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December 14, 2019: Growing your own fruit and veg is already eco-friendly, but it could also help fight climate change.
December 14, 2019: At first glance, these newly released images by NASA may look like lava churning in the heart of a volcano, but they reveal otherworldly storm systems whirling in a way that surprised scientists. The swirls in the photos are cyclones around Jupiter's south pole, captured by NASA's Juno spacecraft on Nov. 3, 2019. Ju...
December 14, 2019: It’s a year until totality strikes again in South America—and this time it comes with shooting stars and a Great
December 14, 2019: Operation resumes in waters around New Zealand’s Whakaari but police rule out resumption of ground search Police and navy divers have returned to the waters around New Zealand’s White Island where authorities are increasingly convinced a seventh and eighth body could be found following Monday’s volcanic erupti...
December 14, 2019: It's time to
December 14, 2019: White House hopeful Michael Bloomberg on Friday unveiled his plan to combat climate change, setting a series of deadlines he would meet to curb emissions. The former New York City mayor’s plan would get the country toward a 100 percent “clean-...
December 14, 2019: Police divers returned to the waters around New Zealand's volcanic White Island at dawn Saturday to search for the remaining two victims of an eruption that left at least 16 dead and dozens severely burned.
December 14, 2019: New Zealand divers searched contaminated waters near the volcanic White Island on Saturday in an attempt to retrieve two remaining bodies, following a fatal eruption earlier this week, said police.
December 14, 2019: Conversations about climate change are happening everywhere — including within the music industry, often blasted for the environmental impact of concert tours. But some musicians are stepping up with concrete actions to cut down their carbon footprints.
December 13, 2019: As vast areas burn, Scott Morrison is being accused of playing down the impact of climate change.
December 13, 2019: The New course is expected to cope with 12mm of rain in two days, with the going no worse than good-to-soft overnightNo inspection is planned ahead of the first day of Cheltenham’s valuable International meeting on Friday, despite 6mm of rain falling at the course on Thursday, with as much again forecast overnight...
December 13, 2019: The Democratic Party can expect to face even more progressive pushback in the 2020 primaries as a prominent climate group on Thursday advanced insurgent candidates in order to garner future congressional support for the Green New Deal.
December 13, 2019: There's a lot of junk in the Pacific Ocean, and one organization dedicated to cleaning it up tells us what it plans to do with all that garbage.
December 13, 2019: New Zealand's police commissioner said on Friday that authorities will continue their efforts to retrieve the remaining two bodies on the volcanic White Island that fatally erupted earlier this week.
December 13, 2019: Exclusive: forest regrowth can reabsorb emissions from fires but scientists fear natural carbon ‘sinks’ have been compromisedBushfires in New South Wales and Queensland have emitted a massive pulse of CO2 into the atmosphere since August that is equivalent to almost half of Australia’s annual greenhouse gas em...
December 13, 2019: American political pundits offered their initial reactions to news that it appears UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party is on course for a landslide victory in the country's general election.
December 13, 2019: Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party was on course for a resounding victory in Britain's election after voters backed his bid to deliver Brexit on Jan. 31, the country's most significant geopolitical move in 70 years.
December 13, 2019: Six bodies were recovered by the New Zealand military on Friday, following a volcanic eruption that killed at least eight people and left toxic waste behind. 
December 13, 2019: Two bodies are missing as six are airlifted off the island - despite the risk of another eruption.
December 13, 2019: Officials believe two bodies remain on the island.
December 13, 2019: The result of the election will have a decisive effect on the direction that Brexit takes.
December 13, 2019: L-word is widely displayed as the UK front pages respond to the Tories’ projected victoryThe exit polls and declared constituencies make it clear that Tory MPs will comprise the many and Labour will be the few in the next parliament. Here is how the papers cover it this morning.“Labour in meltdown as Johnson sei...
December 13, 2019: A nightmare on White Island took a new turn with a mission to recover eight bodies of people killed in a Monday eruption. About two dozen of those who escaped remain hospitalized.
December 13, 2019: A dive team will be redeployed on Saturday to search for a body that is believed to be in the waters off New Zealand's volcanic White Island that fatally erupted earlier this week, New Zealand's Police Commissioner said.
December 13, 2019: One day after Ursula von der Leyen unveiled her European Green Deal, she has already been dealt a setback after EU prime ministers failed to unanimously endorse the deal’s headline target of completely decarbonizing by 2050.