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May 8, 2021: Leaders from nearly 200 countries met in Bonn, Germany this week for the biggest climate change talks this year. George Washington University director of environmental sciences at George Washington University David Rain joins CBSN to discuss the progress being made in spite of America's pledge to withdraw from the a...
May 8, 2021: Southern California air quality officials are imposing new rules on nearly 3,000 warehouses, citing increased pollution from diesel truck traffic.
May 8, 2021: Nearly two months after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, about half of the island is still in the dark. As David Begnaud reports, school children are getting lessons in patience and perseverance.
May 8, 2021: Although British scientists said this week that three to four cups of coffee a day are likely to do more good than harm, coffee crops overseas are being threatened by changes in the environment. Mark Phillips reports this Climate Diary from the mountains of eastern Uganda, where coffee farming is a family business.
May 8, 2021: Up to 100,000 people are being ordered to evacuate in Bali where a massive volcano is on the verge of a major eruption. Mount Agung started spewing dark gray ash over the weekend, stretching about 20,000 feet into the air. WCBS chief weathercaster Lonnie Quinn reports on the volcano's impact.
May 8, 2021: Nearly 60,000 travelers are stranded in Indonesia after volcanic ash closed Bali's international airport. Time-lapse video shows clouds of thick smoke more than 13,000 feet above Mount Agung where 100,000 people have been told to evacuate. Rebecca Henschke of our partners at the BBC reports.
May 7, 2021: President Trump spoke to the press alongside Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello at the White House on Thursday, giving his response team a 10 for its actions following Hurricane Maria. However, hundreds of thousands of people still have no electricity or running water. Watch his full remarks.
May 7, 2021: Pollution is linked to about 9 million deaths per year worldwide, according to a new study -- three times more than AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined. Cathleen Kelly, a senior fellow for the Center for American Progress, joins CBSN with more on the heath impacts pollution is having across the globe.
May 7, 2021: Former undersecretary for the Department of Energy under President Obama, Steven Koonin defended his dissent from the Biden administration’s stance on the global “climate crisis” on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday, where he dismissed climate alarmists as “misinformed.”
May 7, 2021: President Biden is making climate change and the environment one of the key agenda items of his administration. The president has promised to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. He says that goal can be reached by passing his trillion infrastructure bill, which allocates billions of dollars to help addres...
May 7, 2021: Environmental pollution contributed to the premature deaths of about nine million people in 2015, nearly 15 times as many deaths from war and all forms of violence. That staggering figure comes from a study published this week in the medical journal, The Lancet. Anna Werner reports.
May 7, 2021: All five living former presidents attended the One America Appeal concert at Texas A&M to raise money for hurricane relief. CBS affiliate KBTX spoke to excited concertogers ahead of the show.
May 7, 2021: Thousands of families who escaped from the deadly California wildfires are returning home to find nothing but rubble. Loren Smith, 9, of Santa Rosa lost his home and his cherished collection of baseball cards and memorabilia. Teams from around the country are coming together to help replace what he lost. Adriana Dia...
May 7, 2021: The average American throws away an estimated 185 pounds of plastic each year. Scientists say a third of our plastic trash ends up in a fragile ecosystem like the ocean. Jonathan Vigliotti traced our plastic trash to the Arctic islands in northern Norway.
May 7, 2021: The country is responsible for 27% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new report.
May 7, 2021: At the behest of Sen. Maria Cantwell of Washington and Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, the Government Accountability Office released a report detailing the economic cost of the federal government's inability to address climate change. Sen. Cantwell joins CBSN to discuss the implications.
May 7, 2021: A magnitude 4.7 earthquake was reported at 9:35 p.m. Thursday one mile from Truckee, Calif., according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
May 7, 2021: A magnitude-4.7 earthquake rattled Northern California near Lake Tahoe and Reno, Nevada, Thursday evening, according to the U.S. Geographical Survey.
May 7, 2021: Hurricane Maria disrupted production at Puerto Rican factories that make critical drugs and medical supplies. Dr. Jon LaPook found that hospitals on the U.S. mainland are already seeing shortages.
May 7, 2021: Moderate tremors were felt in Reno and Carson City as locals as far away as Sacramento felt light shakes.
May 7, 2021: Meanwhile Carlsen’s world title challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi has enlisted the help of a supercomputer to aid his preparationsMagnus Carlsen’s relief was evident last weekend after the world champion finally won his first tournament since his 30th birthday in November, the New In Chess Classic. The Norwegian had...
May 7, 2021: Crystal McDowell was reported missing when she failed to pick up her kids right before Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas. In the midst of the hurricane, police narrowed the case down to three persons of interest. 48
May 7, 2021: Children and young adults around the world are demanding action from governments on global heating and the ecological crisisSofia Oliveira is one of six young Portuguese people who have filed a lawsuit against 33 countries with the European court of human rights, demanding that governments do more to reduce emission...
May 7, 2021: Even in limited capacity the atmosphere at Yankee Stadium for the series between the Astros and Yankees sounded like a normal sellout crowd.
May 7, 2021: It's been 5 years since Superstorm Sandy flattened parts of the East Coast, costing billions of dollars of damage. Amanda Devecka-Rinear, director of the New Jersey Organizing Project, talks about the hurdles that continue to hamper recovery.