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December 14, 2019: Growing your own fruit and veg is already eco-friendly, but it could also help fight climate change.
December 14, 2019: It's time to
December 13, 2019: As vast areas burn, Scott Morrison is being accused of playing down the impact of climate change.
December 13, 2019: The Democratic Party can expect to face even more progressive pushback in the 2020 primaries as a prominent climate group on Thursday advanced insurgent candidates in order to garner future congressional support for the Green New Deal.
December 13, 2019: One day after Ursula von der Leyen unveiled her European Green Deal, she has already been dealt a setback after EU prime ministers failed to unanimously endorse the deal’s headline target of completely decarbonizing by 2050.
December 13, 2019: My solutions aren’t exactly kosher, but I don’t care a jotMending is back in fashion. As more of us wake up to the 1.2bn tonnes of carbon produced by the global fashion industry annually, the impact of our wardrobes on the environment is getting harder to ignore. Harder than hiding, on the back hangers, that ugl...
December 13, 2019: Milk and yogurt are being produced right in the bustling port of Rotterdam, Netherlands, by the world's first floating dairy farm. Its creators say similar farms could help protect cities from food security risks associated with climate change.
December 13, 2019: Island nations and poor coastal countries facing the severest effects of climate change offer a moral
December 13, 2019: Campaigners slammed Australia on the final day of a U.N. climate summit on Friday as its policy of using old carbon credits to count toward future emissions targets emerged as a major sticking point in negotiations.
December 13, 2019: Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is calling for a 50 percent reduction in carbon emissions over the next 10 years to battle climate change.
December 13, 2019: To win over more nations, we need fixes with tangible benefits, like reducing local air pollution and cutting energy costs.
December 13, 2019: Curbing global warming will require us to limit emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. What personal changes have the biggest impact?
December 13, 2019: From granting legal personhood to water to how to manage climate anxiety, these TEDWomen share actionable ideas on how to prepare for climate change.
December 13, 2019: OpenTEAM is a new technology platform to help farmers everywhere to improve soil health by  providing them with free access to site-specific data. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Climate Change, Farming, Open Source, and Livestock Emissions
December 13, 2019: While bushfire smoke and extreme heat disrupt matches in Australia, the prime minister must offer more than photocalls In the last week of October, Scott Morrison got more involved with the Prime Minister’s XI match than most who have held the office. While the home team took on a touring Sri Lankan side, Morrison...
December 13, 2019: Sally Field hopped on Jane Fonda's climate change train on Friday and got arrested in the process, according to a new report.
December 13, 2019: From closing hundreds of dirty power plants to standing with climate activists in Virginia, I am already working to ensure America's clean energy future.
December 13, 2019: Brazil, India and China singled out in UN talks as acting to block agreement on article 6 of Paris agreementPoor countries have accused a handful of richer nations of holding up progress on tackling the climate crisis at UN talks in Madrid, as demonstrators and activists vented their frustration in the final hours o...
December 13, 2019: Big polluting countries faced last-ditch pressure from smaller nations on Friday to show serious commitment to averting catastrophic climate change as negotiators battled to salvage a result from a fraught U.N. summit in Madrid.
December 12, 2019: The panelists of The
December 12, 2019: Around 200 environmental campaigners were barred from climate talks just a few hours after Greta Thunberg had spoken.
December 12, 2019: From teen climate activist Greta Thunberg being named Time magazine “Person of the Year,” to Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi leading a Congressional delegation to COP25, to Gender Day, females are leading demands for immediate and substantial climate action.
December 12, 2019: The European Commission has unveiled the three-decade roadmap towards a sustainable economy. The Green Deal aims to achieve EU’s climate neutrality by mid-century and will cover all economic sectors, notably energy, agriculture, and transport.
December 12, 2019: The new head of the European Commission has proposed big change, but the decision will lie with EU leaders.
December 12, 2019: Reducing meat and dairy consumption will cut methane and allow forests to thriveLivestock production needs to reach its peak within the next decade in order to tackle the climate emergency, scientists have warned.They are calling for governments in all but the poorest countries to set a date for “peak meat” beca...