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July 3, 2020: The death toll makes the disaster the worst known in the jade mining industry, surpassing an accident in 2015 that killed 113 people.
July 2, 2020: Heavy rain triggers a wave of mud, engulfing workers at the site in Kachin state, officials say.
July 2, 2020: A landslide at a jade mine in northern Myanmar killed 50 people Thursday, the central government said, though a local lawmaker said the toll was nearly twice as high.
July 2, 2020: Rescue workers say at least 113 people have been killed in a landslide at a jade mining site in northern Myanmar.
July 2, 2020: Advocacy group says powerful mine owners have created a dystopian
July 2, 2020: A large landslide at a jade mining site in northern Myanmar Thursday killed at least 113 people and left the fate of dozens more unknown, authorities said.
July 2, 2020: Rescue efforts are underway in the southern Asian state of Myanmar following a deadly landslide at a jade mine in the northern state of Kachin. Officials confirmed on Thursday afternoon that at least 162 people were killed in the landslide, which occurred early Thursday local time in the gem-rich area of Hpakant, an...
July 2, 2020: A hillside of rock and debris slides down a hill into a crater, triggering a massive wave on a lake in shocking footage that shows the deadly landslide in Myanmar that struck a jade mine. 
July 2, 2020: Nenets Autonomous District protest vote signalled anger over merger with Arkhangelsk regionCritics say Russian vote that could allow Putin to rule until 2036 was riggedOnly one of Russia’s 85 regions, a sparsely-populated patch of the Arctic known for reindeer herders, defied the Kremlin and voted against changes ...
July 2, 2020: Footage shows a wall of mud crashing into a lake at a jade mine in Myanmar, killing more than 100.
June 26, 2020: • Analysis: 10 women Biden might pick as VP • A new face of the Democratic Party emerges • Analysis: Why Tuesday should make the Senate's top Democrat very nervous
June 23, 2020: A commuter train in Italy derailed on Monday after a landslide sent boulders onto the tracks, according to officials.
June 7, 2020: A powerful landslide in Arctic Norway was captured in dramatic footage Wednesday as eight houses and a dog were swept into the sea and disappeared beneath the churning waters.
June 5, 2020: Several houses have been swept into the sea following a powerful landslide in northern Norway. Authorities say no one was harmed during the incident.
June 4, 2020: Watch as land continues to collapse during the rescue effort.
June 3, 2020: A powerful landslide of more than 2,000 feet in width has taken eight houses into the sea in northern Norway. The instability continued for several hours.
May 20, 2020: • Trump vents as more states move to expand vote-by-mail ahead of election • Internal divisions linger as GOP push grows for new recovery package • Analysis: When will the 2020 campaign get back to normal?
May 15, 2020: If an unstable Alaska mount slope fully collapses, a catastrophic tsunami in Harriman Fjord could be triggered, a group of experts warns.
May 5, 2020: A landslide forced the evacuation of several residents in upstate New York and left homes dangling dangerously close to the edge of a cliff on Sunday.
May 4, 2020: A landslide left a dozen people displaced after their homes came dangerously close to being destroyed on Sunday afternoon.
April 16, 2020: Voters reward Moon Jae-in for response to pandemic with biggest majority since transition to democracy in 1987Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageSouth Korea’s ruling party has won a landslide victory in national assembly elections, in what is being seen as an endorsement of President Moo...
April 16, 2020: South Korea's ruling Democratic Party won a landslide in parliamentary elections held on Wednesday, a result which reflects the government's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and leaves it poised to implement its agenda
April 15, 2020: President Moon Jae-in’s left-leaning alliance in South Korea won a historic majority in Parliament thanks in part to the country’s largely successful handling of the coronavirus.
March 4, 2020: Heavy rain targeted the coastal communities of the state of São Paulo and southern Brazil Monday night, triggering landslides in the region. On Tuesday morning, the governor of São Paulo, João Doria, addressed the state, saying that many people were assessing the damage and looking for survivers. As of Wednesday ...
March 1, 2020: A euphoric Joe Biden thanked South Carolina for a landslide primary victory on Saturday that boosted his flagging presidential campaign.