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June 25, 2019: The eastern Pacific hurricane season is off to an unusually late start this year, but that could change this week with the potential development of a disturbance south of Mexico.
June 25, 2019: On New York’s Fire Island, the piping plover population has nearly doubled since the big storm in 2012, scientists report.
June 25, 2019: Before Yoli Lara became Playboy’s newest Playmate for June 2019, she was faced with Hurricane Maria.
June 24, 2019: A thin veil of dust from the Sahara Desert is riding the trade winds west, intensifying sunsets and thwarting tropical storm activity.
June 24, 2019: In her first spring as a soloist at American Ballet Theater, Catherine Hurlin is tearing through roles with effervescent daring.
June 22, 2019: Nine months after Hurricane Florence inundated much of eastern North Carolina, the tiny town of Trenton is still struggling to rebuild as a new hurricane season begins. The Jones County courthouse and jail have yet to reopen. Judges hear cases in county office buildings and inmates are housed in...
June 21, 2019: Extreme winds and rainfall can ransack large swaths of the United States when a derecho unfolds.
June 18, 2019: Eight months after Hurricane Michael, Panhandle communities still wait for federal relief—and time is running out.
June 13, 2019: Airports in the region have suspended operations
June 12, 2019: Democrats during a Wednesday hearing seized on inflated estimates of financial assistance given in response to Hurricane Maria, showing the continued disconnect between President Trump, federal emergency managers and the government of Puerto...
June 12, 2019: Whatever you choose to call them, these monster storms are powerful natural events with the capacity to wreak incredible havoc.
June 10, 2019: Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor were closed early after a brush fire in Southern California broke out nearby forcing hundreds of visitors to escape the clouds of smoke and ash.
June 7, 2019: Florida's emergency managers are reassessing how they order evacuations based on Florida's experience last year with Hurricane Michael.
June 4, 2019: Naming hurricanes began in the 1950s to avoid confusion when two or more storms were occurring at the same time.
June 3, 2019: Hurricane season is officially here, and according to data projections, the Atlantic Coast has the most to worry about.
June 3, 2019: The National Hurricane Center is watching something in the Gulf of Mexico. Where do June hurricanes form and why?
June 3, 2019: While most people run away from hurricanes, servicemen and servicewomen called Hurricane Hunters fly planes directly into the eye of these intense storms.
June 2, 2019: Hurricane season is here and it's time to start thinking about, not just what to prepare for the storm, but what's going to help you in the days after. Here are my 5 essential pieces of gear.
June 1, 2019: After being rescued from her home in Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina years ago, Shelia Clayton thought she'd be safe in Arkansas.
June 1, 2019: The 2019 Atlantic hurricane season is officially underway and the southern Gulf of Mexico is being monitored for potential tropical activity into early week.
June 1, 2019: Forecasters may not be expecting a severe hurricane season this year, but a few major storms could still threaten the Atlantic coast.
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June 1, 2019: Hurricane season has begun. One way to protect yourself.
June 1, 2019: Last year, Hurricane Michael shredded thousands of houses in Panama City, Fla., and surrounding areas that have long had some of Florida's weakest building codes.
June 1, 2019: June 1 marks the start of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season, but many areas are still rebuilding from the devastation caused by last year's storms. Mayor Al Cathey of Mexico Beach, Florida joins CBSN to talk about his city's recovery.