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October 21, 2020: Katrín Jakobsdóttir kept calm as a 5.5 magnitude earthquake interrupted a live TV interview.
October 20, 2020: The early-morning quake occurred 25 miles from San Diego Country Estates, 30 miles from Ramona, 35 miles from Lakeside and 36 miles from San Diego.
October 19, 2020: After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, 19 children from one orphanage were flown to the U.S. to be adopted by American families. One would later meet President Trump.
October 15, 2020: Polish Navy divers tried to remotely neutralize a six-ton “Tallboy” dropped by the British, but the bomb had no intention of going quietly.
October 14, 2020: Dramatic video shows the waves from the detonation reaching all the way to the shore.
October 13, 2020: The blast of the WW2 bomb in a canal in Poland was not unexpected and divers were unharmed.
October 12, 2020: Dropped in 1945 in an attack on a Nazi warship, the bomb is 19 feet long and has 2.4 tons of explosives.
October 10, 2020: Lasting only five minutes, these are all high intensity – but at least there’s no excuse to wriggle out of themIn normal life I’m a spendthrift, but I have pockets of tightness, weird things I’m averse to splashing money on, including but not limited to the posh seats in cinemas, tights and online workouts. ...
October 1, 2020: Several small earthquakes are reported near Brawley, Calif., with the largest a magnitude 3.4.
September 30, 2020: An earthquake swarm of four small temblors rattled areas around a reservoir in Northern California on Tuesday, the second time in three days multiples quakes struck the area.
September 28, 2020: Two magnitude 3.4 earthquakes rattled near Fremont, Calif., on Sunday.
September 25, 2020: In the past 10 days, there have been five earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater centered nearby.
September 24, 2020: A magnitude 3.1 earthquake struck 10 miles from Healdsburg, Calif., on Thursday morning, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
September 23, 2020: The earthquake occurred two miles from Rancho Cucamonga and three miles from Claremont.
September 22, 2020: Geologists say tremor likely to be aftershock of Leighton Buzzard quake on 8 SeptemberA third earthquake in two weeks has hit a Bedfordshire town, the British Geological Survey has said.Residents of Leighton Buzzard described a short, sharp jolt on Tuesday that geologists said was likely to be an aftershock of the f...
September 21, 2020: The earthquake occurred less than a mile from Lake Elsinore, one mile from Lakeland Village, seven miles from Corona and seven miles from Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.
September 19, 2020: A magnitude-4.6 earthquake shook Southern California shortly before midnight Friday, with aftershocks measuring 2.1 and 1.6 on the Richter scale following soon after.
September 19, 2020: An earthquake briefly struck San Diego and other communities east of Los Angeles on Friday night, but the effects were minimal.
September 19, 2020: The U.S. Geological Survey says a magnitude 4.5 earthquake struck southern California late Friday night
September 19, 2020: A preliminary 4.5-magnitude earthquake jolted the Southern California area late Friday night.
September 11, 2020: A new archaeological analysis suggests an earthquake may have destroyed Canaanite palace 3,700 years ago.
September 9, 2020: New Jersey residents were woken up by an earthquake at 2 a.m. on Wednesday morning, with shaking felt miles from the epicenter.
September 9, 2020: A magnitude 3.1 earthquake struck in East Freehold, New Jersey, early Wednesday.
September 9, 2020: Residents took to social media to express their shock at the rare occurrence as numerous reports of shaking have been reported across the state.
September 9, 2020: The 3.1-magnitude earthquake shook an area about a mile south of East Freehold in Monmouth County. There were no reports of damage or injuries.