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July 9, 2020: Here are five things you can do today to help you act proactively, intelligently and decisively right now, as well as five actions to help you anticipate the future.
July 7, 2020: Kourtney Kardashian explained why she quit Keeping
July 7, 2020: Kourtney Kardashian is finally speaking out about her decision to step away from the massively popular reality show she shares with her famous sisters on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”
July 7, 2020: The network is said to have received multiple claims about his behavior on set.
July 6, 2020: As workspaces make permanent shifts to ensure the health of their workers following the global pandemic, it is now more important than ever to ensure that these spaces are prepared for coworking.
July 6, 2020: Many scientific studies have highlighted environmental harm caused by palm oil production, but new research suggests the production of coconut oil threatens more species per liter than other vegetable oils.
July 3, 2020: Because of the convenience of meeting remotely, there are more opportunities for mentoring and learning conversations. All it takes is time and a bit of structure.
July 2, 2020: In a bid to be more environmentally conscious, 85 percent of Americans have made at least one positive change in their lifestyle in the past year.
July 2, 2020: While creating a tolerant workplace with training isn’t difficult, it does require a commitment to uphold a respectful culture.
July 2, 2020: President Trump will headline the first fireworks show at Mount Rushmore in over a decade. Visitors to the monument this week had plenty to say about it.
July 1, 2020: The pandemic has boosted demand for several products. Sales of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and canned goods all grew dramatically in the early days of the crisis.
June 29, 2020: Santa Julia is a fascinating place that takes the term sustainability and stretches it into every bit of its properties in Maipú, Valle de Uco and Santa Rosa. Julia Zuccardi says: “We are always caring for the environment and for the people.”
June 28, 2020: Science-backed claims that plant-based meats are healthier for both humans and the environment have sparked a global wave of veganism, but typical plant-based meats produce the same amount of emissions as poultry and five times that of legumes and vegetables, and are not always healthy.
June 28, 2020: Just how long will it take for the lessons of Windrush to be learned? Clayton Barnes came to Britain from Jamaica in 1959. He spent a lifetime in this country, working, paying taxes, raising a family. He was in his mind British, as he was in the eyes of his family, his friends, his colleagues, of anyone who took a r...
June 28, 2020: To provide a more safe and supportive environment for people of color, we must commit to fighting racism and leaning into inclusion.
June 25, 2020: What data does the U. S. government have on race? Jobs? COVID-19? Police? The environment? Where are your tax dollars going
June 24, 2020: As people spend more time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, they are spending more on soft toilet paper. That's not good for the climate.
June 23, 2020: Former House Oversight Committee chairman Trey Gowdy called out an environment of lawlessness following riots, attacks and acts of vandalism taking place across the country.
June 22, 2020: Psychological safety is a critical element of the best workplaces.
June 19, 2020: The AdvisorShares Ranger Equity Bear ETF's David Tice is worried the impact of the Federal Reserve's unprecedented policies and speculative investing.
June 18, 2020: The four Conservative leadership contenders faced off in a French-language debate Wednesday, a contest that was at times halting as none of the candidates is fluent in Canada's other official language.
June 18, 2020: Campaigners to bring judicial review over ‘discriminatory’ visa application algorithmImmigrants’ rights campaigners are to bring the first court case of its kind in British legal history in an attempt to turn off what they claim is a decision-making algorithm that creates a “hostile environment” for people...
June 16, 2020: Since Fat Rice proclaimed its support for justice, former employees have come forward with complaints that its chef created a hostile work environment.
June 15, 2020: The EPA's has proposed new regulations that it claims will promote scientific transparency, but that's just a smokescreen. The rules are instead a way to allow polluters to ignore research on the harmful effects of air pollution on people's health.
June 15, 2020: Fulton East is a 12-story, 90,000-square-foot office and retail building slated to open late summer 2020. The newly constructed development is also among the first commercial buildings specifically designed for a post COVID-19 world.