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January 17, 2020: Gold Coast hit hardest with 325mm of rain falling at Loders Creek and more than 200mm in hinterlandMajor highways were cut and residents flooded in as more than 300mm of torrential rain bucketed down on south-east Queensland overnight.Two people were stranded after trying to drive through floodwater on the Gold Coas...
January 15, 2020: Parts of Spain and the western Mediterranean will be at risk for several days of downpours early next week. A slow-moving storm will spin just off the coast of eastern Spain from Monday into Wednesday and increase the risk of flash flooding while also bringing high-elevation snowfall to the region. Locations at risk...
January 13, 2020: Flood waters are rising higher and more frequently in Venice because of global climate change. John Dickerson reports on how the city is trying to fight the water and why the rest of the world needs to pay attention.
January 11, 2020
January 11, 2020: A potent storm traversing the eastern half of the country has produced flooding rain, deadly tornadoes and travel-halting ice and snow and its impacts are far from over. Chicago was a city not immune from the storm’s impacts as winds increased Friday night into early Saturday, gusting as high as 50 mph. On Sat...
January 10, 2020: Nineteen states from Texas to Maine are under flood, ice and snow alerts.
January 10, 2020
January 10, 2020: A powerful storm system set to affect much of the country this weekend could pose a triple threat, with the possibility of severe storms and tornadoes, ice and snow, and flooding.
January 10, 2020: Venice has been racked by unprecedented flooding in recent months. Soon, other cities could see similar situations. See the full story, Sunday.
January 10, 2020: Princeton geosciences professor Michael Oppenheimer tells John Dickerson the world needs to take notice of the flooding in Venice because it will happen in other cities soon. See the full story, Sunday
January 10, 2020: A system to prevent flooding in the Italian city has been decades in the making. Bob Simon first reported on it in 2001
January 10, 2020
January 9, 2020: On Friday afternoon and night, a major storm will be forming in the southern Plains with the threat of tornadoes and damaging winds from Dallas to Jackson, Mississippi.
January 8, 2020: The residents of Fishlake, badly flooded two months ago, want eco-friendly solutions to the problem.
January 8, 2020: A quick but heavy burst of snow moved through the Mid-Atlantic yesterday and last night, producing up to 7 inches of snow in central Pennsylvania.
January 8, 2020: Heavy rain and flooding also possible farther north from Midwest to Northeast.
January 6, 2020: Tornadoes are possible in the Deep South while torrential rains target the Ohio Valley.
January 4, 2020: Indonesia's military conducted an operation to seed clouds to prevent more rain from falling as the death toll from flooding in the Southeast Asian country reached 53 Saturday.
January 4, 2020: Experts say logging practices on watersheds combined with climate change are making parts of the province vulnerable to flooding. Despite this, foresters aren't legally obligated to consider what impacts their harvest will have downstream.
January 3, 2020: The death toll from flooding in Indonesia's capital has risen to 43 people. Also, Turkey is preparing to make the controversial move of sending troops to Libya, and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is galloping into 2020 unlike anyone else. CBS News' Gwen Baumgardner joined CBSN
January 3, 2020: At least 43 died in the Greater Jakarta region of Indonesia this week after heavy rain caused severe flooding in the area, forcing thousands to flee their homes.
January 3, 2020: A major snowstorm toured the United States this week, making stops across the central and northeastern parts of the country and wreaking havoc along the way. Meanwhile, a plan for New Year’s Eve fireworks didn’t work out as anticipated, drivers had to dig themselves out of an extraordinary mess and some ...
January 2, 2020: New Year's Even celebrations turned deadly overnight in Jakarta, Indonesia, as torrential rains and overflowing rivers triggered flooding in the capital and surrounding area, killing nine and displacing thousands.
January 2, 2020: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has written parliament asking for immunity after being indicted on corruption charges. Also, tens of thousands of people evacuated after massive flooding in and around Indonesia's capital, and New Year's Day protests in Hong Kong descended into violence. Gwen Baumgardner rou...
January 2, 2020: Following the recent storminess in the eastern Mediterranean, another storm is set to spread from southeastern Europe into Turkey next week. The storm which will emerge from central Europe over the weekend will start the rain and snow in southeastern Europe on Sunday. Periodic showers will extend from the Adriatic c...