consulting Meteorologists (CCMs) for their technical competence, character, and experience.
April 30, 2019: In the wake of John Singleton's death, an atmospheric scientist reflects on his hypertension and why ignoring health warnings is denialism.
April 22, 2019: On the heels of Jenna Bush Hager’s pregnancy announcement, “Today” show meteorologist Dylan Dreyer revealed on Monday that she suffered a miscarriage after struggling to get pregnant with her second child.
April 16, 2019: A meteorologist in Atlanta said she received death threats from viewers for interrupting the Masters tournament that featured the historic and improbable win by Tiger Woods.
April 16, 2019: An Atlanta meteorologist went on air to address alleged death threats she received after her news station broke into coverage of the 2019 Masters Tournament.
April 16, 2019: This broadcaster provided alerts about a tornado warning in her station's viewing area during the final round of the Masters -- and her response to the backlash speaks for meteorologists everywhere.
April 15, 2019: Birmingham meteorologist James Spann tactfully urged his viewers to acquire this basic skill.
April 2, 2019: Becky Ditchfield is not the first TV meteorologist to stand up to hurtful trolls, but her response has gone viral -- and drawn an outpouring of support
March 13, 2019: Her arrival was a groundbreaking moment at AccuWeather, and she left a lasting imprint on coworkers and clients. Here's her amazing story.
March 7, 2019: Her arrival was a groundbreaking moment in one of the nation's largest TV markets, and in retrospect, her impact on local TV has been pivotal.
February 28, 2019: Meteorologist Jessica Starr reportedly didn’t suffer from depression or take antidepressants before undergoing an eye surgery and ultimately committing suicide late last year, according to her husband.
February 28, 2019: The untimely death of Jessica Starr last December broke the hearts of viewers in Detroit and sent shockwaves through the TV meteorology world.
February 27, 2019: Many meteorologists fell in love with weather at K-6 school levels. Teachers deserve thanks for the initial steps.
February 25, 2019: She