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October 21, 2019: Veganism and trees could help stop agriculture contributing to global heating, study saysIf one in five people in richer countries turned vegan, and threw away a third less food than they currently do, while poor countries were assisted to preserve their forests and restore degraded land, the world’s agricultural ...
October 18, 2019: It costs 00K more than the Range Rover it's based on.
October 17, 2019: Instead of criticizing Greta Thunberg, as Alberta's environment minister did, and pitting its economy against efforts to reduce carbon emissions, the province should be boasting about world-leading innovation in low-carbon trucking that's cheaper than diesel.
October 17, 2019: Over 100 high-profile celebrities including Riz Ahmed, Lena Headey, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jude Law, and Mel B have signed an open letter backing climate activist group Extinction Rebellion. In the letter, they admit that they are hypocrites because of their high-carbon lifestyles.  Dear
October 17, 2019: Germany is enacting a carbon-pricing program in a move that, if successful, could become a global phenomenon.
October 16, 2019: Electric cars are great at reducing tailpipe emissions, but building them is also highly energy-intensive so Volvo is using the launch of its new XC40 EV to commit to a 40% reduction across-the-board in its carbon footprint by 2025.
October 15, 2019: Manitoba Hydro urges customers reeling from a snowstorm that's left them without electricity for days to keep fuel-burning equipment like heaters out of their homes after a woman was found unconscious in southern Manitoba.
October 14, 2019: Firefighters later isolated the leak—which caused dozens to be evacuated and 13 sent to hospital—as coming from a boiler.
October 12, 2019: The IMF’s proposed 5-per-ton tax would exacerbate rampant inequality. There are better ways to fund decarbonizationA well-circulated statistic this week, from a new book by the University of California, Berkeley, economists Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman, shows that the richest 400 families in the United States ...
October 11, 2019: Green growth and ‘hedonistic sustainability’ have helped keep the public on board as the Danish capital seeks to reach its goal by 2025 – and so far it’s all going according to plan“We call it hedonistic sustainability,” says Jacob Simonsen of the decision to put an artificial ski slope on the roof of th...
October 10, 2019: Lenovo's flagship ThinkPad ultraportable delivers a great combination of premium laptop look and feel with business-grade privacy and security options.
October 10, 2019: Fund says governments could use money to help vulnerable people or invest in green energyAvoiding dangerous global heating will require governments around the world to impose stringent taxes on fossil-fuel usage that will mean a 43% jump in household energy bills over the next decade, the International Monetary Fund...
October 10, 2019: Some economists say the best way to mitigate climate change is by increasing the price of carbon emissions through taxes.
October 9, 2019: A tour company is planning to donate million of its profits in an effort to offset the environmental impact from its travelers. Rick Steves, business owner and an American travel writer, joins CBSN to discuss the reason behind the move and how other companies can follow.
October 9, 2019: Wide variations in the way oil companies report their efforts to reduce carbon emissions make it difficult to assess the risk of holding their shares as the world shifts away from fossil fuels, senior fund managers say.
October 9, 2019: Long-time travel expert says there won't be any
October 8, 2019: Extracting CO2 from air is the best way to reverse global warming without resorting to expensive technologies, convoluted tax schemes or preventing billions from getting sufficient energy. If you then make gasoline from it, then you’d kill two birds with one stone. That stone is Carbon Engineering.
October 4, 2019: Maybe it's questionable optics for Justin Trudeau's campaign to be using two planes during this federal campaign when other campaigns are making do with one (or none). But it's also true that better optics aren't going to save the planet.
October 3, 2019: Since 1750, humans have disrupted Earth's carbon cycle more severely than have some of the most cataclysmic asteroid impacts in history — and, new research suggests, the long-term effects on our planet (see: out-of-control global warming, ocean acidification, mass extinction) could be much the same.
October 2, 2019: There are 1.85 billion, billion tonnes of carbon on Earth, nearly all of it held beneath the surface.
October 2, 2019: A significant piece of the federal election debate in 2019 rests on what the government of British Columbia did on July 1, 2008 — and how you understand what happened after that.
October 2, 2019: New research estimates that human activity annually releases into the atmosphere around 40 to 100 times as much carbon as does all volcanic activity on Earth.
October 1, 2019: Global coal use will ultimately fall, but it will remain prevalent on the world stage. So, is it better to invest in carbon capture and storage or to plow more resources into renewables?
October 1, 2019: Air France announced Tuesday it will take steps to offset its carbon dioxide emissions and other steps toward sustainability.
October 1, 2019: The anthropogenic climate crisis is disturbing our planet's carbon cycle more than the dinosaur-killing asteroid did.