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June 19, 2019: Despite recent polls pointing to a tough re-election battle, Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale believes an electoral
June 18, 2019: CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett interviews President Trump's campaign manager, Brad Parscale
June 18, 2019: President Trump's campaign manager, Brad Parscale, cast doubt on recent polls and predicted the president would win in an electoral
June 15, 2019: A landslide sweeps across a road in China's Fujian province, in the south-east, pushing cars before it. Days of rain have caused havoc, affecting hundreds of thousands of people and submerging vast swathes of farmland. More than 60 people are feared dead. Continue reading...
June 14, 2019: A landslide has hit southeast China following days of heavy rain and flooding that has killed over 60 people.
June 14, 2019: A landslide in southern China was caught on camera as it barreled into cars near a market. One person died after being dug out of the debris.
June 12, 2019: A new national poll shows President Trump trailing each of six Democratic candidates in potential head-to-head contests. The Democrats' lead ranges from five points for Cory Booker and Pete Buttigieg to 13 points for Joe Biden. The poll calls Biden's 53 to 40 advantage a landslide proportion. The president and forme...
June 12, 2019: A new national poll from Quinnipiac University shows President Trump trailing each of six Democratic candidates in potential head-to-head contests
June 12, 2019: Former Vice President has a double-digit lead over the president according to latest Quinnipiac University poll as the two spar in Iowa.
May 30, 2019: Thousands are attending the ceremony in central Delhi, including Bollywood stars and regional leaders.
May 25, 2019: For the first time since a landslide changed Washington's Whidbey Island shoreline, Gov. Jay Inslee toured the site and said the state will find some solutions. KIRO's Deborah Horne reports.
May 24, 2019: The Hindu nationalist BJP's divisive campaign worked.
May 23, 2019: The hugely popular BJP Hindu nationalist leader expected to have brushed aside economic woes to claim another term India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, is on track for a historic landslide election victory that would cement the Hindu nationalist leader as the country’s most formidable politician in decades.Mod...
May 23, 2019: The prime minister's BJP party has secured another five-year term with a commanding majority.
May 23, 2019: With a commanding lead, the prime minister and his party are set to expand their majority. “India wins yet again!” he posted on Twitter.
May 23, 2019: Narendra Modi has won another five-year term as India's prime minister after election results showed a landslide victory Thursday.
May 23, 2019: Party leader’s north Indian constituency was bastion of support for his famous familyAs India’s opposition Congress party went down to a landslide defeat on Thursday, its leader, Rahul Gandhi, was also convincingly beaten in his own parliamentary seat – a north Indian constituency that had sent three of his fa...
May 23, 2019: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi scored an overwhelming reelection victory on Thursday, winning a second five-year mandate while fighting off concerns about rising unemployment and his divisive Hindu nationalist policies. Results released by India’s Election Commission late Thursday showed Modi’s...
May 23, 2019: The world does not need another national populist leader who pursues a pro-business agenda while trading in fake news and treating minorities as second-class citizensThe biggest election in history has just been won by one man: Narendra Modi. Mr Modi has become the first Indian prime minister since 1971 to secure a ...
May 23, 2019: Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India is expected to win a second term. Election results from the world's largest democracy are expected to be released today. India correspondent for BBC News Yogita Limaye spoke with CBSN AM as the votes were being counted.
May 23, 2019: It was a resounding victory not just for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but for his political party. Critics accused the party of using fear tactics amid rising Hindu nationalism.
May 3, 2019: Find out what news you may have missed from around the world in this week's wrap-up of top weather stories.
May 1, 2019: Homes in Bolivia's capital La Paz were destroyed, but no casualties were reported.
May 1, 2019: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich believes President Trump could easily win reelection in 2020 if Democrats continue to back far left candidates who isolate themselves on the issues from the majority of voters.
April 25, 2019: Mud filter collapsed at Hpakant in Kachin State, causing landslide that hit miners’ sleeping quarters At least 54 jade miners in Myanmar are feared to have died after they were engulfed by a landslide “mud lake” as they slept.In one of the worst disasters to hit Myanmar’s notoriously treacherous jade mining ...