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July 11, 2020: Having called for an ‘urgent need for action’ on the environment, Norman Foster’s design firm is now involved in two Saudi schemesOne of Britain’s most famous architects is under fire for agreeing to design an airport and terminal in Saudi Arabia despite signing a climate emergency manifesto that called for ...
July 10, 2020: The majority of emissions cuts from electric cars will be wiped out by new road-building.
July 10, 2020: Over 70% of registered voters across party lines say corporations and industry should do more to address global warming, above citizens and the U.S. Congress - and young peoples’ expectations of businesses are especially high.
July 10, 2020: Melanie Marcel, founder of SOScience, is pushing the scientific community to open up to all forms of knowledge and unlikely alliances.
July 10, 2020: Farmers in areas dependent on melting snow for crop irrigation will face tough trade-offs between predictable crop yields and droughts caused by climate change, U.S. researchers said Friday.
July 9, 2020: The chance of breaching one of the Paris accord goals in the next five years has doubled, a study says.
July 9, 2020: If I don’t think the world will be livable in the future, how can I bring a child into it? Read out entire series hereWe want to hear from childfree women: share your experienceMy partner and I live in a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto. We both work in creative industries in an increasingly unaffordable city, but...
July 9, 2020: One of the world's most influential climate activist groups tries to find a new path forward after losing its way
July 9, 2020: Greenpeace activists have hung banners from the huge construction crane atop Notre Dame Cathedral accusing France and President Emmanuel Macron of not doing enough to fight climate change
July 9, 2020: Companies claim that reducing returns to cut energy bills will have impact on investmentEnergy companies have accused the regulator Ofgem of putting Britain’s climate goals at risk by clamping down on returns for green investors in a bid to shave £20 a year from home energy bills. Ofgem has proposed halving the r...
July 9, 2020: In a new study, one particular country has turned out to be a climate pessimist, while another has has taken the lead on global climate action and competence.
July 9, 2020: Record-breaking rains this week in the country’s southernmost main island, which have killed 62, have shown the vulnerability of people living in nursing homes.
July 9, 2020: The bizarre pink snow can accelerate snow melt in the fragile mountain region.
July 8, 2020: An open letter published by Harper’s, signed by luminaries including Margaret Atwood and Wynton Marsalis, argued for openness to “opposing views.” The debate began immediately.
July 8, 2020: Long ago, greenhouse gases were relegated to environmentalist checklists and were rarely considered a part of mainstream business coverage. But not anymore, Don Pittis writes.
July 8, 2020: Concerned about trees’ slow migration patterns, some ecologists are spreading seeds themselves. Critics fear they are playing GodThere is an impressive array of pine species at the Nature Conservancy’s Plum Creek preserve in Maryland – loblolly, Virginia, shortleaf – creating a landscape that emits the smell...
July 8, 2020: Long ago, greenhouse gases were relegated to environmentalist checklists and were rarely considered a part of mainstream business coverage. But not anymore, Don Pittis writes.
July 8, 2020: A task force set up by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders -- who was Biden’s last remaining rival in the nomination battle -- on Wednesday released a wide-ranging set of recommendations for the party’s convention platform.
July 7, 2020: It's not just corals that are suffering as the world's oceans are reshaped by climate change and other harmful human activities. New research suggests marine seagrass meadows are also in decline.
July 7, 2020: The Dalai Lama celebrated his 85th birthday Monday with the release of an album of mantras and teachings.
July 6, 2020: A task force designed to help shape Mr. Biden’s climate plan has recommended that he embrace moving to 100 percent renewable electricity in 15 years and a rapid transition to energy-efficient buildings.
July 6, 2020: Amazon has the naming rights to what will be an ultra-modern arena in Seattle -- one that it will call the Climate Pledge Arena. It's part of its broader effort to bring the cause of climate to the fore.
July 6, 2020: Noctilucent clouds, on the edge of the atmosphere, are increasingly seen outside of polar regionsSomething magical appeared at night over London and other parts of Britain on 21 June: ripples of electric blue clouds shimmered in the twilight sky after sunset. These were noctilucent clouds, the highest clouds in the ...
July 6, 2020: In his weekly newsletter, Bill McKibben writes about Facebook, the oil industry, and why so many large corporations remain resistant to change.
July 5, 2020: Climate change-related discussions among S&P 500 companies dropped 50% during first-quarter earnings calls, compared with the previous quarter.