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June 25, 2019: The volcano—located in the North Pacific—has long been dormant, with its last eruption occurring in 1924.
June 25, 2019: MIT President L. Rafael Reif warned the MIT community of "serious long-term costs" as a result of immigration policies and rhetoric.
June 24, 2019: Iran's United Nations ambassador accused the United States on Monday of showing no respect for international law by imposing new sanctions on Iran, describing tensions between the pair as really
June 24, 2019: Iran's United Nations ambassador accused the United States on Monday of showing no respect for international law by imposing new sanctions on Iran, describing tensions between the pair as really
June 21, 2019: Instead of expanding the coach's challenge system the NHL should be doing more get calls correct from the situation room.
June 19, 2019: They
June 18, 2019: Declining revenue for a second-straight quarter in an increasingly competitive cloud-computing environment could loom for Technology firm Oracle (ORCL) as it prepares to report Wednesday.
June 16, 2019: Rival supporters did not let the rain detract from an occasion one called ‘more important than winning the World Cup final’The English weather has been a most unwelcome guest at this Cricket World Cup. But try as it might – and there were downpours and drizzle, as well as mist and mizzle at Old Trafford – it...
June 10, 2019: The world is moving inexorably to low-carbon fuels. But fossil fuels will remain part of the mix, necessitating the development of carbon capture and sequestration. And one such method is to, literally, yank it out of the sky. Is this feasible?
June 4, 2019: NOAA says carbon dioxide levels hit a record high last month, a troubling development for the future of the climate. CBS News weather producer David Parkinson joins CBSN to explain the significance.
June 3, 2019: Five hours after Google publicly announced that it was working to resolve an outage in its Cloud computing network that had taken out a large chunk of Google services as well as Shopify, Snap, Discord and other popular apps, the problem seems to be resolved. The outage hit everything from the ability to control the ...
May 24, 2019: The meteor was not even that big by NASA's standards.
May 23, 2019: Frozen out at Chelsea, Victor Moses took a gamble with a loan move to Turkey and is happy with the way things have turned out in IstanbulMoving abroad was not always part of the plan for Victor Moses but after being left out in the cold by Maurizio Sarri at Chelsea, the forward is enjoying the heat of the action at ...
May 15, 2019: There's a hole in the Martian atmosphere that opens once every two years, venting the planet's limited water supply into space — and dumping the rest of the water at the planet's poles.
May 14, 2019: Carbon Dioxide concentration is at an all time high. Read why it is important to understand the effects of greenhouse gases on our planet.
May 14, 2019: The concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere has reached levels not seen for 3 million years, scientists at Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii said Monday – offering a dire warning about the impact of human activity on the planet. The observatory’s sensors registered carbon dioxide le...
May 13, 2019: Researchers at Hawaii's Mauna Loa Observatory recorded the record-setting reading on Saturday.
May 13, 2019: Why is Mars so dry? A new paper might have the explanation.
May 12, 2019: The human race has broken another record on its race to ecological collapse. Congratulations humanity! For the first time in human history — not recorded history, but since humans have existed on Earth — carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has topped 415 parts per million, reaching 415.26 parts per million,...
May 8, 2019: Former England captain Alan Shearer says 'I don't think I'll see an atmosphere like this again' as Liverpool reach the Champions League final.
April 25, 2019: The odds of an atmosphere forming around an Earth-like exoplanet are even slimmer than previously thought, a new study suggests.
April 24, 2019: At its lowest ebb, the atmosphere is predicted to have less than five percent of its current pressure.
April 23, 2019: When Chive Media Group spun out its out-of-home TV business last year, co-founder and CEO Leo Resig said the structure should help the new company, called Atmosphere, raise venture capital. Looks like those fundraising efforts were successful, with Atmosphere announcing that it has raised 0 million in Series A fundi...
April 21, 2019: Building a grateful and appreciative team doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. Things that seem trivial can make a big impact.
April 9, 2019: Solar wind-fueled polar auroras are heating up Jupiter's atmosphere to greater depths than previously estimated.