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December 13, 2019: During the busy holiday shopping season, malls can get crowded and loud – and to some kids, that can be overwhelming. So, two organizations are teaming up to make visiting Santa at the mall a more pleasant experience.
December 12, 2019: During the busy holiday shopping season, malls can get crowded and loud – and to some kids, that can be overwhelming. So, two organizations are teaming up to make visiting Santa at the mall a more pleasant experience.
December 11, 2019: The client list of presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg's early consultancy work has been released and it includes several jobs related to efforts at increasing energy efficiency.
December 11, 2019: New amendments to the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement (USMCA) focus heavily on stronger labor enforcement, outlining a detailed process to address any allegations that Mexican factories are violating workers' rights.
December 10, 2019: Lululemon COO Stuart Haselden will assume the role of Away CEO in January of 2020.
December 10, 2019: Stronger worker and environmental protections top the changes to a new version of the North American trade deal signed by top U.S., Mexican and Canadian officials on Tuesday that clears the way for a long-delayed vote in the U.S. Congress.
December 9, 2019: Julie Louis-Dreyfus is opening up about her negative experience working on Saturday
December 9, 2019: New York-based Morgan Stanley had 60,532 employees as of September 30.
December 8, 2019: Your questions answered: The environment, wildlife and climate change.
December 6, 2019: As the annual COP25 climate change summit continues in Madrid, we asked delegates from all over the world how they were adapting their lives for the sake of the environment.
December 6, 2019: France's fuel stocks are good and supplies continue as normal, the Environment Ministry said on Friday, as the country experienced a second day of strikes against President Emmanuel Macron's pension reforms.
December 5, 2019: Although a shared priority for both on-premise and cloud-focused teams, the conversation around how to secure critical assets in each environment can be quite different — beyond where data lives.
December 4, 2019: From Winston Churchill to Windrush ... a champion of migrant justice turns the spotlight on UK policyNora arrived from north-east Africa in 2001 when she was 17. Desperate for their daughter to escape civil war, Nora’s family managed to sell enough of their valuables to buy her a one-way ticket to the UK. Not long...
December 4, 2019: Europe’s environmental watchdog gives warning as climate crisis continuesPursuing economic growth at the expense of the environment is no longer an option as Europe faces “unprecedented” challenges from climate chaos, pollution, biodiversity loss and the overconsumption of natural resources, according to a rep...
November 30, 2019: Toxic behavior, distrust, and resentment, as well as harassment, discrimination, and bullying are prevalent in today’s workplace.
November 29, 2019: Genuine fascists remain on the political margins, but we can increasingly imagine the space that eco-fascism might occupyEarlier this year, when the fascist responsible for the El Paso massacre cited ecological degradation as part motivation for his killing spree, many considered him entirely deranged.Eco-fascism so...
November 29, 2019: Republican men, specifically, were the least inclined to do anything in their personal lives to protect the environment.
November 28, 2019: This week’s pay and pensions strike is important – but so is the impact of the hostile environment on international colleaguesIn recent months, the hostile environment in UK universities has received increasing media attention. The cases of academics such as Dr Furaha Asani and students including Bamidele Chika ...
November 28, 2019: Transport between New York City and its airports tends to leave much to be desired. The new LGA
November 27, 2019: A Lieutenant General in the Air Force lost a star after an investigation into his leadership practices revealed he had harassed a female subordinate.
November 26, 2019: Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam on Tuesday thanked residents of the Chinese-ruled city for orderly voting on Sunday despite a relatively volatile environment and said she hoped the peace at the weekend was a voice by people against violence.
November 26, 2019: With overseas academics being deported or denied permission to work, some colleagues are saying enough is enoughKaren Wells, professor of human geography at Birkbeck, University of London, was outraged to be informed that before she could conduct a PhD viva exam at another university she had to submit her passport f...
November 26, 2019: For the latest installment in our series, Three Meals, we traveled to California. Long an afterthought in choosing a party’s nominee in a presidential campaign, next year California's primary moves to Super Tuesday in early March. This will give the state a much bigger say in the contest. Ed O’Keefe reports.
November 25, 2019: The U.K. Conservative Party has come in for both criticism and praise of its environmental pledges, as laid out in a new election manifesto.
November 25, 2019: I sat down with Doug to discuss his career path, the advice he’d give to those who want to enter the sports industry, and how leaders must function in a rapidly changing environment.