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July 10, 2020: Most of the world's hydrogen is produced with a high associated carbon footprint. But there are alternative, low-carbon methods for producing hydrogen.
July 8, 2020: What sets all of our devices apart from the rest of the vaporizer market is that we take a customer-obsessed approach to product development. We listen to our customers in order to create a better user experience.
July 8, 2020: Sector excluded in transport emissions figures but policy change unlikely until 2023 International aviation and shipping emissions are likely to be included in the UK government’s net zero target, it has emerged – but not until after 2023.The intention to review carbon accounting emerged after ministers and advi...
July 8, 2020: A unity task force made up of supporters of both Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former Vice President Joe Biden has come up with a series of broad environmental recommendations for Biden as he prepares to become the official Democratic presidential...
July 8, 2020: The catch is that the temporary trade-in deal is only good for those buying an SR/S or SR/F.
July 8, 2020: HAPPY WEDNESDAY! Welcome to Overnight Energy, The Hill's roundup of the latest energy and environment news. Please send tips and comments to Rebecca Beitsch at Follow her on Twitter: @rebeccabeitsch. Reach Rachel Frazin at...
July 7, 2020: Experts across the spectrum agree that the Trump administration's Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) Rule, which replaced the Clean Power Plan, doesn’t pass the test on the basis of critical science, industry experience, or technological feasibility.
July 3, 2020: Transport safety bureau says pilot and two of the passengers had elevated levels of the gas in their blood Air crash investigators have revealed the pilot involved in a fatal seaplane crash north of Sydney that killed five Britons and the Canadian pilot had elevated levels of carbon monoxide in his blood.The Austral...
July 1, 2020: Carbon tax supporters like to talk about building “momentum,” despite a lack of legislative or electoral victories. Meanwhile the cap & trade schemes currently pending on the east coast, which have the same energy cost-inflating effect as a carbon tax, are running into bipartisan resistance.
June 30, 2020: At some point the federal government will need to reduce its yawning budget deficit exacerbated by its Covid-19 response. Given the low oil prices that resulted the quarantine, a carbon tax would generate revenue at a minimal economic impact at this time.
June 30, 2020: Nexii Building Solutions Inc. is the name of the company and its signature product is Nexiite, a proprietary material that allows for the rapid construction of sustainable buildings.
June 30, 2020: The momentum for carbon pricing is strong, and a carbon tax, in particular, is the favored vehicle of many prominent economists.
June 26, 2020: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is calling for a closer look at how operators of competitive wholesale electricity markets can incorporate carbon pricing into their markets. This reflects growing momentum from states to reduce carbon emissions more than national policy toward that end.
June 24, 2020: Ford Motor Co. on Wednesday announced a new goal to become carbon neutral by 2050.A spokesman for the company said they are “working backwards” to design a plan for reaching the goal, which would focus on production emissions before addressing...
June 24, 2020: Ford Motor Co., the world's fifth-largest automaker, unveiled a plan Wednesday to become wholly carbon neutral within 30 years and fully power all its plants with green energies in half that time.
June 24, 2020: The government, after years of delays, is finally clarifying rules on tax breaks for companies that use carbon capture to fight climate change.
June 24, 2020: Report says Boris Johnson’s lack of climate leadership risks missing target and embarrassing UK at Cop26Road to net zero: what the Committee on Climate Change recommendsThe UK is falling behind on its target to cut greenhouse gas emissions and risks a surge in carbon emissions as lockdown eases, the government’s...
June 23, 2020: Amazon said Tuesday that its carbon footprint rose 15% last year, even as it launched initiatives to reduce its harm on the environment
June 23, 2020: Amazon said Tuesday that its carbon footprint rose 15 per cent last year, even as it launched initiatives to reduce its harm on the environment.
June 22, 2020: A company that has been around for 180 years can weather any storm, but can it stay relevant for the next 180 amid pandemics, climate change and other catastrophes? Yes, if it is digital.
June 21, 2020: Austria has set a goal of reaching climate neutrality by 2040—a decade earlier than the target set by the European Union.
June 21, 2020: We support a revenue-neutral national carbon fee that cuts U.S. carbon dioxide emissions in half by 2035 and returns all the revenues raised directly to all Americans.
June 21, 2020: The absolute last thing our country needs is a new tax that would slow our economic recovery and hiring. But environmental zealots have never let facts get in the way of their radical polices to restructure our entire economy to be “green.”
June 16, 2020: A new study highlights the need for a crash program to develop Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology and to agree on targets for each country, if we are to have any chance of avoiding the worst effects of the climate emergency, which are likely to occur much sooner than expected.
June 14, 2020: With Yallah Coffee’s beans arriving on a schooner, has the prospect of wind-powered cargo finally landed?The French schooner De Gallant docked in Falmouth harbour at the end of May, three months after leaving the port of Santa Marta in Colombia laden with tonnes of sustainably sourced coffee beans.This wind-powere...