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January 18, 2020: Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland are now dealing with heavy rain.
January 16, 2020: The girl, aged three, was spotted 3.5km from her home in Western Australia's Pilbara region.
January 15, 2020: Pakistani Kashmir hardest hit as winter storms sweep through region, with more forecastAvalanches, flooding and harsh winter weather have killed more than 130 people across Pakistan and Afghanistan and left others stranded by heavy snowfall.At least 93 people died and 76 were injured across Pakistan in recent days â...
January 13, 2020: A water main break is flooding part of Manhattan's Upper West Side, snarling the morning commute.
January 13, 2020: Water flooded across Broadway and Columbus Avenue across roughly four blocks, in some places as deep as a foot.
January 13, 2020: A water main break has flooded streets on Manhattan's Upper West Side near Lincoln Center and hampered subway service during the morning rush hour
January 13, 2020: Just weeks after floods cause massive damage low tides leave the famous canals almost dry.
January 13, 2020: A water main break in New York flooded streets, caused water damage to buildings, and disrupted subway commutes just before the Monday morning rush hour.
January 13, 2020: Weeks after Venice, Italy suffered some of its worst floods in more than 50 years and was mostly underwater, its famous canals have dried up and left unnavigable because of low tide. 
January 8, 2020: Facing devastating flooding in its capital of Jakarta, Indonesia is trying something unique to stop the torrential rainfall from reaching the soaked metropolis: seeding the clouds with salt.
January 6, 2020: More than 60 people died and tens of thousands of evacuees live in shelters.
January 6, 2020: Indonesian soldiers spray disinfectant to battle disease as death toll passes 60, with thousands more living in emergency shelters Mudslides and power blackouts have hampered the search for people missing in massive floods in Indonesia’s capital, where more than 60 people have died and some of the tens of thousand...
January 6, 2020: After record-breaking rains ruined upper Midwest wheat harvests, drought now threatens the nation's grain growing farther south.
January 6, 2020: At least 60 people in Indonesia’s capital have been killed in floods after the biggest rainfall since records began.
January 4, 2020: At least 53 people are dead in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta after torrential rain triggered landslides and flash floods.Monsoon rains and rising rivers buried several people under tons of mud and flooded a dozen districts in the greater Jakarta...
January 4, 2020: A selection of news photographs taken around the world this week.
January 3, 2020
January 3, 2020: Dozens dead in Indonesian capital and surrounds as role of global heating is acknowledged in ‘extreme’ eventIndonesia will carry out cloud seeding to try and prevent further rainfall over the capital, Jakarta, and surrounding areas the death toll reached 43 on Friday amid flash floods and landslides.With more ra...
January 3, 2020: Indonesia will carry out cloud seeding on Friday in a bid to prevent further rainfall over the capital Jakarta, after deadly flash floods and landslides following some of the heaviest rains ever recorded.
January 3, 2020: Indonesian authorities hope cloud seeding could break up potential rain clouds before they reach the Greater Jakarta area, where floods and landslides have displaced thousands of people.
January 3, 2020: Parts of Jakarta, a megalopolis home to some 30 million people, have been inundated by record rainfall.
January 3, 2020: Planes are firing salt into clouds in a bid to prevent rain after record floods left dozens dead.
January 3, 2020: The death toll from floods in Indonesia's capital has risen to 43 as rescuers found more bodies amid receding floodwaters
January 2, 2020: Torrential rain triggers emergency in Indonesian capital with many losing power amid calls for more action to combat wet season Torrential rain has caused flash floods to inundate large parts of Indonesia’s capital and nearby towns, killing at least 16 people and forcing thousands more to evacuate.Many of the deat...
January 2, 2020: At least 16 people have died in the Indonesian capital amid record-breaking rainfall.