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October 22, 2019: Swiss-lender UBS saw a 16% drop year-on-year in its third-quarter profit as the bank warned of a "challenging environment."
October 21, 2019: Hundreds of precocious teens and 20somethings from 190 nations descend on UK capital for One Young World The world’s largest global forum for young leaders will open on Tuesday, as more than 2,000 young people from across the world converge on London.One Young World’s 10th annual summit will welcome young delega...
October 20, 2019: Thousands of people work to remove oil and tar from beaches as source of spill remains unclear.
October 20, 2019: This weird gadget from Treepex was supposed to be satirical. But then people actually wanted to buy it.
October 18, 2019: An early look at the state of some Chinese businesses for the third quarter indicates many companies are still waiting for the worst to blow over.
October 17, 2019: The cloud computing market is primed for significant expansion over the next few years, and while this expansion will lead to groundbreaking business innovations, it will also increase security threats.
October 17, 2019: Each and every person of non-African descent carries traces of DNA derived from ancient hominin species to a varying extent.
October 15, 2019: The program will run until late November and will cost just 64 for a lap of the famed Nurburgring Nordschleife.
October 15, 2019: Environmentalists welcome parts of the new law, but others say the government is going backwards.
October 15, 2019: Is capitalism in crisis and if so what can be done? British industry body, Social Enterprise U.K., argues that creating better businesses would be a good start.
October 14, 2019: Online shopping is big business - worth .8 billion in sales last year alone. But it generates big emissions - and it isn't just because of the fossil fuels used in home delivery vehicles.
October 14, 2019: Crime and health take centre stage, but opposition parties dismiss the programme as election
October 11, 2019: Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and E-Trade saw their shares fall 10%, 25%, and 16%, respectively, after Schwab eliminated trading commissions last week – a move that was replicated by its peers within days. Notably, trading commissions are not the main revenue source for brokerages.
October 11, 2019: "You don't need huge assortments to shop anymore ... Focus on the best," former J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler says.
October 8, 2019: Madrid’s city council on Monday announced plans to rid the Spanish capital of thousands of invasive parakeets through “ethical culling” and sterilization of eggs.
October 7, 2019: Dexter Bristol died of heart failure after spending months trying to prove right to be in UKA coroner has ruled that the Home Office’s “hostile environment” did not contribute to the death of a Windrush citizen who lost his life after spending months struggling to prove his right to live in the UK. Dexter Bris...
October 5, 2019: Officers raid building used by Extinction Rebellion to store items for Westminster rallyPolice have taken pre-emptive action against environmental protesters who are planning to cause disruption in Westminster.Dozens of officers from the Metropolitan police’s territorial support group raided a building in Kenningt...
October 4, 2019: Naya, the first wolf sighted in Belgium for a century, believed to have been killed by huntersEnvironmental groups are offering a €30,000 reward for information that helps identify who killed Naya, the first wolf sighted in Belgium for a century when she entered the country last year.The wolf’s arrival completed...
September 29, 2019: For Spring/Summer 2020 Bally presents a modern notion of home with a dynamic mise-en-scène, where architecture, artistry and nature converge.
September 28, 2019: Bill would have helped regulators counter federal directivesGavin Newsom vows to continue fight on environmental issuesCalifornia governor Gavin Newsom angered some allies on Friday by vetoing a bill aimed at blunting Trump administration rollbacks of clean air and endangered species regulations in the state. Relate...
September 28, 2019: EC Editorial Announcements TechCrunch Disrupt SF is this week: join us on the Extra Crunch stage TechCrunch’s biggest event of the year is happening this coming week at the brand-new Moscone North convention center in SF. We have wall-to-wall programming on our inaugural Extra Crunch stage, where audience members ...
September 28, 2019: Many people think that sustainability and profitability are at odds. Not Intel, and it’s got the numbers to prove it. In 2017, a pivotal year when the company began a transition to a more data-centric business, its earnings per share (EPS) was up by 27%.
September 27, 2019: At least six sea turtles have been found dead as officials still investigate the source of the oil.
September 25, 2019: There is a winning campaign theme that progressives can use against Trump, and it isn’t “Medicare for all.”
September 25, 2019: An independent investigator said he's heard several such reports. The shooter, a public utilities engineer, was African American, and both black and white colleagues were among his victims.