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April 3, 2020: Carbon dioxide emissions could fall by the largest amount since World War Two this year as the coronavirus outbreak brings economies to a virtual standstill, according to the chair of a network of scientists providing benchmark emissions data.
April 2, 2020: The world's biggest airlines grew their CO2 emissions in Europe by 1.6 million tonnes last year.
April 1, 2020: The Trump administration on Tuesday completed a rollback of Obama-era fuel emissions standards.
April 1, 2020: Even if carbon emissions are down due to COVID-19, true climate success doesn't look anything like today’s situation
April 1, 2020: Just two months after taking office, President Donald Trump in March 2017 traveled to Michigan to announce that he would undo ambitious vehicle emissions standards mandated under his predecessor Barack Obama, portraying the reversal as a boost to the U.S. auto industry centered in the Midwestern state.
March 31, 2020: The Trump administration is replacing Obama-era fuel economy standards with weaker ones that will allow for more air pollution. Groups are already lining up to challenge the new rule.
March 31, 2020: The Trump administration on Tuesday moved to ease Obama-era regulations on fuel emissions, the latest rollback of the previous administration’s regulatory agenda -- and one that officials say strikes a balance between economic, safety and environmental factors.
March 31, 2020: The rule waters down an Obama-era mileage standard meant to encourage automakers to make more fuel-efficient and electric cars.
March 30, 2020: Greenhouse gas emissions in Europe will drop 24.4 percent in 2020 because of the coronavirus lockdown, according to a new projection .
March 27, 2020: Campaigners describe lobbying of EU to defer impending regulations as shameless Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage The motor industry has been accused by campaigners of trying to use the coronavirus crisis to avert stricter environmental regulation, after correspondence showed carmakers h...
March 26, 2020: Drivers around the world want more roomy and powerful cars. Rules made under the administration of President Barack Obama make it easier for U.S. automakers to give customers what they want and to keep expanding the size of their vehicles.
March 26, 2020: More than a third of British electricity was generated by renewables in 2019The UK’s greenhouse gas emissions fell for a seventh consecutive year in 2019 after a record year for renewable energy, according to government figures.The provisional data, published by the government on Thursday, revealed a 3.6% fall in ...
March 26, 2020: Some much-needed good news for Britain: last year the country reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 3.6%, with renewable energy capacity up by 6.9%. But the island nation still isn't top dog when it comes to renewables.
March 24, 2020: European airlines crippled by the coronavirus have demanded lasting relief from environmental taxes - in a move that pits their immediate survival against longer-term emissions goals.
March 20, 2020: In this week's issue of our environment newsletter, we look at how coronavirus quarantines are affecting air quality and the upside of bidets.
March 20, 2020: Emissions have dropped significantly over Italy and portions of China as a result of the near-total shutdown from the novel coronavirus, satellite images reveal.
March 19, 2020: The good news is greenhouse gas emissions are dropping due to the battle against coronavirus; the bad news is they'll rise again.
March 19, 2020: Researchers say cutbacks in movement, including automobile traffic, in countries to counter the spread COVID-19 around the world has reduced global gas emissions in some of the busiest places on Earth.
March 17, 2020: A number of Senate Democrats say any airline bailout package must include measures that limit carbon emissions from the industry.The airline industry asked the government Monday for over 0 billion in assistance, including both 0...
March 17, 2020: THAT KIND OF AIRLINE BAILOUT: A number of Senate Democrats say any airline bailout package must include measures that limit carbon emissions from the industry.The airline industry asked the government Monday for over 0 billion in assistance,...
March 16, 2020: The energy used in all that server activity for one top-rated show is the equivalent of viewers driving 146 million miles, according to a report.
March 16, 2020: The first step to combating climate change for businesses is for them to understand their contributions to it. That’s where the new Y Combinator graduate, SINAI Technologies, comes in. Founded by Maria Fujihara, a 16-year veteran of the sustainability industry whose previous work had been around the technical ...
March 13, 2020: What happened in China is already happening in another country with a major outbreak.
March 12, 2020: Non-exhaust emissions are totally unregulated, and big SUVs and trucks make the problem worse.
March 10, 2020: Responses to outbreak also show how government policy and behavioural changes can have impactGovernments should act with the same urgency on climate as on the coronavirus, leading campaigners say, as evidence mounts that the health crisis is reducing carbon emissions more than any policy.The deadly virus outbreak, w...