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May 22, 2020: Moss balls seem to roll around glaciers in a coordinated way, and researchers can't explain why the whole group moves at about the same speed and in the same direction.
May 11, 2020: On May 11, 1910, Glacier National Park in Montana was created by an act of Congress.
March 25, 2020: In the last 22 years, one giant glacier in Antarctica has retreated almost three miles. If it fully thaws, sea levels would rise almost 5 feet.
March 24, 2020: Sea levels worldwide could go up nearly five feet, researchers say.
February 27, 2020: Some 8,000 miles from the elegantly carpeted U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., lies an eerie, dark, underwater place — a place that threatens to redraw maps all over the globe. This realm, found under a nearly 2,000-foot-thick slab of ice in Antarctica, is where one of the planet's largest glaciers, the Florid...
February 27, 2020: An avalanche from the heights of the Andes sent chaos far downstream in Peru.
February 27, 2020: Hurry, you only have a few more weeks to explore the blue ice caves along the south coast of Iceland, before they are gone forever!
February 21, 2020: Channels of warm water are merging under Thwaites glacier, new research shows.
February 13, 2020: An iceberg the size of Malta broke off the Pine Island glacier in Antarctica. The glacier has lost dramatic amounts of ice over the last 25 years as the region warms due to the climate crisis.
February 13, 2020: Four years-worth of satellite data shows three calving events in Pine Island Glacier on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, the most recent of which took place at the weekend.
February 13, 2020: The massive iceberg releases significant quantities of ice into the ocean.
February 12, 2020: New research suggests that contamination from the Industrial Revolution traveled over 6,000 miles from London to a Himalayan mountain.
February 11, 2020: Scientists have discovered evidence of the Industrial Revolution's beginnings trapped in the ancient layers of a Himalayan glacier.
February 11, 2020: A chunk of ice the size of Orlando broke away from the Pine Island Glacier.
February 10, 2020: The Pine Island Glacier is one of the fastest melting glaciers in Antarctica.
February 1, 2020: A news release on the findings called it an alarming discovery.
January 31, 2020: It's OK to be nervous about the Thwaites Glacier. If this Florida-sized Antarctic glacier collapsed, it could ultimately unleash enough ice to boost sea levels by ten feet. Thwaites is already dumping huge
January 30, 2020: Scientists have detected unusually warm water underneath Antarctica's 'Doomsday Glacier.'
January 29, 2020: Thwaites Glacier, also known as the doomsday
January 29, 2020: Researchers in Antarctica found unusually warm water beneath a massive glacier that is already melting and contributing to sea level rise. 
January 28, 2020: Scientists are studying why the Thwaites Glacier is melting quicker than previously thought.
January 27, 2020: Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica's biggest glacier, continues to lose ice, but its thinning patterns are evolving in increasingly complex and unexpected ways.
January 23, 2020: A massive glacier on the northwestern Tibetan Plateau in China has been the home to never-before-seen viruses, trapped for 15,000 years.
January 10, 2020: Tourists were rescued from a glacier in Iceland.
January 9, 2020: Thirty-nine tourists were stuck for hours in freezing cold, but are now safe.