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January 9, 2020: How many hurricanes have hit land around the world over the past 50 years and more and how have those numbers changed? Here we provide the answers.
January 6, 2020: Just when John Aish and his partner Jenny Shea thought they had beaten the inferno ravaging their two properties in Australia's south east on New Year's Eve, a roaring fireball came through forcing them to flee.
January 2, 2020: Florence ravaged parts of North Carolina in September 2018, leaving many food sources insecure. Dedicated volunteers help fill the gaps at a pantry.
December 30, 2019: A Florida sheriff's office said a cat found by deputies outside a district station was found to be a pet missing since Hurricane Irma, two years earlier.
December 28, 2019
December 22, 2019: The Canadian navy will take possession of two Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships in the new year — and it looks like they'll be spending as much time in the sunny south as they do in the Far North.
December 20, 2019: Stronger storms linked to climate change are forcing more and more families out of their homes in the Caribbean. UNICEF is there to help traumatized children recover.
December 18, 2019: The government knew that overflowing reservoirs could flood private properties in the Houston area, the judge wrote.
December 18, 2019: A federal judge has found that the federal government is liable for some damage related to Hurricane Harvey, which struck Texas and Louisiana in 2017, causing severe flooding.Judge Charles Lettow determined Tuesday that the government must...
December 18, 2019: Here are the biggest weather events in 2019.
December 17, 2019: Internationally acclaimed chefs filling a vacuum created by the storm are introducing an entirely new way of eating, drinking and surviving the next hurricane
December 17, 2019: How the Bahamas recovers from Hurricane Dorian may widen the gap between the rich and poor – and that raises moral questions for the world.
December 17, 2019: Hundreds of Houston homeowners near U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-managed reservoirs may receive compensation for flooding of their properties during 2017's Hurricane Harvey, a federal judge ruled on Tuesday.
December 17, 2019: More than three months after the hurricane, thousands of people are homeless.
December 13, 2019: Across Europe, the press remarked on the size of the victory of the Conservative Party led by Boris Johnson, and its implications for Brexit.
December 12, 2019: The storm that made landfall more than half a century ago was more powerful than originally thought.
December 3, 2019: Another above-normal hurricane season is officially in the books.
November 29, 2019: The iconic Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico has a plan and new funding to recapture its prominence in space research.
November 28, 2019: The way Nathan Bain's teammates mobbed him in the paint, you could tell what it meant when the unranked Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks chopped down the No. 1 Duke Blue Devils.
November 28, 2019: Whether it was record rainfall from Hurricane Barry or a surprising scale-topper in the far eastern Atlantic, this was a hurricane season we won’t soon forget.
November 27, 2019: A ferocious storm moved into Oregon and California on Tuesday night as one of the strongest storms on record for the region. Despite its impressive appearance and formidable strength, the storm isn’t a hurricane. Here’s a little of the science behind this powerful storm.
November 27, 2019: After the game, the site had raised about ,000. About two hours after the game, the total amount raised was close to ,000. The goal for the family was 5,000.
November 27, 2019: Two years after Hurricanes Maria and Irma, records show the agency’s work on long-term recovery on the islands is crawling compared with some states on the mainland.
November 27, 2019: Laura Dern told Jimmy Kimmel she experienced a hurricane during production of 1993's Jurassic
November 27, 2019: Dozens of spin-outs and crashes were reported across thousands of miles of interstates, many of which were shut down for safety