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April 18, 2019: An orchestra, a village, an entire country: the movement to rein in greenhouse gas emissions is growingWe are all doomed, it is said. Carbon dioxide is amassing in the atmosphere at levels not seen for millions of years when there were trees at the South Pole and Florida was under water. We have barely a decade to m...
April 18, 2019: Ontario's constitutional challenge to Ottawa's imposition of a carbon charge was left in the hands of five Appeal Court justices on Thursday after the hearing wrapped up with each side pressing the court to find in its favour.
April 17, 2019: On the third day of the province's legal challenge, the five-judge panel will hear from environmental, Indigenous and taxpayers' groups.
April 17, 2019: A new all-wheel-drive system helps drifting enthusiasts get sideways.
April 17, 2019: European parliament expected to pass laws forcing industry to cut CO2 pollution by 2035European lorry makers face having to cut the carbon dioxide emissions for new trucks by almost a third by 2035, while a UK government body has called for a total ban on new petrol and diesel heavy goods vehicles by 2040.Lorries ar...
April 16, 2019: Software giant will nearly double the internal tax it charges its business divisions on all carbon emissions.
April 16, 2019: Lawyers representing the Canadian government are set to defend the federal carbon tax, one day after the Ontario Court of Appeal began hearing the province’s appeal to scrap it.
April 15, 2019: With today’s investment of 00M from Rusal, other major investors in the wings, and Braidy Industries’ plan to go public by the end of 2019, the future of Ashland and the face of global aluminum is about to change forever—for the good.
April 15, 2019: Ontario's legal battle against the federal Liberal government's controversial carbon tax will be heard today in the province's top court. 
April 15, 2019: The Liberal party ended 40 years of conservative rule in the oil-rich province four years ago but an energy crisis could change thatWhen Canada’s leftwing New Democratic party launched a manifesto promising carbon taxes, coal plant closures and welfare spending in the heartland of country’s oil industry, few tho...
April 13, 2019: Buried in Ontario's budget bill are fines of up to 0,000 per day for gas station operators who don't display government-mandated stickers about the price of the carbon tax.
April 11, 2019: The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is 25% off today.
April 11, 2019: A bipartisan group of senators introduced a bill Thursday to increase federal funding toward developing carbon capture technology while also committing to fossil fuel use.Introduced by Ranking Member on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources...
April 11, 2019: BERNHARDT IS IN: Congress confirmed David Bernhardt as Interior secretary on Thursday, adding his name to a list of Trump cabinet officials with lobbying ties.Bernhardt was confirmed Thursday afternoon in a 56-41 vote with three Democrats and one...
April 10, 2019: Next generation must keep their own carbon levels at a fraction of their grandparents’ in order to prevent catastropheChildren born today will have to live their lives with drastically smaller carbon footprints than their grandparents if climate change is to be controlled.Fast, deep cuts in global emissions from e...
April 10, 2019: Chevron, Occidental Petroleum and BHP have invested in Carbon Engineering, a start-up developing technology to take carbon out of the atmosphere.
April 9, 2019: Liberal election strategists expect their conservative opponents to blame every price hike on the carbon tax, and know they will find a receptive audience in, say, Toronto's densely populated 905 belt, where people are stretched tight and everyone drives.
April 8, 2019: Shell will spend 00 million over the next three years to support reforestation and offset greenhouse gas emissions from its products.
April 7, 2019: CBC's Marketplace rounds up the consumer and health news you need from the week, including updates on plastic waste, more telco complaints, and how the carbon tax will affect you.
April 6, 2019: Drivers hit by a jump in gas prices at the pumps this week after the introduction of the carbon tax should brace themselves for even higher prices in the coming months, with some analysts predicting gasoline prices will rise another 10 to 15 cents a litre by this summer.
April 5, 2019: A bipartisan group of senators is pushing for funding at the highest
April 5, 2019: BIPARTISAN SENS WANT 'HIGHEST POSSIBLE' FUNDING FOR CARBON CAPTURE: A bipartisan group of senators is pushing for funding at the highest
April 4, 2019: Eleven years ago, Jock Finlayson and his colleagues at the Business Council of B.C. were mildly alarmed by how quickly Gordon Campbell's provincial government implemented North America's first carbon tax.
April 3, 2019: With a rocket launcher strapped to his back, President Ronald Reagan rode fearlessly upon a long-extinct Velociraptor while brandishing a machine gun: This is the imagery — presented on poster board and carried to the floor of the Senate Chamber on March 26 — that Republican Senator Mike Lee used to mock...
April 3, 2019: A British Columbia-based company has shown that it can extract CO2 from the air in a cost-effective way.