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October 22, 2019: Food shortages force animals into nearby areas which then suffer from overcrowding At least 55 elephants have starved to death in the past two months in Zimbabwe’s biggest national park as a serious drought forces animals to stray into nearby communities in search of food and water, authorities say.“The problem ...
October 21, 2019: A severe drought over the past two months kills the animals in Hwange National Park.
October 19, 2019: While the Baltimore Orioles have endured back-to-back 100-loss seasons and are dealing with a full-scale rebuild, the Washington Nationals advanced to the first World Series in franchise history.
October 19, 2019: After water restrictions and emergency infrastructure, the final drought strategy is sheer perseverance People have started visiting the outback town of Pooncarie just to see a place that’s running dry.Josh Sheard, the publican at the Pooncarie hotel, says the remote town in far south-west New South Wales needs th...
October 16, 2019: When it comes to surviving the warming climate, scientists are finding that some plants and animals have an edge. The hope is that these super
October 15, 2019: Around an inch of rain may fall.
October 12, 2019: Gov. Ralph Northam (D) on Friday declared a drought watch for all of Virginia as low rainfall and record-breaking high temperatures are anticipated to produce a “significant drought event.”Northan said in a statement that water suppliers, self-...
October 11, 2019: Washington’s rainfall since the start of September, just 0.27 inches, ranks as the second least on record.
October 7, 2019: It’s almost like governance is a game played by callow tacticiansThe McDonald’s kitchen is designed by geniuses to be mastered by children. It’s meant to be idiot proof.Comprised of bright and imperishable parts, you assemble burgers like simple Lego sets. But two months into the job, I disproved its invulnera...
October 5, 2019: Autumn is here, and it’s still hot. Here is what we know about the record-breaking temperatures and low precipitation across much of the American South.
October 4, 2019: To prevent another summer of mass fish deaths, authorities have launched a painstaking operation.
September 26, 2019: Weeks of dry, hot weather have plunged the Deep South further into a drought that's affecting more than 11 million people and threatening crops across the region
September 26, 2019: This September has been as dry as it gets. Quite hot as well. There's more ahead.
September 21, 2019: Tropical moisture may bring a heightened risk of flash flooding and mudslides despite ongoing drought in the Southwest.
September 21, 2019: Tropical moisture may bring a heightened risk of flash flooding and mudslides despite ongoing drought in the Southwest.
September 20, 2019: Tropical moisture may bring a heightened risk of flash flooding and mudslides despite ongoing drought in the Southwest.
September 19, 2019: Mother nature has turned off the spigot and the landscape has shifted from lush and green to barren and brown.
September 17, 2019: Companies rush to bring forward deliveries of champagne, wine, beer and spirits in time for the festive periodCompanies across Britain have begun stockpiling beer, wine and spirits to keep the alcohol flowing at Christmas as concerns grow that Brexit could disrupt supplies over the festive period.Rushing to bring fo...
September 13, 2019: Rain and high-elevation snow to combat summer drought in western US next week
September 1, 2019: Research led by Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, will help crops resist global heatingThe discovery of a gene in barley responsible for drought resistance will help future-proof crops against some of the effects of climate change, scientists believe.Researchers spent nearly five years isolating the specific gene ...
August 28, 2019: Record highs dating back to the 1940s will be in jeopardy as intense heat builds.
August 27, 2019: 2020 presidential hopeful Beto O'Rourke blamed the United States for flooding in Guatemala on Monday and claimed America's harmful environmental emissions are spreading destruction throughout the world. 
August 26, 2019: A team of scientists has developed what they say are drought-resistant cotton seeds, which may be a saving grace for farmers. Adriana Diaz reports in our Eye
August 26, 2019: In Indonesia's East Java province, government water trucks only deliver once or twice a month.
August 18, 2019: The R-rated movie about foul-mouthed 12-year-olds was No. 1 with about 1 million, the year’s largest opening total for an original comedy.