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October 22, 2019: A mural painted of 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg while she addressed a crowd in Canada Friday was quickly vandalized first with a pro-oil message, and later with French slurs.  
October 22, 2019: Exxon is in hot water. The State of New York sued the Exxon Mobil Corporation for fraud, and the oil giant could not squirm out of what will almost certainly become a historic trial. New York alleges that Exxon deceived its investors about how much looming climate change regulations will likely hurt the oil giant's ...
October 21, 2019: If companies with substantial carbon footprint and global presence were to embrace deep decarbonization, we would make more progress in climate protection.
October 21, 2019: Vincent Chaperon, Dom Pérignon's new chef de cave, talks about climate change, how it's affecting champagne, the 2019 harvest, and which three bottles you should buy.
October 21, 2019: If we care about a livable planet, commercial fisherman-turned-kelp farmer Bren Smith says we need a Blue New Deal.
October 21, 2019: If flawed scenarios make their way into climate models, we would be using misleading projections of climate, its impacts and the costs and benefits of alternative approaches to climate policy.
October 21, 2019: As temperatures rise, insects are also on the move. According to a new study, many of these insects are having trouble findings new places to live.
October 21, 2019: New York’s attorney general is about to square off against the oil giant in court.
October 21, 2019: A global manufacturer of commercial flooring and the world’s largest manufacturer of carpet tile has actually developed a carbon negative flooring prototype, with the goal to launch its first go-to-market carbon negative carpet tile in 2020.
October 21, 2019: Scientists at NASA said Monday that the hole in the Earth's ozone layer has shrunk to the smallest size on record since it was first detected in the 1970s.A press release from the agency reported that the hole, which grows and shrinks every year...
October 21, 2019: The biggest U.S. fossil fuel company is accused of lying to its investors about the cost of carbon emissions to its business
October 21, 2019: A history of 33 El Ninos since 1901 has shown that climate change can make for a more violent storm patterns, according to a study published in Monday's Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
October 21, 2019: New research shows rapid acidification of the ocean following the Chicxulub impact resulted in ecological collapse.
October 20, 2019: Old Vic, LondonDuncan Macmillan’s two-hander is a frenetic portrait of flawed love in a flawed world, exposing the neuroses of a modern couple who struggle to put their principles aside‘The world is fucked,” says one half of the earnest couple in Lungs, fretting about starting a family on an over-populated pla...
October 20, 2019: As yet another EU summit was hijacked by the UK's Brexit debacle, a plan to increase the EU’s decarbonisation ambition had to be put on hold. This will mean less ambition globally at the next UN climate summit in November.
October 20, 2019: It is almost impossible to be confident as to whether or not we are experiencing a bubble in real time.
October 20, 2019: An artist in New England is using climate change as his inspiration.
October 19, 2019: Guardian travel editor Andy Pietrasik explains how a flexitarian approach can enable us to enjoy exploring the planet without increasing our carbon footprintSupport Guardian journalism today, by making a one-off or recurring contribution, or subscribingWe recently published a guide to Helsinki in which we gave detai...
October 19, 2019: Lynsay Spafford has set up 13 cameras at various sites around Nova Scotia, capturing six images per day of 300 trees, in an effort to study the impact of climate change on the fall foliage.
October 19, 2019: Passionately political, this tale of a budding relationship between two women set against the 2015 floods in the north of England is an inspiring cry of protest“We provide help in disaster areas all around the world,” says the aid agency volunteer serving warm samosas. “Not usually in Yorkshire, though!” Tha...
October 19, 2019: One of Champagne's oldest houses has been making some dramatic changes as it looks toward the future.
October 19, 2019: Rachel Riederer on Jedediah Purdy’s book “This Land Is Our Land” and Gilbert Gaul’s “The Geography of Risk,” and about how both authors see connections between the increased risks of climate change and economic inequality.
October 19, 2019: Spurred on by the likes of Greta Thunberg, the movement is now engaging with social problemsInspired by a wave of youth activism, scouts from across Britain are setting aside campfires and hobby badges to tackle some of the UK’s biggest social issues, from homelessness and the climate crisis to migrants and mental...
October 19, 2019: Harvest season has begun in California’s Napa Valley, but the 60 billion wine industry could dry up if something isn't done to combat a changing climate. Jamie Yuccas reports.
October 19, 2019: Since the lab-meat industry is in such early production stages, it's difficult to assess the actual carbon footprint of producing on a large scale.