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June 24, 2019: Union Pacific Corporation’s (NYSE: UNP) coal freight revenue could decline from .76 billion in 2018 to .56 billion in 2021, according to Trefis estimates. This decline will likely be led by expected lower exports, which fueled the coal freight revenue growth in the recent years. The coal ...
June 21, 2019: Supporting coal is not popular. But only someone as bold as President Trump could do what is right, popularity be damned. 
June 20, 2019: The Trump administration has repealed Obama’s signature law to reduce CO2 emissions. While the move will do little to slow the ultimate downfall of coal, it will certainly earn Trump the wrath of voters in 2020.
June 20, 2019: The joint venture between Arch Coal and Peabody Energy provides cost savings and operational synergies that will benefit both firms and their shareholders.
June 20, 2019: Our modern-day coal miners are unfortunately doomed to work themselves into early deaths until the coming AI revolution can replace them, yet another casualty of the dark machinery that lurks beneath the happy sunny Web we all take for granted.
June 19, 2019: Senators have questions about Trump’s UN pick, Kelly Craft, and financial entanglements tied to her coal tycoon husband, Joseph Craft III.
June 19, 2019: Trump is taking his biggest step yet to fulfill his campaign promise to stop a “war” on the fossil fuel.
June 19, 2019: Environmental Protection Agency administrator Andrew Wheeler on Wednesday finalized the agency’s plan for replacing Obama-era regulations on emissions from coal-fired power plants, part of a long-running effort by the Trump administration to roll back environmental rules.
June 19, 2019: Trump administration rolls back Obama rule targeting coal-fired power plants, issues less ambitious replacement.
June 19, 2019: The move, a major rollback of Obama-era environmental regulations, drew immediate backlash
June 19, 2019: The Trump administration has rolled back a landmark Obama-era effort targeting coal-fired power plants and their climate-damaging pollution. The changes will give states more discretion in regulating those power plants.
June 16, 2019: CNN's Fareed Zakaria explains why some of America's closest allies are looking to undermine the country's economic strength.
June 14, 2019: The final permit from regulators in Queensland came less than a month after a conservative coalition that champions coal won in national elections.
June 14, 2019: Norfolk Southern’s (NYSE:NSC) coal freight business accounts for roughly 15% of the company’s value, according to Trefis estimates. The segment generated revenues of .82 billion in 2018, accounting for 16% of the company’s total revenues, and a growth of 4.5% over the prior year. This can be a...
June 13, 2019: The huge project in Queensland has been subject to years of environmental hold-ups and protests.
June 13, 2019: Iran's state-run IRNA news agency is reporting that a mine collapse has killed two miners and injured another in the central province of Semnan.
June 13, 2019: It comes as National Grid announces greenest winter for energy use after mild and windy weatherThe UK’s race to increase renewable energy sources intensified as plans to close another coal-fired power plant were announced. It comes as last winter was revealed to be the greenest ever for the UK’s energy system, a...
June 11, 2019: Fed up residents of a polluted city in central Russia are making an emotional plea to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, begging to be admitted to Canada as environmental refugees.
June 11, 2019: Coal production and consumption continue to slump despite White House efforts to boost the industry
June 10, 2019: Three U.S. senators on Monday urged the Internal Revenue Service to crack down on a billion-a-year subsidy for burning chemically treated refined coal, after a new study showed some power plants using the fuel produced surging amounts of mercury and smog instead of cutting pollution.
June 9, 2019: The former New York City mayor has pledged to donate 00 million toward closing coal plants, a move that would put thousands of Americans out of work.
June 8, 2019: The energy executive talks about squaring his business dealings with his personal convictions – and what he would say to Greta ThunbergBefore standing down in 2007, John Browne was CEO of BP for 12 years. In 2015, he returned to the global oil business as executive chairman of L1 Energy. Since leaving BP, he has w...
June 7, 2019: The former New York City mayor is trying to put the U.S. on track toward 100% clean energy economy -- while bypassing the federal government
June 7, 2019: Former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg Pledged Thursday to donate 00 million to a new campaign that aims to shutter U.S. coal plants by 2030 to curb climate change, his philanthropist foundation said. 
June 7, 2019: The pledge by the former New York City mayor is part of an effort to close every coal-fired power plant in the United States and halt the growth of natural gas.