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May 20, 2019: Since the first modern electric vehicles took to the roads, critics have been quick to question the ‘clean’ label. With the amount of debate & misinformation troubling the waters, the facts behind the efficiency of electric vehicles have become clouded - so just how clean are these vehicles?
May 20, 2019: As the Atlantic season nears, we look at whether destructive weather events are getting worse – and how they get their namesA hurricane is a large rotating storm that forms over tropical or subtropical waters in the Atlantic. These low pressure weather systems draw upon warm water and atmospheric moisture to fuel ...
May 20, 2019: The Coal Council calls on Labor to reverse many of its climate policies after strong election swings against itThe coal industry has begun lobbying the re-elected Morrison government to support hardline positions, including building new coal-fired power stations and weakening approvals processes for new mines.The Co...
May 20, 2019: Worms are wriggling into Earth’s northernmost forests, creating major unknowns for climate-change models.
May 20, 2019: The Environmental Protection Agency plans to adopt a new method for projecting the future health risks of air pollution that experts have said is not scientifically sound.
May 20, 2019: As a candidate, Donald Trump promoted a mystery Twitter account that falsely portrayed a protester as an ISIS terrorist. Nothing stops him from doing it again.
May 20, 2019: Mexico pledged to cut emissions 22%-36% by 2030 under the Paris Agreement, but is already off track to hit these targets. New analysis shows Mexico can cut emissions 31% by 2030 while saving billion in overall costs and preventing more than 26,000 premature deaths.
May 20, 2019: More severe storms target the southern Plains after more than 40 tornadoes touch down over the weekend. Also, President Trump trades insults with Iran, while U.S. warships train for battle nearby. All that and all that matters in today's Eye Opener. Your world in 90 seconds.
May 20, 2019: Violent thunderstorms will develop rapidly and may begin producing tornadoes within 30-60 minutes after initiating.
May 20, 2019: An ocean on Pluto long thought to have frozen over could actually just be hidden from view by an insulating cloud of gas, scientists say.
May 20, 2019: A dangerous and potentially violent day of weather is ahead across the Southern Plains on Monday, as forecasters warn a tornado outbreak and severe thunderstorms will bring life-threatening conditions that have caused schools across the region to close.
May 20, 2019: Plastic pollution and climate change may be significantly altering the level of oxygen on our planet. Now a new study dives into the impact it could have on marine life, including squids, crabs and octopuses – blindness.
May 20, 2019: An area of showers and thunderstorms to the north of the Bahamas has a small window to organize into the first named tropical system of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season.
May 20, 2019: Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Michael Bennet (Colo.) on Monday in Iowa unveiled a climate plan, joining the ranks of other Democrats rolling out proposals for fighting climate change.Bennet’s proposal would require 100 percent net-zero...
May 20, 2019: Young activists around the world are planning to strike for climate action on 24 MayYoung people calling for immediate action on the climate emergency are planning to join mass school strikes inspired by Greta Thunberg on Friday.More than 1.4 million young people around the world took part in school strikes for clim...
May 20, 2019: Usually, choosing between the lesser of two evils is a dismal decision. But sometimes, it’s an opportunity. A case in point: Turning methane (a powerful greenhouse gas) into carbon dioxide (also a planet-warming pollutant) could help fight climate change, researchers say. It’s not that CO2 isn’t...
May 20, 2019: The Central and Southern Plains are bracing for severe weather and tornadoes from a major storm system. CBS News weather producer David Parkinson joined CBSN with the latest forecast.
May 20, 2019: I
May 20, 2019: Apple CEO Tim Cook told graduating students at Tulane University that it was their job to remake the world and leave it better for humanity -- while also throwing some shade at Facebook. 
May 20, 2019: The findings could have implications for our understanding of how subsurface oceans form on other worlds.
May 20, 2019: The electronics company's goal is carbon neutrality.
May 20, 2019: School districts in the Oklahoma City area canceled classes for more than 150,000 children as a precaution
May 20, 2019: As AAA expects nearly 43 million Americans to travel this Memorial Day holiday weekend, up 3.6 percent from last year, stormy weather will create trouble for some areas. Meanwhile, summerlike heat will prevail in other areas of the country.
May 20, 2019: Capitol Hill Ocean Week brings policymakers, businesses, stakeholders and the general public together to understand and engage with issues facing oceans. The open conference will be held on June 4-5 in Washington, D.C.
May 20, 2019: The Hurricane Center is monitoring a disturbance between the Bahamas and Bermuda which could earn the name Andrea this week.