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October 19, 2019: HBO host Bill Maher presicted that President Donald Trump will defy the democratic American electoral process and try to remain in office even if he loses in 2020 by a landslide.
October 16, 2019: Moody's Analytics predicts an even wider spread than in 2016.
October 13, 2019: Thousands take to streets after two polls give conservative academic more than 70% of the votePolitical outsider Kais Saied has thanked the country’s young people “for turning a new page” in Tunisia after exit polls pointed to a landslide victory for the conservative academic in a presidential runoff with medi...
August 29, 2019: Rockslide on banks of Fraser River created impassable barrierHeavy machinery and helicopters used to help gather fishHelicopters, heavy machinery and nearly 200 workers are frantically working to free millions of salmon trapped by a landslide in western Canada.Government crews in the area have worked relentlessly al...
August 28, 2019: Democratic presidential candidates are jousting over who best can save the planet. But even if one of them wins the White House, the Senate would threaten to scuttle any action to ease the effects of climate change. If Democrats fail to win the Senate, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell is expected to block ev...
August 13, 2019: The landslide in Mon state has complicated efforts to deal with widespread monsoon flooding.
August 12, 2019: Conservative Alejandro Giammattei swept aside his center-left rival in Guatemala's presidential election on Sunday, and now inherits an unpopular migration deal agreed under duress with the Trump administration that could severely test his country.
August 12, 2019: The annual monsoon has caused havoc in the south-east by flooding roads and destroying bridgesMyanmar troops and rescue services have scrambled to provide aid in flood-hit parts of the country after rising waters caused by the annual monsoon rains forced residents to flee by boat and a landslide killed at least 52 p...
August 12, 2019: British explorer Ash Dykes became the first person to complete a 4,000-mile trek along China's Yangtze River on Monday.
August 11, 2019: “This year’s flood is the worst in my life,” said a lawmaker from an affected township, which was drowned by 30 inches of water in two days amid monsoon downpours.
August 10, 2019: Thousands of flights cancelled as natural dam collapses north of WenzhouEighteen people have been killed and 14 were missing in eastern China in a landslide triggered by a large typhoon, which caused widespread transport disruptions and the evacuation of more than a million people, state broadcaster CCTV has reporte...
August 7, 2019: Italian firefighters say roughly 200 people have been evacuated from a northern Italian town after a landslide decimated the township, overturning cars in its wake.
July 28, 2019: The latest death toll comes as heavy rains continue to batter areas of the country.
July 22, 2019: The fish have been unable to swim upstream due to a rockfall in Fraser River, British Columbia.
July 12, 2019: Economy, stature, patriotism, and progress on health issues all bode well for the president, as does the Democrats' growing issue insanity.
July 12, 2019: There are five big factors leading to a dramatic shift from a shrinking Democratic Party toward a growing Trump presidency
July 7, 2019: New Democracy will oust leftist Syriza and win outright majority, exit polls suggestGreece’s opposition conservatives are on track to return to power by a landslide and unseat leftists blamed for pushing the country further into debt.Two exit polls gave the conservative New Democracy 38-42% of the vote, suggesting...
July 7, 2019: Greece's opposition conservatives returned to power with a landslide victory in snap elections on Sunday, and Prime Minister elect Kyriakos Mitsotakis said he had a clear mandate for change, pledging more investments and fewer taxes.
July 3, 2019: "What are you going to do? You're going to put a socialist in place and wreck the entire economy?" Scaramucci asks, rhetorically.
June 19, 2019: Despite recent polls pointing to a tough re-election battle, Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale believes an electoral
June 18, 2019: CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett interviews President Trump's campaign manager, Brad Parscale
June 18, 2019: President Trump's campaign manager, Brad Parscale, cast doubt on recent polls and predicted the president would win in an electoral
June 15, 2019: A landslide sweeps across a road in China's Fujian province, in the south-east, pushing cars before it. Days of rain have caused havoc, affecting hundreds of thousands of people and submerging vast swathes of farmland. More than 60 people are feared dead. Continue reading...
June 14, 2019: A landslide has hit southeast China following days of heavy rain and flooding that has killed over 60 people.
June 14, 2019: A landslide in southern China was caught on camera as it barreled into cars near a market. One person died after being dug out of the debris.