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April 14, 2021: CBS News projects that Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton wins Saturday's South Carolina primary. Exit polls show her winning in major demographics including black voters and women.
April 11, 2021: For the last week, seven property owners in Oregon have watched the land slide away near their homes. What started as a crack caved into a crater. David Begnaud reports on the perilous situation.
April 7, 2021: Three people are missing in Alaska after at least six damaging landslides tore through the small city of Sitka. Trees and mud swept away several homes Tuesday after heavy rains. The city's fire marshal is among the missing. Heather Hintze of CBS Anchorage affiliate KTVA reports.
April 1, 2021: Residents in central Washington state town of Des Moines have been evacuated from three homes because of a landslide. The homes in Des Moines are on top of a cliff, which collapsed down to a state park beach. The people living in the homes were told to grab their belongings and evacuate quickly. Vinita Nair reports.
March 24, 2021: For the first time in Fairmount Memorial Park's 126-year history, an edge gave way creating a mini landslide that caused a casket to slide 12 feet down a hill. KREM's Jenica Villamor reports from Spokane, Washington.
March 23, 2021: Search and rescue personnel believe they have located the last missing person from March 22 landslide that killed 34 people near Oso, Washington.
March 23, 2021: Heavy rain triggered a massive landslide in a north Salt Lake City Tuesday. Twenty-seven homes were evacuated. Norah O'Donnell reports.
March 20, 2021: A slow-moving landslide is threatening to rupture a water main in the resort town of Jackson, Wyo. Gayle King reports.
March 20, 2021: One month after a deadly landslide buried a community in Washington state, President Barack Obama got a firsthand look at the devastation and met with survivors and emergency workers still searching for bodies. Teri Okita reports.
March 20, 2021: A landslide in a remote mountainous area in northeastern Afghanistan buried the village of Hobo Barik, killing hundreds, according to the United Nations.
March 20, 2021: More than 200 people were killed in a massive landslide in Afghanistan, but that number is expected to reach more than 2,000. Heavy rain triggered the landslide and there are fears another section of the mountain could collapse. Vinita Nair reports.
March 20, 2021: A massive wall of mud and rocks slammed into a remote village in Afghanistan Friday. Up to 2,700 people may have been killed, but the death toll remains unclear. Charlie Rose reports.
March 19, 2021: A landslide was caught on tape in the same area of Washington state where a previous slide killed at least 34 people.
March 19, 2021: A slow-motion landslide in Jackson, Wyoming, has split a home in half and forced dozens to evacuate. The landslide continues to creep toward the resort town that has now become a tourist attraction. Vinita Nair reports.
February 25, 2021: Hundreds of coffins and two chapels fell into the sea after a landslide caused a portion of a cliffside cemetery in northwestern Italy to collapse earlier this week. Workers captured footage of the walls of the traditional Italian cemetery cracking before falling over the cliffs of Camogli, a fishing village near Ge...
February 24, 2021: He
February 24, 2021: Video shows the search for coffins that tumbled into the sea from a cliff-side cemetery in Genoa.
February 24, 2021: Scuba divers are working to retrieve coffins from the sea, but many more are buried under the debris of the landslide.
February 23, 2021: Distraught family members were horrified to learn that their loved ones' remains could have plunged 160ft into the sea after the cliff-top cemetery collapsed on Monday.
February 14, 2021: Residents in northeastern Japan on Sunday cleaned up clutter and debris in stores and homes after a strong earthquake set off a landslide on a highway, damaged buildings and parts of bullet train lines and caused power blackouts for thousands of people.
February 13, 2021: A 7.1-magnitute earthquake occurred off the eastern coast of Tohoku, Japan, at 11:07 p.m., local time, shaking portions of northern and central Japan. At least 30 injuries have been reported following the earthquake. The magnitude of the quake may be adjusted as officials continue to investigate the event. The epice...
January 31, 2021: During his final speech as president, Trump promised he'd be
January 24, 2021: Oregon sheriff’s deputies recovered the body of a 50-year-old woman a little more than a week after her car was caught in a landslide, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department confirmed Saturday.
January 24, 2021: The body of a woman who went missing for 10 days when her car was suddenly swept away in a mudslide has been discovered under 15 feet of mud, rock and logs.
January 10, 2021: Two landslides hit the same village in Indonesia within hours, leaving emergency teams trapped.