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October 1, 2020: Together, the coal plants slated for closure account for 6.8 gigawatts of generation capacity — equal to around 15% of Illinois' total power generation capacity. Five of the seven coal plants Vistra named are in Illinois.
September 30, 2020: Peabody Energy and Arch Resources cannot carry through with their plan to form a joint venture in a prolific coal mining region in Wyoming and Colorado, a judge for the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri ruled earlier today.
September 26, 2020: Hundreds of anti-coal protesters have entered a mine in western Germany to protest the continued extraction and use of fossil fuels
September 25, 2020: Shamsia Alizada, 18, first out of more than 170,000 studentsGovernment in talks with Taliban, which barred girls in schoolsThe daughter of an Afghan coal miner has come top in the country’s university entrance exam and is setting her sights on becoming a doctor.Shamsia Alizada, 18, came first out of more than 170,...
September 25, 2020: Shamsia Alizada dropped out of the Madwdud Academy in Kabul after a suicide bomber killed more than 40 students. But she returned — and has scored top grades on the country's college entrance exams.
September 22, 2020: As U.S. renewables eclipse coal generation, environmentalists are pivoting to attack natural gas as a fuel source.
September 21, 2020: General Electric, one of the world's largest makers of coal-fired power plants, plans to say goodbye to coal as it focuses instead on cleaner alternatives.
September 21, 2020: General Electric, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of coal-fired power plants, announced Monday it would no longer build such facilities.It’s a remarkable exit that will have far-reaching consequences on the coal industry as more...
September 21, 2020: In a dramatic reversal, one of the world's biggest makers of coal-fired plants will exit the market.
September 13, 2020: In generations past, Antiguans would gather around a coal-pot not only to cook but also to socialise.
September 10, 2020: Seven European nations that are to be awarded billions of dollars to help them go carbon neutral are planning to stick with coal-fired electricity generation until at least 2030, a new report has revealed.
September 9, 2020: A decision to give Chinese firms rights to explore for coal in the famous Hwange park is overturned.
September 8, 2020: The latest coronavirus stimulus package introduced by Senate Republicans on Tuesday includes efforts to aid the mining and coal industries in a move already angering some Democrats.The Tuesday bill includes a bipartisan effort by Sens. Lisa...
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September 1, 2020: Swedish company HYBRIT hopes to decarbonize an industry responsible for some 5-8% of the globe’s carbon dioxide emissions.
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August 31, 2020: Steam-based plants third biggest source of toxic wastewaterPollutants released into water linked to cancer and other illnessThe Trump administration is loosening rules for toxic water pollution from coal-fired power plants. Related: White House spokeswoman refuses to say if Trump condemns Kenosha shooting suspect ...
August 31, 2020: The agency weakened Obama-era rules meant to keep metals and other pollution out of rivers and streams, saving industry tens of millions of dollars.
August 28, 2020: António Guterres tells country to stop building coal-fired power stations for sake of climateIndia must swiftly and permanently turn away from coal despite its need for cheap energy, the UN secretary general has urged, aiming to revive global action on the climate crisis as the world begins to emerge from the coron...
August 28, 2020: United Nations Secretary-general Antonio Guterres called on India Friday to stop using coal as a source of affordable energy, saying it must end the fossil fuel if it truly wants to be a global superpower.
August 26, 2020: Even though Candidate Trump promised “he would be putting miners back to work” there are fewer coal mining jobs now than when he took office.
August 25, 2020: Establishing a competitive wholesale electricity market across seven Southeastern states could save 84 billion and create more than 400,000 clean energy jobs, jump-starting an economy slowed by COVID-19.
August 24, 2020: In “Soul Full of Coal Dust,” the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hamby tells the story of black lung and the mining companies who refused to take responsibility for its harm.
August 21, 2020: In an age of global warming, coal consumption is dropping and renewable energy is rising. Nowhere is that trend more evident than in Wyoming.
August 20, 2020: Two giants — Peabody Energy and Arch Resources — want to join forces in Wyoming. Is this the beginning of a dangerous concentration of power, or a dying industry’s last chance at a dignified exit from the national stage?