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December 13, 2019: American political pundits offered their initial reactions to news that it appears UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party is on course for a landslide victory in the country's general election.
December 13, 2019: Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party was on course for a resounding victory in Britain's election after voters backed his bid to deliver Brexit on Jan. 31, the country's most significant geopolitical move in 70 years.
December 13, 2019: The result of the election will have a decisive effect on the direction that Brexit takes.
December 13, 2019: L-word is widely displayed as the UK front pages respond to the Tories’ projected victoryThe exit polls and declared constituencies make it clear that Tory MPs will comprise the many and Labour will be the few in the next parliament. Here is how the papers cover it this morning.“Labour in meltdown as Johnson sei...
December 13, 2019: Johnson’s gamble on a ‘Brexit election’ paid off, with big gains in Labour’s leave-voting heartlandsGeneral election results and reaction - live newsThe Conservative party gained 66 seats to secure its biggest majority since Margaret Thatcher’s 1987 victory. Boris Johnson’s party cemented its lead in man...
December 13, 2019: CNBC takes a look at headline reaction to the U.K.'s general election results.
December 13, 2019: SNP leader and Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says U.K. leader Boris Johnson has no mandate to take Scotland out of the EU.
December 13, 2019: Boris Johnson's Conservatives won a huge majority in UK election.
December 13, 2019: Bloc calls for swift ratification of withdrawal agreement following UK election resultElection reaction – live updatesEU leaders have expressed cautious confidence that Boris Johnson will pivot to back a close economic relationship with the bloc and called for swift ratification of the withdrawal agreement after t...
December 13, 2019: British business has reacted positively to the news that Boris Johnson’s Conservative party won a convincing majority in the U. K. this morning.
December 13, 2019: Boris Johnson's Conservatives won a huge majority in UK election, which will significantly impact Brexit, US relations and Scottish independence.
December 13, 2019: Voters in the United Kingdom handed a big victory to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party. Johnson says the election results are an irrefutable mandate in support of Brexit. CBS News correspondent Ian Lee joined CBSN with more on the historic election.
December 13, 2019: On Thursday night, British voters broke the deadlock that had seized the country and paralyzed its planned exit from the European Union -- handing a landslide to Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his plan to get
December 13, 2019: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has secured another term in office after a historic election. The result allows the ruling Conservatives to try and finish Brexit after three and a half years of uncertainty. CBS News senior foreign correspondent Mark Phillips joined CBSN from London to discuss.
December 12, 2019: Exit polls, first results and the biggest winners and losers after Britain votes in the ‘most important poll in a generation’As they happen: full election results trackerHour-by-hour guide to election nightA to Z of election night jargon 10.34pm GMT We reported just now that Michael Gove was dismissing suggestio...
December 12, 2019: Polls have closed, and the usually reliable exit poll predicts a Conservative majority of around 80 seats, with Labour losing about 70. Find out what’s happening in every constituency as the official results are announced.General election 2019 – live newsSupport the Guardian Continue reading...
November 29, 2019: Scientists fear that some Fraser River salmon populations could be wiped out completely following a landslide that has blocked part of the critical B.C. migration route for the last year.
November 26, 2019: Major news outlets in China have largely avoided detailed reporting of district council election results in Hong Kong, where pro-democracy candidates scored a landslide victory that some say amounted to support for anti-government protests.
November 25, 2019: Hong Kong's democrats romped to a landslide and symbolic majority in district council elections after residents turned out in record numbers on Sunday to vote following six months of anti-government protests in the embattled city.
November 25, 2019: Almost three million people voted, a record turnout of more than 71% that appeared to have been spurred by the city's turmoil.
November 25, 2019: Democratic candidates secured more than half of the 452 district council seats for the first time.
November 25, 2019: Hong Kong voters came out in record numbers and sent a stunning rebuke to the city's government, with results coming in on Monday showing that pro-democracy candidates won over 85 percent of the seats up for grabs in Dis
November 25, 2019: Hong Kong's democrats scored a landslide majority in district council elections, which saw a record turnout after six months of anti-government protests, increasing pressure on the city's embattled leader on Monday to listen to pro-democracy calls.
November 25, 2019: Hong Kong's democrats scored a landslide majority in district council elections, which saw a record turnout after six months of anti-government protests, increasing pressure on the Chinese-ruled city's leader on Monday to listen to calls for democracy.
November 25, 2019: Turnout soars to record 71% of registered voters after six months of often violent protests against Beijing's impact on the Chinese territory's government