Global Weather News

June 25, 2019: Kent and Sussex worst hit by floods but high temperatures expected later in the weekFlooding and train cancellations have hit parts of England at the start of a week in which temperatures are expected to rise above 30C (86F).Almost half a month’s worth of rain fell in just a few hours in some areas on Tuesday morn...
June 23, 2019: Severe weather cut power to hundreds of people in Missouri and Kansas on Sunday. Southwestern Missouri was one of the hardest-hit locations where multiple water rescues had to be performed.
June 22, 2019: An intense line of severe thunderstorms battered a swath of the central United States on Friday, leaving tens of thousands without power heading into the first official weekend of summer.
June 22, 2019: Two fatalities have been reported after an intense line of severe thunderstorms battered a swath of the central United States and part of the South on Friday and Friday night.
June 20, 2019: Philadelphia received more rain in three hours than it typically receives for an entire month of June.
June 20, 2019: A slow-moving line of thunderstorms triggered travel-disrupting flooding in southern New Jersey early Thursday. Later in the day, drenching storms caused severe flooding that prompted a state of emergency declaration in one town.
June 20, 2019: Texas has been hit hard by storms this week and other parks of the country are now under threat
June 19, 2019: Homes left without power and roads flooded in south-east after overnight delugeTorrential rain and thunderstorms have hit parts of the UK overnight as unsettled weather continued to cause disruption across the country.Homes were left without power and roads were flooded in parts of the south-east, while Lenham in Ke...
June 19, 2019: There were 114 damaging storm reports in the country on Tuesday.
June 18, 2019: Severe weather threatens a wide swath of the U.S. on Tuesday.
June 18, 2019: The caboose in a train of storm systems will travel from the Midwest to the Northeast with concentrated heavy rain and the potential for severe weather -- it will also usher in an end to the stormy pattern for a time.
June 18, 2019: The caboose in a train of storm systems will travel from the Midwest on Wednesday to the Northeast on Thursday with concentrated heavy rain and the potential for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.
June 17, 2019: Six inches of rainfall has fallen in parts.
June 17, 2019: Following clusters of severe thunderstorms that will unleash localized flooding through Tuesday, a more widespread severe weather episode that may unleash tornadoes is likely on Wednesday in part of the central United States.
June 16, 2019: A series of storms will produce rounds of drenching rain, torrential downpours and thunderstorms over roughly the same swath from the Ohio Valley to the central Appalachians and mid-Atlantic coast this week.
June 15, 2019: Once the sandbags are gone and the physical damage is dealt with, flood victims have to come to grips with the emotional aftermath. Here's how the floods in New Brunswick over the past two springs are continuing to affect the lives of local residents.
June 15, 2019: RAF helicopters will return to drop more ballast to shore up a breach in a Lincolnshire river.
June 15, 2019: Flood waters receded in portions of the nation's Midwest in the past week, but the weather forecast calls for heavy rain and severe thunderstorms over the next few days that could further complicate matters for farmers.
June 15, 2019: Military helicopters are drafted in to repair broken bank of River Steeping in Wainfleet People are being evacuated from their homes following severe flooding in Lincolnshire.Those living in 290 properties in Wainfleet will be moved after concerns were raised over flood defences on the River Steeping. Continue readi...
June 13, 2019: Relentless heavy rainfall in Charleston, South Carolina, led to flooding and road closures on Wednesday.
June 13, 2019: Weather warnings are in place for parts of Scotland, north Wales and the north of EnglandForecasters have warned of dangerous conditions in parts of the country amid heavy rainfall and flooding.The Met Office warned that surface water flooding could cause problems for motorists during Thursday morning’s rush hour....
June 13, 2019: Flood stages have already been breached
June 13, 2019: Residents are evacuated and trains cancelled as downpours cause flooding across parts of England.
June 12, 2019: While the worst may be over in terms of widespread heavy rain, pockets of showers and thunderstorms are likely to cause trouble at the local levels over the central United States into July.
June 12, 2019: Tuesday was another day of record-high temperatures out West, with Thermal, California, registering 116 degrees and Palm Springs seeing 114. Portland, Oregon, at 97 degrees, and Anaheim at 91 also posted record highs. More records in the region could be set on Wednesday, after which there will be a cooling-off perio...